Dear Haikyuu Fandom

Dear Haikyuu!! fandom,
I know we all love haikyuu!!, why else would we be in this fandom. I know we all ship what we want, and care for the characters we want. This is totally common.

What I don’t understand is why we have to throw things at other people for liking something different from yourself? Why not Spend time loving what you love instead of hating on someone else’s ship or character.

If you absolutely is AGAINST a ship then DON’T go into that ship tag OR in the character tag.. I know it sucks but there should be space for everyone. And that character is STILL named the same even if in another ship. It is common to tag the characters individual other than the shipname.
If you can’t ignore things you don’t like there is the option to BLACKLIST

Also just don’t tag your NOTP or mention them or put some censor over it so it doesn’t show up in other people’s ship tag. Also please DON’T put your NTOP into your ship tag. Why would you want to make other people in your ship fandom hate on another ship? You could agree you dislike the same ship, but there is no need to spread it. If you need hate don’t tag it. The worst though is DON’T BRING DOWN ANOTHER SHIP TO MAKE YOUR SHIP LOOK GOOD. If your ship is as good as you say then it should be cool by itself not being raised by looking down on all the other ships.

Last thing, We all love fanfictions, merchandise, doujinshis, extra materials. Please take some time considering how much time and effort the people who draw, translates, clean, writes, typesets and so on do to fuel your ship or fandom. please appreciate, PLEASE CREDITS!!!! and please support them however you can. A Share or A reblog can sometimes do huge difference. Sometimes just writing nice tags or just leaving a comment can make people so happy that their hard work is appreciated.

Also if you reblog something you aren’t that fond of. Instead of writing: “I don’t rly like this but reblog anyway” or “I don’t ship this” or “nice but I don’t really them together”, don’t write/tag anything or just like it. Most people check their tags, they can get annoyed, sometimes sad or even hurt seeing being spreading negative feelings around our works.

Sometimes, rarely, however it happens people ends up STOPPING sharing or DELETING their things online because it is just not worth it. This is not only the western community but pixiv artist too get demotivated seeing negative things around their work.


If you read to the end, Thank you!
Have a nice day and enjoy the Haikyuu!!
(if you want a more rage and emotional felt rant post my tags is on fire)

probably trying to talk cabot out of making him pay his 50 sovereign bill because he’s the inquisitor

it doesnt work that way im sorry