and and robert downey jr

Imagine working with Robert on a romantic comedy. You play a flirtatious, powerful CEO, while he’s the quiet, dreamer type looking to settle down. When it comes time to film your first kiss scene, you avoid him for most of the day out of pure anxiety. He’s sure he must have done something to upset you, so he asks around to see if anyone knows why. Everyone he talks to is shocked he hasn’t figured it out yet - you’re not angry, just nervous. You’ve had a crush on him since the first day you met.

Requested by anon <3


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Steve: Ready, set, wrestle. 

[Bucky pins Tony straight away] 

Steve: One, two, three, pin.

Bucky: [kisses Tony’s cheeks] Mwah!

Tony: Stop that.

Bucky: [continues kissing Tony’s cheeks] Mwah!

Tony: Steve, do something. Steve, help.

[Steve pins Tony’s head down while he kisses him across the forehead while Bucky continues kissing his neck]

Tony: Steve, stop that. Steve, Bucky, both of you, stop it.

reasons to watch sherlock holmes game of shadows

-it’s disconnected from the first movie so you don’t have to watch the first one

-jude law confirmed that sherlock and john are in a romantic relationship

-sherlock and john wear each other’s clothes a few times

-moriarty lit sherlock’s pipe while it was in his mouth

-mycroft calls sherlock ‘sherly’

-sherlock’s in drag for the first ten minuted of the film

-moriarty sings opera

-good cinematography

-Reichenbach falls was an actual waterfall

-sherlock and john slow danced

-no actually they did, after the fact sherlock was like “wHO TAUGhT yOU TO DAnCe?” and john was like “you did” 

-Moriarty low key wrapped a blanket around Sherlock and I thought it was John just because I couldn’t see his face so kudos to this movie to just letting me assume that John would slowly wrap a blanket around Sherlock and having it make pretty decent sense

-the hand on hand fight scenes are lit

-the whole reichenbach fall scene was handled really well and it was very wrath of the lamb so

-jude law is a really really good actor

-mycroft holds an entire conversation with mary watson while being completely naked

-after he “dies” sherlock breaks into john’s house and blends into his chair, effectively disguising himself so he can drop hints that he’s not dead

-anyways just watch it it’s worth it

Bucky: Tony?

Tony: Yeah.

Bucky: I don’t know if you heard about what happened between me and Natasha the other day…

Tony: No!

Bucky: Well, we kissed. I-I-I didn’t initiate the kiss, but-but I also didn’t stop it, and I’ve been feeling guilty.

Tony: [confused] Okay.

Bucky: So umm, are we cool?

Tony: [really confused] Okay.

Bucky: [relieved] I knew you’d understand.

[Bucky walks away, leaving Tony with a `what just happened?’ look on his face.]