and and ursula andress


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19 year old Ursula Andress out on a date with 24 year old boyfriend James Dean on August 19, 1955. 

The couple were set up on a date by the studio and allegedly had a fiery relationship despite Andress speaking very little English. Dean was reportedly trying to learn German so he could argue with Andress in another language. 

3 weeks after these pictures were taken Dean died in a car crash driving his newly purchased sports car “Little Bastard.”

some Real Talk™ outsiders head canons

-Ponyboy has woken up with boners more than a few times after some intense dreams about Ursula Andress while next to Soda. Out of embarrassment, he usually ends up sleeping on the couch the next night.
-Soda has left condom wrappers in the back of Darry’s truck once or twice, and Darry really lays into him when he does it
-UNTILLL one day Darry did the same (!!!) and Soda- heck, the whole gang- had an absolute field day teasing him about it
-Darry blamed Two-bit when Ponyboy got drunk for the first time after their parents died and Darry only laid off when Ponyboy told him that he did it out of his own will and that it was his own choice that had nothing to do with Two-bit
-Steve sometimes gets embarrassed over how often his dad kicks him out of the house, and instead of sleeping at the curtis’s, he spends the night in his car. Soda knows this and it drives him nuts that Steve won’t let him help.
-Dally is honestly just as forgetful as Ponyboy; always losing his keys, wallet, sometimes a shoe in places but he’d never admit that he had miss placed something
-Dally is Mr. “I knew it was there/ I meant to put in there”
-Johnny blasts his radio in his bedroom when he’s tired of hearing his parents fight and yell
-Steve once walked in on Johnny and Ponyboy practicing kissing girls on stuffed animals and he just slowly backed out of the room and none of them ever spoke about it again