and 1000 followers!!!!

omg I recently hit 1000 what the actual fuck omg thank you so much!? I love you all so much

special mentions:

@lesbianmayfield sage!!! I love you so so much! you’re the max to my eleven!! you’re so funny, kind, and beautiful. I love talking to you all the time and I’m so happy we’ve become close friends! I love you sm angel 💗💕💖

@heterophobicwillbyers Sarah you are so amazing and funny and sweet! you are the leader of the heterophobic squad (btw this is heterophobicjanehopper) lol but yeah thank you for being a great friend and amazing person!!! 💫❤️🦋

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I tried to put the most people I could! I’m super sorry if I forgot anyone but just know I love you all so much and thank you for helping me achieve this great milestone! 🌹💜💕🔆💛🦋✨


I’m so happy right now that I can’t even describe it. Thank you so much. <3 It really means a LOT to see that people like my art enough to follow me and see the content I make. I hope I don’t disappoint! Things like this really help me out during tough times / dealing with depression, and doing art is a form of escapism to me (I’m sure others share the same feeling, too). Again, thank you for being part of my life. Have a cute Blue Pearl with a party popper. She’s a little surprised because she doesn’t know what it is, the cute lady. She likes the pop sound, though. <3

Shower me with requests of Cuphead, Steven Universe, Undertale and Yume Nikki! I’m going to be back in this bitch tomorrow and draw all day long. ~ Love ya.

1000+ Followers Special!

first off don’t ask why it’s chan because it was a cute picture okay

I SERIOUSLY CANNOT BELIEVE I REACHED 1000 FOLLOWERS. I’ve reached it for a few days now and liek????? I still?? can’t believe???? 

okay my gifs are trash I’m not even gonna lie BUT ALKSFJASLF THE POINT IS, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUPPORTING MY UGLY BS WORK (there are better gif creators out here and I can’t write for sht–the only thing I’m proud of is my editing but most people don’t care much for fmvs so I’m gonna shut up now lmao) AND LET’S CONTINUE TO SUPPORT STRAY KIDS TOGETHER! ESPECIALLY OT9! 

I’ve made so many friends already and I love each and every one of you–you’re all so sweet and we’re such a chill fandom it’s great. Let’s stay like this forever and make sure to help new fans too!


drum roll please

I’M OPENING SHIPS! As my special ayyy because I think it’d be fun and all. 

However, ONLY THE FIRST 25 REQUESTS WILL BE ANSWERED (give or take). I’m sorry because I’m really busy with college applications and my break is ending soon but I thought it’d be fun because I’m procrastinating lmao. And I want to thank you~ Maybe in the future I’ll open this again. 

SO RULES (you better read them or I’m not shipping you):

  • It’s a written ship! (so you get a slight description of what you and the boy you’re shipped with would act like together)
  • It’s via ask so you have that limited amount of characters to ask (please don’t send in multiple asks as that would get messy).
  • Describe yourself! This is the only requirement I ask~ I DO NOT WANT PHYSICAL DESCRIPTIONS since I want to ship you guys based off of your personality and likes~ Giving me your ethnicity would be nice but other than, it just takes up characters and I wouldn’t know how to ship you. i.e. Zodiac sign, MBTI type, your hobbies, how you act around your loved ones, your placement in siblings, random quirks, things like that.
  • It’s Stray Kids only so don’t ask for other groups.
  • If you’re off anon, there’s a higher chance I’ll prioritize your ship because I’ve seen my followers (whoever liked my posts and such) and I want to thank you guys first! I’m not saying you have to though.

And I think that’s it! Thank you so much again for following and let’s support Stray Kids forever <3


This happened a few days ago and I still can’t believe it (reason to why I didn’t make a post about this)

When I begin the blog, right after AC realized she wouldn’t be active much, I didn’t have many hopes. Heck it was weird, I was in the middle of nowhere, I didn’t know anyone around and didn’t speak much of english.

When I decided to write Ever After, the moment I actually became active here, was a turning point.

I made friends, I met readers, I learned what was wrong before and recover my passion for writing and talking to people who write and enjoy what I do. I become mom of the @shippingsquad, I got shipped (what? lol), I got bad days and good days, but mostly important, I did mistakes but learned to work through them. 

And I just aim to continue growing, being better and helping others to always be better as I can. To know I made someone help by just existing it’s a reward that I would never be able to describe. 

Thank you. Every single one of you, thank you for existing.

We shall continue to do so until we transcend ourselves :D

I hope we still have a lot to live and get! Lots of memories to share! I love you all!

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Requests Are Open Again (Please Read?)

Reminder! I have 3 main rules!

1. Only 3-4 characters at most, and this is for Headcanons only. If you want a fic, I prefer you ask for less characters because I take a bit longer on fic’s.

2. Be patient please. I try to go in order. I also try to send out between 2-6 a day, but I’m also entitled to having my days to myself.  Don’t get upset if your request doesn’t appear as fast as you want it to. I write for fun: Please, let it stay fun for me.

3. If you’re request doesn’t appear after probably a long time, if it has anything to do with nsfw or touchy topics, I might have deleted it. Sometimes I can do nsfw, sometimes I can’t. Sometimes I’m uncomfortable with what you’ve asked. I have that right to say no to the request. You do not have the right to be angry if I cannot complete that request. Please understand that.

If your an anon who requested something that might have been a bit confusing, I might have deleted it. To put it simply, if I don’t understand a request I cannot do it. Some of you know that I like to double check with some of you to make sure I know what your asking. But I can’t when your anonymous. So please don’t be upset if I couldn’t do it and remember that I’m not the smartest cookie. I also get confused, like other human beings.

On this note, please have a lovely day, all of you. Thank you for following my blog. It means a lot to me to have all of your support and so many wonderful people taking the time to even glance over my work. Your time is very much appreciated


    ♪   vic’s anime jukebox (2/?)  ♬     ♪    
    death parade  - flyers (requested by anon)

Just to be clear

I don’t want to pedophiles near this blog.

I also don’t want MAPs, recovering pedos, pedophile apologists, pedophile sympathizers, etc anywhere near this blog.

People are getting way too laxed with pedophiles in fandom spaces and I don’t need them near this blog.


i love you

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Trying to cheer the Commander up!

Thanks to @dragonkrz for the prompt!! They won my follower giveaway and requested the veterans having fun, so I did my best to draw that within the confines of canon after chapter 50/episode 38. Hope you like it!