and and norah jones

can we just take a minute to imagine dean and cas dancing?

  • catching each other’s eye in a medieval hall as they bow to each other and side-step, knowing they’ll sneak off to the stables later.
  • grinning as they clutch to each other and swing around a ceilidh hall.
  • laughing as they press close and spin and swing dance in 20s jazz clubs.
  • holding hands as they jump up and down at sock hops.
  • listening to norah jones in their kitchen as they sway, no space between them.
  • dressed in dirty suspenders and tuxes and pjs and flannel and dancing ancient dances and traditional dances and modern dances
  • just dancing
Mars In The Houses

Mars In The 1st House

  • Positive Traits: direct, unstoppable, you accomplish things quickly
  • Negative Traits: rash, you can’t seem to slow down and think carefully, potentially you may be seen as a bully
  • Celebrities: Johnny Depp, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kourtney Kardashian, Ernest Hemingway

Mars In The 2nd House

  • Positive Traits: good at saving money, forbearing, alert
  • Negative Traits: very stern, you believe you know best, sometimes inflexible
  • Celebrities: Michael Jordan, Sting, Kirsten Dunst, Julianne Moore

Mars In The 3rd House

  • Positive Traits: bold, well-informed, animated persona
  • Negative Traits: you say/do/think things that are controversial, brash, combative
  • Celebrities: Adriana Lima, Elton John, Alfred Hitchcock, Kelly Rowland

Mars In The 4th House

  • Positive Traits: fierce, concerned about the well-being of others, warm 
  • Negative Traits: issues dealing with anger, conniving, resentful
  • Celebrities: Walt Disney, Michelle Williams, Norah Jones, Chuck Norris

Mars In The 5th House

  • Positive Traits: active, infectious, exciting to be around
  • Negative Traits: overly rambunctious, your desire to be the leader of everything may upset other people, trouble with long-term commitments
  • Celebrities: Ke$ha, Gordon Ramsay, Sarah Jessica Parker, Adrien Brody

Mars In The 6th House

  • Positive Traits: disciplined, work ethic is second to none, respectful
  • Negative Traits: tough standards, easily offended when people offer constructive criticism, nagging
  • Celebrities: Marvin Gaye, Denzel Washington, Courteney Cox, Zoë Kravitz

Mars In The 7th House

  • Positive Traits: fiery, shrewd, great partner to have on a team
  • Negative Traits: argumentative, you have problems following through with goals, self-centered
  • Celebrities: Ben Stiller, Janet Jackson, Stanley Kubrick, Maya Angelou

Mars In The 8th House

  • Positive Traits: instinctive, admirably enigmatic, unconstrained
  • Negative Traits: hidden, difficult to satisfy, entitled
  • Celebrities: Zooey Deschanel, Emma Stone, David Lynch, Jackie Chan

Mars In The 9th House

  • Positive Traits: playful, frank, sincere
  • Negative Traits: tendency to forget completing ordinary/daily tasks, cocky, sometimes you avoid responsibilities
  • Celebrities: Zac Efron, Paul Walker, Kate Hudson, Jessie J.

Mars In The 10th House

  • Positive Traits: successful, planned, headstrong
  • Negative Traits: rigid, you aren’t open to group work, you often do things only to your advantage
  • Celebrities: Steve Carell, Franz Kafka, Michelle Pfeiffer, Frances Bean Cobain

Mars In The 11th House

  • Positive Traits: brainstorming, inspirational, you fight for justice
  • Negative Traits: unpredictable, neglectful of friends and family, you miss the smaller details
  • Celebrities: Sarah Silverman, Leonard Cohen, Orson Welles, Tina Fey

Mars In The 12th House

  • Positive Traits: good at offering useful advice, sympathetic, hopeful
  • Negative Traits: you self-doubt, you are more of a dreamer than a doer, certain aspects of your life may feel out of your control or chaotic
  • Celebrities: Nicole Scherzinger, Victoria Beckham, Stephen King, Tim Burton
Basic Training

Summary: Of course he’d be back now for the holidays. Exodus, I guess they call it. In basic training, they let even the lowest grunts go home for Christmas.

