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Wait for me to come home. - 24/1/16

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For the prompt thing maybe like super tipsy dex? Thank you your like wonderful and amazing I love you

(ft. tipsy-but-less-noticeably-so Lardo!)

I’ve been thinking more about Dex and Lardo’s friendship after this sketch and it occurred to me that Lardo loves ducklings and Dex, as a CS major, probably owns a rubber duck.

Also Dex is a soft and sleepy drunk thanks bye

(come prompt me!)


Co-workers and friends praising the shit out of Jensen <3

Little gift from @ollyhooper:
Draco moved his hand slowly across Harry’s shoulder blade. “What is it?” Mumbled the other boy.
“What is what?” A bit starlets at the fact his pretend was awake the blonde of the two scuffled around under the covers.
Turning towards Draco Harry smiled. “What you have been drawing repeatedly on me for the last half an hour.”
Blushing the Malfoy averted his gaze. “It’s a symbol I read about in the study of mythical creatures, Apperntly pixies use it to…”
“Well they paint it on the … On to… On to the ones they love.”
Now it was the others turn to be shocked, but only momentarily then he lifted himself up and hung his head low over his boyfriend’s. Their lips almost touched in the moonlight. “Maybe one day you can teach me to draw it.”
It took a few seconds for Draco to recover then he raised a single eyebrow and teased. “Oh yes Potter? And who would you draw it on?”
Lowering himself Harry saw past the facade of argonance and saw the panick in the green orbs before him. “I’m sure I can think of someone.”