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Without you, I’m not whole. 

Summary: Vic checks in on Robert during his first evening without Aaron. 

Vic strolled into the back room of the pub carrying a casserole dish in her hands. She smiled at her older brother who had his phone to his ear.

Robert held up a finger to Vic.

“Yes, hi this is Robert Sugden, again. I’m ringing in regards to my husband, please call me back immediately” He advised, harshly. He hung up his phone, slamming it on the coffee table.

“The barrister?” Vic asked as she placed the dish in the microwave.

“Idiot won’t call me back. I’ve left five messages” Robert replied. He took his frustrations out on the coffee table by kicking it over. Shaking his head, he sighed sadly, “I just want to know where Aaron is.”

Vic placed a calming hand on Robert’s tense shoulder. “Rob, why don’t you sit and eat something” She suggested, kindly. 

Robert moved away from his sister as he grabbed his phone off the floor. “I’m not hungry. I have more calls to make” He told through a steady breath.

“Sit” Vict repeated, in a soft but commanding tone. Robert didn’t fight her. He slumped himself down in the kitchen chair. “Is Liv in her room?” She checked while spooning the pasta she made into a bowl.

“No. Liv went over to Gabby’s for dinner” Robert informed. “Did you know Liv is making a playlist for Aaron?” He spoke, proudly.

Vic placed the bowl of pasta in front of Robert. “That’s very sweet of her” She noted while sitting down next to him.

Robert nodded, “at least Liv is doing something useful.” He crossed his arms over his chest, leaving Vic’s meal untouched. “Me? I can’t even find out which prison Aaron is in” He mentioned, his voice cracking.

Vic moved out of the chair and pulled Robert in close for a comforting hug. Robert leant his head against her shoulder, wiping at his eyes.

“I miss him so much, already” Robert burst out in a shaky sob.  

Vic ran a soothing hand through Robert’s hair while he wept in her arms.


  At this point, a full FIVE DAYS into the generous WEEK ESTIMATE your warden gave you, the sounds of the wolves howls where nothing new where they ? Each passing evening the sound would only become worse and worse, the howling, the scratching, the RATTLE of the door frame, the sound of wood BENDING to the creature’s sheer weight. It wouldn’t take much but a quick look at the door to tell it would soon be merely hanging on by its hinges; wood already splintered, dented and bent in.

  Soon, the wolf would break in. Very soon. 

  But you already knew that didn’t you ? Surly by now no one would be naive enough to simply think it would not. 

  No, you know the wolf’s threat well, this is about something else, this night is different. This night, YOU HEAR A SCREAM. 

  In-between a wolf’s howl and the sound of it slamming its body full force into the wooden surface comes the sound of a million screeching birds. A black swarm, barely visible against the darkness of the night, swooping down in DRONES, causing an absolute racket to the already restless night.  

  Moving as one, they flew nearby apartment windows, reading themselves to swoop down in teams at whatever had dared disturb them below. For a moment, the howls of the wolf stop, the creature moving away from the target of its attention and sneaking back into the shadows, as if attracted to the noise the countless night sparrow had started up around it. 

  Amidst the loud chips and beating wings, starts up yet another panicked cry, it source now much more clear, as whoever it was ran back closer to the safe haven of the apartments. It was a high pitched voice, that of a young girl, one clearly in distress, yet just as quickly as the scream had started up, did it too vanish. 

  Seconds passed, then minutes, and soon enough the youkai birds outside settled down slowly back onto their branches. their enraged cries calming down until it was little more than gentle chirps in the night. 

   A few more minutes, and the beast returned to the door as well, resuming its task with a renewed vigor. 

   Come morning, the door was almost in splinters. It’s as clear as the claw marks raked across the door’s surface: it won’t hold for more than a one more simple night.


SPECIES: yosuzume 


SPECIES: okuri inu 

✦ 24/02/17 ✦                                      _Книга_

♦ Я закончила первую главу!

О да! Наконец! Я закончила писать первую главу! От начала до конца. Если бы вы только знали, как много мне пришлось переписывать! Это был настоящий ад!

♦ Говорю сразу!

Я не профессионал, поэтому не надо ожидать, что это будет что-то крутое. Я УВЕРЕНА, что будет много различных орфографических ошибок, а местами будет казаться, что некоторые слова тут вообще не в тему, но я сколько смогла, столько исправила. На самом деле до сих пор даже ищу на что заменить некоторые из таких слов.

♦ Но при этом я продолжаю надеяться, что как минимум вам, эта книга,  хотя бы как какой-то очередной фанфик, зайдет.
Просто потому, что я старалась и потратила на эту главу достаточно много времени.
Позже я выложу пару артов с локациями из книги по фану.


Выкладывать ли мне эту главу или выложить две главы, когда я напишу 2, или и вовсе дописать всю книгу и потом выложить все?

♥ Спасибо ♥

Lance: hey Keith
Lance: are you wearing space pants
Keith: ???
Lance: cause your ass is out of this world
Keith: we are literally light years and galaxies away in space you idiot
Keith: and no I’m wearing baseball pants because my ass is out of your league
Lance: why must you hurt me like this