and 'flashback please!' were going to be included

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I remember seeing a image of Odasaku in and indonesian bsd group which advertises his chapter. Is this true? I hope you could confirme this to us if possible, please!

Are you referring to this picture?

I forgot to bookmark the link to the original tweet, but apparently they put up posters advertising Bungou Stray Dogs in select Animate bookstores and Oda Sakunosuke’s picture (the one above) as well as Sakaguchi Ango’s were included. While we cannot say this is confirmation The Dark Era will be animated, it gives us the slight hope that he will make an appearance even in a flashback. In fact, my suspicion is that they will release an OVA about Dark Era during the summer to keep the BSD hype going. Not to mention, there has already been announcement last year about Dark Era being serialized so maybe we might get both at the same time.

And of course, for my totally not needed comment, I would like it better if they made the Dark Era a movie. Even two episodes weren’t enough for the first light novel, and I think this one needs a more careful treatment to give justice to Odasaku’s story.

yes you can ignore this post if you want since i’m sure it’s already been discussed at length (i’m just slow i know i’m sorry xD) but i jusssst need to talk about one small thing from the premiere for my own satisfaction don’t mind me ahem

ok, so, all the while Daryl was shown kneeling before Negan, we were given seven flashes/flashbacks of what was going through Daryl’s mind/scenes tptb wanted to reiterate as having a significance for him, y/y? y

              and four of those seven flashes for Daryl belonged to Carol :)

                                                right. yes. okay.

           but can we just take a minute to review those four please yes good

                               The Cherokee Rose scene was shown

                   during which Daryl offered Carol “strength and hope” 

they also chose to include the flash where Daryl finds Carol alive in the tombs and carries her to safety

thereby illustrating the sheer importance of him finding that hope at this point  again (given how much it had affected him thinking he’d lost her) 

then we saw the No Sanctuary hug that was a culmination of just how much Daryl fucking neeeeeeeds her and his hope was restored once more

                        but but thennnn there was this scene you guys ……….

where it not only exhibited how much their bond had grown between seasons and how much closer they had become but also went and highlighted the very real unresolved. sexual. fucking. tension. between them. complete with touching, awkwardness, eye-contact, twitches, gulps and sexual innuendos 

so um, yeah I just have one question; why was THIS one of Daryl’s flashes??

Not that they aren’t all important and significant and fucking gorgeous in different ways and I love the ones that were included but the bus scene too… where we were first given a glimpse of Daryl AND Carol recognizing the tension that had come up in a moment they shared …… uh yeah I like it a lot ;)

                                    ok cof that’s all i wanted to say :))