and ... they havent even started filming

several people asked for an update on my taking down my 55g sorority and this is their current set up.  it’s not ideal(and it’s def temp until i can figure out what to do) but the dividers are siliconed into place and the water level if too low for them to jump.  they aren’t showing much interest in one another(each divider is two pieces of craft mesh so im not even entirely sure they can see each other) and seem to appreciate just sort of. their space.

ideally i’d put them each in their own 5g tank, but that’d be way too expensive for me right now and petsmart was having a sale on 20g longs so i did what i could with what i had in an emergency situation. this 20g was going to be my grow out tank for my next batch of fry, but now that the 55g is free i’m going to be using that instead.

please, watch the video i took right after my sorority crashed if u havent.  i think it’s really important for people who have sororities or want to start one to see.  it took a lot out of me to film.  reblog/share it if you can as well. it’s not the best quality-wise but i feel it has a lot to it in raw emotion and maybe even first hand information.