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Yeah this is the girl who wore heels and has perfectly coiffed hair and designer duds coming out of the GYM. Seriously​ the girl used to look like she was the stand-in for January Jones character on Mad Men. It's obvious he has just screwed her silly and said "Let's take a walk darling" and she was so delerious that she threw on that hideous outfit. That's what happened and no one else can convince me otherwise 😉


One of the funny things about Love Actually is what happened to the cast. We thought we’d cast about a 50 percent famous cast. But then suddenly Martin Freeman is Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, and suddenly the little boy is in Game of Thrones and Liam Neeson is the world’s greatest action hero. January Jones, who appears at the bar, is in Mad Men, and Andy Lincoln is in The Walking Dead. It’s like a much higher cast movie now. In some ways it’s much more expensive now than when we made it. Keira Knightley, I remember talking to her when we were making it and she said, ‘I’m making this pirate film next.’ And that was Pirates of the Caribbean.
—  Richard Curtis, writer and director of ‘Love Actually’

Oscar Isaac lip biting/licking appreciation MEGA-POST!!!

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ETA: I added three more. You’re welcome, again.

ETA October 17, 2016: I added a bunch more. Stop having such a seductive nervous tic, Oscar. It’s causing problems.

ETA February 28, 2017: More photos added. This post has grown, much like my love for this man. I’m not sure what’s a bigger problem: his lip biting/licking tic or the fact that I obsessively collect these photos into one post.

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