A/N: Modern AU Everlark. Rated E for explicit language, graphic sex, and passing references to drug and alcohol use. A Christmas one shot. 

Can be found on AO3 as part of the “101 Ways To Say I Love You” collection, a collaboration with @peeta-pit. Contains direct and revised quotes from The Hunger Games books and films, none of which I own (bummer), and song lyrics by Norah Jones.  

With many thanks to @dandelion-sunset@jennagill, @everlylark, and @eala-musings for pre-reading, betaing, and general hand-holding. I love you guys!

For @kellywithayy. Happy extremely belated birthday, chica. ;)  

If you’ve enjoyed this story, please drop me a line. I’ll consider it a Christmas present. ;) And happy holidays, wherever this finds you, especially to all members of the Armed Forces and their families. <3c

It’s his mother I see first, in the reflection of my water-spotted spoon, as I hold it up to inspect it for dirt. The curve of the metal shows her how she really is, how I see her, emphasizing her deformities—a cold and shallow woman, who’d always thought, with that over-sized head of hers, that I was never good enough for him, not even as his friend.

What kind of monster thinks that about a kid?

Our booth is in the back corner of the diner—where they seat all the ugly people—and because my back is to the rest of the restaurant, I don’t immediately notice them when they come in and are seated half a dozen tables behind us. By the time I see the bitch, she’s sipping tea out of a chipped porcelain mug, one of her haughty eyebrows raised and her puckered, prematurely wrinkled lips pursed in disapproval as she listens to a man with a buzz cut say something to her.

Subtly, so Prim doesn’t notice me looking, notice her, and then open her big mouth, I rotate the spoon to see who else is with her. Her husband sits next to her and looks none too happy about it, keeping enough distance between them for the Holy Ghost and an entire host of angels. No love lost between those two. And next to him, wedged into the corner, one of his broad shoulders pressed to the wall from lack of space, is their oldest. Across from them, with their backs to mine, is Rye, with his trademark douchebag man bun I’d recognize from outer space, and next to him, on the aisle side of the bench, is the man with the buzz cut.

It doesn’t occur to me right away that it’s Peeta—my Peeta (except he isn’t mine at all)—because Peeta has wavy blond hair that curls at the very ends, feathery wisps that hang over his collar and ears, begging to be clutched and grasped and twirled by curious fingers. (Not that I’d ever had the courage to do any of those things.) He’s had hair like that his entire life—at least for as long as I’ve known him, which amounts to pretty much the same thing—the sign of a boy who has always been careless about his good looks.

His hands give him away, gesturing as he talks. They’re recognizable even in the convex surface of my spoon, and I swallow with effort, dropping it into my coffee. Emptying a plastic cup of creamer into my mug, I swirl, swirl, swirl, trying to erase the memory of the way his hands looked holding mine. I stare down at the cream dispersing, transforming something straightforward and pure into a muddied, adulterated mess.

Of course he’d be back now for the holidays. Exodus, I guess they call it. In basic training, they let even the lowest grunts go home for Christmas.

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Norah Jones - Carry On

Haylor Moments in 2016


-Wildest Dreams Grammy museum acoustic performance released

-Harry posts a black and white photo of rain on a day rumoured to be the anniversary Haylor broke up

-Harry’s very extra  e-mail address gets leaked and it is confirmed to be Stylesh989 (So embarrassing lol)


-Harry turns 22 and tweets lyrics to Taylor’s hit song. Haylor becomes a trending topic on the same day

-Taylor opens up the Grammys with a performance of ‘Out of the Woods’

-1989 (the official Haylor soundtrack) wins album of the year at the Grammys

-Taylor says a beautiful maid of honour speech at her best friend Brit’s wedding which has parallels to songs lyrics and words she has spoken about Harry in interviews


-Harry tweets lyrics to ‘Come Away With Me’ by Norah Jones

-Harry and Taylor both have dinner in West Hollywood in separate restaurants not far from each other on Easter Monday 


-Taylor is seen in Brentwood two days after Harry is

-Taylor has dinner at Nobu with Lily Alderidge two nights after Harry has dinner there with his friends

