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dream part 02 pre-order info - amazon

so i just pre-ordered dream part 02!! here’s all the info i got while browsing amazon for it


the listing from fantagio music on amazon is $30.90 USD for random version, or you can select which version you want [wind or wish version] for the same price ($30.90 USD)

to get a bundle of both versions is $58.90 USD, which is a $2 USD discount, so not much, but if you rlly want both versions, you can save a little bit!!

these purchases go towards hanteo and gaon chart numbers as well!







they also all come with free shipping

i ordered mine today (oct. 18) and mine is expected to be coming in between nov. 15 and nov. 30, so that’s ~1 month 

i know, not ideal, but expedited shipping was ~$24 USD to have gotten here between nov. 3 and nov. 5, and i already spent most of my birthday money on it, so i went with free shipping


i’m not sure abt other distributors, but i trust amazon most with my items and money as i’ve always had good purchases with them over the years 

if you find another place that could get them to you sooner, go for it! this is just my little contribution to help arohas with their purchasing and supporting of our boys

since it’s amazon, i’m expecting/hoping for my package to be here closer to nov. 15 than nov. 30, but if it gets here nov. 30, i’ll be fine. as long as i get to support astro and show them my love and help them a little bit, i’m happy

- mel


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Only do so if you are committed to buy with us, as backouts are not allowed!

All orders will receive free gifts! We also have an unsealed option; if you select this we will try to send you an album with photocards of your favourite members.

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