• -Sasuke is walking Sarada to the academy, has her wrapped in his cloak, only her head is sticking out-
  • Sarada: Papa c'mon, this is so humiliating.
  • Sasuke: I'll keep following you around like that until you change your outfit.
  • Sarada: But papa, short dresses are trendy now!
  • Sasuke: Not on my watch. As a shinobi you should dress decently.
  • Sarada: You are the one to talk about dress-code! Mama showed me the outfit you wore at sixteen. Even aunt Tsunade doesn't show so much cleavage. And that purple rope...! (starts laughing)
  • Sasuke: ...Your mother keeps undermining my authority.

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I can't wait to watch Lorcan choose the white girl he just met you know? I just can't WAIT to watch that

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Ino and Sakura made it their personal mission to set Sarada and Inojin up, so they could become a family. Sadly, their children are not cooperating. Sasuke also doesn’t approve.
—  me headcanoning again
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