-Taylor dresses in a similar style to Courtney Love the same weekend Harry dresses similar to Kurt Cobain 

-Niall sings OOTW on his Snapchat

-Harry tweets lyrics to ‘Just What I Needed’ by The Cars 


-Harry’s sister Gemma likes a photo of Taylor on IG 

-Taylor retweets a photo of herself holding a diet coke bottle with lyrics to ‘Style’ on it after many people were saying that ‘Style’ is no longer relevant to Haylor because Harry had recently cut his hair and Taylor was frequently wearing purple lipstick

-Gemma mentions 1989 World Tour Live in her blog 


-Haylor becomes a trending topic on Twitter for the second time of the year

-Anne posts a photo on IG of Dusty and Dotty and includes the tags #wonderland and #cheshirecats 

-Taylor attends the Taylor Swift Education Centre where there is a note on the wall that says “Haylor will rise” 


-Anne posts a photo on the morning of the Kimye incident of a Minion with the words “Good morning just sending out a small smile to whoever may need one today!”  as a possible indirect to Taylor or anyone else upset by the situation

-A photo of a couple who resemble Harry and Taylor is discovered around the same time Harry is filming Dunkirk 


-Taylor is seen wearing sneakers from a Gucci collection inspired by Harry’s tattoos

-Never before seen photos of Haylor from their night in Time Square on NYE 2012 are leaked 

-Niall follows Taylor on Twitter

- #haylorwillriseparty trends on Twitter


-The Swift fandom starts a theory that TIWYCF was written about Harry which starts out as a joke but then comes to actually make sense

-People magazine pitches articles that confirm both Harry and Taylor are single on the same day (Hiddleswift break up; Harry denying Hendall rekindling rumours )

-Taylor has dinner at Greenwich Hotel where she went on a date with Harry back in 2012

-Taylor third wheels with Zigi

-Harry rumoured to be in Nashville at the same time Taylor seen there attending a party (not comfirmed)

-Harry posts three blank white images on IG which some articles believe are a reference to the song ‘Blank Space’ 


-An article about Harry’s friendship with Nathan Followil comes out the day after Taylor goes to a private Kings of Leon concert 

-Taylor posts a screenshot of an mp3 of ‘Over’ by Kings of Leon on IG 

-’Someday’ is (finally!) released on Michael Buble’s album ‘Nobody But Me’ as a duet with Meghan Trainor

-Songs about Harry are performed at the FM1 concert in Texas 


-Elle King reveals Taylor loves her song ‘See You Again’ 

-Haylor reference on the Taylor Swift episode of ‘Family Guy’ 

-Taylor wears a butterfly ring on the anniversary of the day she was seen wearing the paper airplane necklace for the first time 


-How You Get the Girl Grammy museum acoustic version is released

-In a fan photo Harry is seen in Holmes Chapel outside a place he took Taylor on a date wearing the You Are In Love/Olivia  shirt 

-Taylor gives her brother Austin a signed copy of a CD from a band that Harry is friends with


Today is Giving Tuesday & here’s The Uncluded (Kimya Dawson and Aesop Rock) performing Jambi Cafe at Bedstock to support MyMusicRx. Check out to see Norah Jones, Moby, Tegan and Sara, the Mountain Goats, Lil Bub and lots lots more!


Norah Jones Carry on

For @carryon-countdown Day 9: Music

I decided to share with you all a playlist I made inspired by this wonderful book (: Click on the title to find it on spotify! (Below are some, but not all, songs included)

Carry On, Simon

Golden Boy - Natalie Merchant

Candle In The Wind - Elton John

Blue Eyes - Cary Brothers

Call Me Maybe - Scott Bradlee’s Postmodern Jukebox

I Put A Spell On You - Alice Smith

Push Me Down the Stairs - Nanami Ozone

Basil - Jeremy Loops

Light A Match - Marigolds

Fire - Louis The Child

Vampire - Nitemayor

Lucy - Trampled By Turtles

BITE - Troye Sivan

The Chosen One - Bread

Carry On - Norah Jones