My practise has been put aside whilst have been burrowing away in my new home at Studio 213, AWOL Studios, in Ancoats Manchester. After ridiculous amounts of filling, sanding, painting, scraping, pva-ing, lifting, sweeping, hoovering, layering and an absurd amount of radio 4. If you just happen to be passing through, come have a brew and help feed my new addiction to the archers. 

The Peeps and Cutting Room Square

Ancoats is in the process of transforming itself from a dilapidated former Cottonopolis into a 21st Century post-industrial suburb. As part of this process, artist Dan Dubowitz was commissioned to document the faded grandeur of the Ancoats built environment before some of it disappeared forever.

Cutting Room Square features five giant sentinels, which house images captured from within the decaying mills. Besides this Dubowitz has created a series of ‘peeps’, which are portals offering glimpses into the industrial past via found objects. The peeps are deliberately unobtrusive, fixed into anonymous walls, which means that they are likely to be discovered by accident rather than intentionally.

This weekend, there was a series of guided walks around the industrial heritage of Ancoats and I joined one of them. It was like discovering a whole new city within Manchester. Murrays’ Mills, for instance, has to be the most spectacular mill complex I have ever seen.