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I love the extra details in Brooklyn Nine Nine so much, like look at the rainbow folders in the background here!

And then they move to Gina’s work station and stay there throughout the rest of the show, in that exact order. Like imagine Gina needing the contents of those folders but seeing they’re arranged in rainbow order and making sure they stay that way

Then Captain Holt gets this lil rainbow flag instead and it moves with him when he gets transferred to the public relations department and then moves with him again when he moves back into the 99

What Captain Holt said in the first episode of the show is so true, like he really doesn’t try to hide the fact that he’s gay, he has rainbow things everywhere like I can’t imagine what purpose that tiny disco ball could have other than to show that he’s gay and not ashamed of that at all (also look at the tiny NYC model it’s so cute)

Gina has a jar on her desk that says ‘Ashes of Problem Employees’ and I can 100% imagine her threatening people she doesn’t like with that jar and them blowing it off but also being just a tiny bit worried

Then look at Jake’s car. He has a rubber duck stuck to his dashboard and a rubber chicken and shaving cream? Like he’s always running late so imagine him just perfecting the art of somehow shaving in the car to save time and washing his face the second he walks into the building so he just always has shaving cream in the car with him and literally everyone who sees him is just sort of disgusted but also a lil bit impressed

And look at his desk!!! He has a #1 Detective sticker on his lamp and this tiny police car and it’s just so so cute to me, like what if he got that police car when he was a kid and first decided he wanted to be a detective and that lil car came with him to uni and to the academy and moving from desk to desk with him until he finally gets to be a detective

Idk I just really love this show and their attention to detail

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Hey! Will you be putting more art prints/stickers/other things on your storenvy at any point? Love your art! 🌺✨

Yes! I will be reopening my storenvy with an explosion of new things in June
But for now, it is temporarily open for stickers only!
There are 2 sticker sets available on my store rn, check them out here~
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  • 1 keychain & 6 stickers for $12USD (+ shipping)
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I tried to tsum tsum-ize Lazytown


Hello!! Today marks 1 full year since Doodlematsu was created!

So I decided to hold a giveaway!!

1st place:

Pizza cat plastic tote bag (OH FUCK YUMP!!)

Hijirisawa Shonosuke metal strap

Stickers (6 of them!)

Princess Glitter Shine figure

Something bad in a box (do not open)

+ 1 OC doodle!

2nd place:

Stickers (4 of them!)

Garfield 2017 Calendar

Pink light up thing

Oviposition chicken (not the screaming chickens)

+ 1 OC doodle

3rd place:

Stickers! (3)

stick-on animal nail stickers

small rhino

+1 OC doodle


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-ENDS: Feb 10, a week from today!

-FOR STICKERS: they will not be made via redbubble, I will be printing them myself. Any drawing from the redbubble store or from this blog is allowed, but you cannot choose an entire redbubble sticker pack as 1 sticker

-Winner will be picked via random number generator