A confession:

Hi everyone. So uhmm i will confess something. Something that i was keeping inside for such a long time. I am bisexual.  I know i know i said i am straight and i support lgbt and write posts about it. I know it will make some people think that i was lying. But i wasn’t. I really wasn’t. I thought i was straight. I “wanted to believe” that i was straight. Cause i was the good girl of our family. I shouln’t misbehave and do something that will make my parents angry. I thought if i accept my real sexuality everything will be SO bad… even when i was a little girl i felt like that. I had crush on a girl when i was little and i asked “what’s wrong with me” again and again to myself when i realize my feelings to my friend. Cause how can i like a girl. I am a girl myself and a girl can’t love a girl. That’s what society told me. I didn’t know that same gender people can love eachother till one of my friends said it to me in elemantry school. But she said those people are disgusting. And it hit me hard. People thought it was disgusting. And i thought i am disgusting for a while. Then i realized i wasn’t the only one who feels like that. But i still kept it in. I was stuck in this damn closet for years. I didn’t even tell it to my bestfriend. My family ? i don’t even want to guess their reaction to their princess being bisexual…i always had that fear that someone will understand it. They will understand that i am not straight and my family will hear about this and everything will go bad. Everything will be terrible…but i can’t just hold it in anymore. I am tired of being stuck in here. I probably will never come out to my family or my real life friends. But i want to confess my sexuality in here. And to my angels ^-^

I’ve been browsing on tumblr a lot lately.

And I’ve fell on @radjinja crisp style and (insanely) handsome unicorn OC.

So I treated myself and drew Viktor.

Keep on the great work @radjinja!

i live for marco’s taunting,

imagine how fucking hard he must have tried to taunt blackbeard during the payback war trying to strike the fear of god in him that this whole new era is after his head no matter what is goal is that marco already figured out back then at marineford, that if not now no matter what kind of fate they receive might it be defeat someone else will come they’ll always come for as long as he lives,

that thatch was worthy of the yami yami no mi a thousand lifetimes more than he will ever be, that he alone on this battlefield is afraid of death for they have known death a hundred times before him, esp marco

“how did it feel to let yourself be called family when all you ever wanted was our heads” but then, blackbeard having the audacity to reply 

“you should have asked ace” 

and god knows this was the one thing he should have never said as he ends up a haki-imbued knee on the throat pined down squirming like a worm for marco to whisper in his ear that

“contrary to the father you killed, i won’t allow you to beg for mercy”