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Texts between Bros

Tirsdag 07:19

Isak: Jonas


Jonas: What?

Isak: I think Magnus might be in love with Even

like a low-key no homo bro-love thing

Jonas: a straight no homo bro love thing

Isak: yeah.

Jonas: it’s 7am I don’t have the brain capacity for this conversation

Isak: it wouldnt bother me but like i genuinely think if Even asked Magnus if he would be down to fuck… magnus would say yes

Jonas: dude even is hot. i’m not sure if I would say no to him

Isak: ?!?!??!?!?!


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Isak: where is the loyalty?

Jonas: Mahdi agrees as well

Isak: is he there with you???

Jonas: nah but we’ve all had this conversation before

Isak: what the fuck

Jonas: anyway

isak i highly doubt magnus is putting the moves on your man

Isak: yeah

Jonas: bros before hoes, ya know?

even if the hoe in question is actually one of our other bros

and you’re a bro….

bros to go around! everyone is a bro! there is no hoe in this situation

anyway magnus and even aren’t fucking

Isak: wow this conversation has been illuminating

do you ever stop to think about how padme amidala was so beloved by the citizens of naboo that they wanted to rewrite their constitution to allow her to serve another term as queen, but she refused bc the very foundation of her politics is to serve the best interest of others with all her might and so went on to be senator instead?

and when the democracy she fought so hard to uphold began its death throes, she still fought and planted the seeds of rebellion actively defying the most powerful person in the galaxy until her influence and work literally paved the way for her children to complete her legacy?

because i do

four down

Summary: In which Nico gets his wisdom teeth removed (as well as a couple inhibitions) and Will’s just trying to get them both home without crashing the car.

By the time Will walks into the operating room, Nico’s already upright, sitting straight-backed in the dentist’s chair and tapping his hands on his knees in a sharply quick rhythm. Will suppresses a smile at the way Nico’s looking at the nurse as she gently opens his mouth to put gauze in, like he’s not sure whether all this is fight-or-flight worthy or absolutely hilarious.

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re in an alternative universe where HL aren't together: literally just change Louis to Niall. "Is this song about your relationship with Niall Horan?", and Harry probably like "sure thing, he's the sweetest creature of them all *insert a smile or a laugh*. but, in all seriousness, i'm afraid it's not, no". Basically make an unoffensive joke out of it (not to ridicule the fans who might think that but also laugh at it because it's nowhere close to the truth).

Right! Handle it the way they handled the Hobama thing earlier. That was actually really funny. And yet.