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anyhow i just think that the billboard article has such a nice, casual tone? like, there’s no air of celebrity or mystique except for the genuine mystery of how niall’s such a normal guy, and that question only comes up as the interviewer gets to know about him (like how he had to figure out how to take care of himself from a young age but knows don henley well enough to call him ‘dad’). and how all the quotes from niall are looking at things through this frame of having been in one direction, whether that means still expecting the other fellas to be there sometimes or developing his knowledge and self-awareness of music, and having the presence of mind to get away for a little while and not lose sight of the fact that the band was extraordinary, and in that vein, not exactly normal. but then like, all the quotes about niall from don was and don henley and steve barnett and even shawn cannot big this guy up enough, they’re so full of warmth and praise. that just strikes me as a really nice contrast between being self-effacing and humble and the way people who love u and believe in you will vouch for you. also i noticed there wasn’t really a question of why he’s striking out on his own and going solo, which i was almost expecting? but it seems like the answer’s as obvious as because he loves it. it’s nice. 


Love is synchronistic poetry
The prince of Mahishmati and the princess of Kuntala in combat together

Baahubali: The Conclusion (2017)


Three years, that letter has been sitting in my files. Three. Years.

It’s too ridiculous to run, I thought, even for Pointless Letters. Can’t run that. No-one would believe a newspaper ever printed it.

Then UKIP released their 2017 manifesto.

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to get into bmc do you just,, listen to it and read the script? how do people know what they look like then?

there’s this stuff u can refer to

as for what they look like…i mean. the cast?? exists???? u can google who’s in it? and there are pics of said cast members in their costumes :0c

A little story thing in 100 word fashion

Flug stared up at his boss in disbelief as his face turned  a furious shade of red. His mind was racing practically as fast as his heart which now seemed to be loud as thunder. I can’t believe Black Hat is dancing with me! Black Hat and himself twirled to the beat as they waltzed around the room. Despite this was all part of a spy mission, Flug really couldn’t stop the flurry of emotions filling him up. “There!” Black Hat gestured with his elbow. Doing a spin, they managed to get over to the villain he’d spotted.

Just as they were about to reach the scoundrel, the current song ended and changed over to a- Flug felt his face grow hotter again. A love song? Now? Black Hat tsked and turned to face Flug. “What now?” Black Hat stared down at him for a moment and then grinned mischievously. “We dance.” Flug gulped but complied. They dipped and spun beautifully together. “You’re quite the dancer Doc~” He let out a small, nervous laugh. “T-thanks. I-I used to enjoy it a lot, actually. Ha.”

Black Hat raised an eyebrow and then let a small chuckle. Flug grinned widely beneath his paper bag mask. The two looked into one another’s eyes and for a small moment, Flug could swear that Black Hat had blushed slightly. As quickly as it came, the moment passed and with it did their moment. “Come on,” spoke Black Hat lightly, “We have him now.” The two performed a triple spin whilst nearing their target. “Now!” The two switched partners leaving Flug facing a green flame creature of some sort.

Flug stared at the two of them dancing with a painful twist in his chest. Lucky guy gets to dance with devil. He stared at them jealously. “Sooo, I take it you’re really into that guy?” Flug jumped back in surprise and then returned to the flame creature hurriedly. “S-sorry about that.” “It’s okay.” he replies with a small, shy grin. Flug took a deep breath in, “I-I guess I do fancy h-him.” He looked over fearfully just to make sure he was unheard by Black Hat.The creature smiled.

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Anon said: If you make a shop I will buy things. I would kill for stickers of some of your art

Anon said: I would give you all my money for any of your doodles tbh

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you hOLY HECK part of what I meant was that I draw stuff with a too low resolution for most things that aren’t phonecases or stickers or mugs but I can!! Sort through my stuff and see what has a usable shape??? <3<3 please don’t kill anyone tho

Anon said: your bakugou squad art: everything and more!!i really love it


Anon said: that one art you did with kuroiro and monoma low key made me ship them and im Suffering

*light yagami voice* just according to keikaku - JK! I accidentally made myself ship it too so we’re on the same boat, I might doodle something for it in the future *wiggle eyebrows*

Anon said: Hi!! I’m not sure if you’ve answered this before (so I apologize if you have), I’m new to the bnha fandom, I’m in LOVE with bakushima, and I was wondering if there were any good fics you would recommend please for that ship???

I think I have a fic recs tag!! but more specifically if you scroll down here there’s a bunch of fics I really really love a lot, most of them are bakushima! Also this is the one that slayed me a couple of days ago, pls read it, and this one and this one too and hooooooly shit this one and UH this one I read a lot of bakushima okay I have no life please don’t judge me

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