and (of course) the last is luna and hermione

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Relationship Status: Taken, and full on domestic

Favorite Color: Green, purple or yellow. 

Lipstick or Chapstick: chapstick in the winter. 

Last Song I Listened To: According to spotify it was “c’mon c’mon” by The Von Bondies 

Last Movie I Watched: I literally never watch movies. So I don’t remember. 

Top 3 Fictional Characters: 

1.) Hermione Granger. Of course! and Luna Lovegood 

2.) Elizabeth Bennet

3.) I’m rewatching Supernatural right now since my bf has never seen it. So i forgot how much I loved Jody and Charlie. 

Top 3 Ships: I almost never ship things. So idk? lol I’m not very interesting. 

Books I’m Currently Reading: The Wiccan Calender and Book of the Bizarre. Book of the Bizarre is a super quick read but really interesting! 

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P&P vs HP 2

I was motivated to do a few more of these, be warned they are hopelessly out of order. 

Molly (Mrs. Bennet): Well girls I hope you’re all ready to die in the hedgerows as your father flatly refuses call on Mr. Potter. 

Parvati (Kitty): *inconsiderate coughing*

Dumbledore (Mr. Bennet): You mistake me, my dear, I have already called on him.

Molly (Mrs. Bennet): *shrill tones* What an excellent father you have girls haven't I always said so?

Lily (Jane): But why say you hadn’t father?

[faint squawking sound followed by a loud bang]

Lavender (Lydia): Where did he go? 

Sirius (Darcy): [crossing the room to get nearer to Hermione, intercepted by Slughorn (William Lucas)]

Slughorn (William Lucas): Hello there, I couldn’t help notice you were rather important and thought I should introduce myself.

Sirius (Darcy): And you are?

Slughorn (William Lucas): [awkward laughing] Oh, I’m a pretty big deal.

Lily (Jane): Hermione, did you hear that Mr. Riddle pursued sweet Miss. Weasley (Mary King) all the way to London?

Lavender (Lydia): Sweet, Miss. Weasley? Sweet. Miss. Ginevra Weasley?

Lily (Jane):

Lavender (Lydia): We argued last year in a hat shop and she punched me in the face.

Hermione (Elizabeth): I wouldn’t call it a punch.

Lavender (Lydia): There were claw marks.

Hermione (Elizabeth): [talking to Luna (Charlotte)] Well, I’m not saying that Riddle is the best man ever I’m just saying that I haven’t met anyone that could hold a candle to his unbelievably…

Sirius (Darcy): *interrupting noises*

Hermione (Elizabeth): [turning] oh for fuc… [sees who it is]

Sirius (Darcy): Miss Granger could I ask for this dance?

Hermione (Elizabeth): *blushing to the roots of her hair* Oh yes, of course, it would be an honour.

[Sirius (Darcy) walks away]

Hermione (Elizabeth): [Mimes sticking her fingers down her throat]

Luna (Charlotte): Impressive, I’d work on the look of disgust though, men tend to find that off-putting. 

Hermione (Elizabeth):

Remus (Colonel Fitzwilliam): May I say, Miss Granger, what a pleasure it has been to meet you?

Hermione (Elizabeth): [swoons] you may.

Lavender (Lydia): I can’t believe you won’t let me got to Brighton!

Hermione (Elizabeth): You can’t behave yourself here I can only imagine the mischief you would cause staying in a whole camp of Death Eaters. 

Lavender (Lydia): [Fans herself] A whole camp full of Death Eaters. 

[Writing a letter]

Hermione (Elizabeth): Please tell me Aunt unless you feel bound by the same level of secrecy that Lavender seems to believe necessary, how did Mr. Black come to be there?

[Reading the letter]

Minerva (Aunt Gardiner): Brightest witch of her age my arse.

Sirius (Darcy): Regulus! 

Regulus (Georgiana): [walks into view]

Sirius (Darcy): [looks him up and down and his mouth falls open]

Regulus (Georgiana): Before you say anything I like the dress, and I’m keeping it.

Sirius (Darcy): [Shakes himself] and the bonnet? 

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P&P vs HP 1