Guys. First off. This is serious but it’s not THAT serious, okay? I know I’m gonna make this sound cryptic but it’s really not.~ Before you read any further, I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere.~

As much as I hate to say it……BoA’s time is up. At least for this BoA. Key’s typist and I have been talking and we realize that it’s just not realistically possible to keep up the role play. Even though it still kinda stings, we’ve worked things out and we’re definitely still on good terms.~ Still each other’s wifeus. *giggles*

Now of course my initial wishes were to just quit. The pain was too much to live with. But after doing lots of thinking, I’ve decided to retire from this account and start a new one.~ I will still be BoA. But with a twist!~ She’s gonna be a black mage (Like Lulu in Final Fantasy X.~) So I’m taking a semi AU route. heehee

However……this is the slightly tougher part…….I’ve already created the account to be honest. But…….I’m joining a different directory under that new account. PLEASE DON’T SHOOT ME OR DISOWN ME!!! OTL I LOVE this family. I’ve been with this family for a year and I’ve watched it evolve and everything. Heck I’d even still like to admin it. But I think I need to have a real fresh start with this. I’m still keeping this account. Just changing the URL by adding “memories” to it.~

SO THIS ISN’T GOOD BYE!! GOT IT!?!?!? I’m still gonna be BoA that you know. I’m just gonna be a little different.~ Single and I could eitherrrrrr……set you on fire. Turn you to an ice pop. Give you a shower. Or electrocute you. XD heehee~

As you can tell, I’m genuinely okay with this. It feels weird but I know I’ll move forward. I already have.~ *smiles softly* I just hope this doesn’t upset any of you. If you want me to step down as Admin, I will. I mean it’s only fair after what I’m doing. But I need to do this for me. I have to heal and move on so I can be a better me. I’ve been sad for quite awhile now and I’m ready to be happy again.~

So………….NOT good bye.~ *giggles*

You can still reach me here for awhile but my new account URL is “boa-it”. Again, please don’t hate me. OTL


It’s the 17th and you all know what that means. It’s time to kick off our full week of Lotte World!!~

Here are a few things to remind you of when visiting Lotte World this week.~

  • Nov 17th - Nov 23rd
  • You can bring ANYONE (friends, family, etc)
  • Being paid for by yours truly.~ UwU
  • Can be on the dash or anywhere you like.~

Okay I think that’s everything. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me personally. NOW GO HAVE FUN, CUTIES!!~~

Now that October has started.

I will post the official post for the Halloween party. I’m posting it now so that everyone will have more than enough time to see it. I need some help from you guys though. First of all, would you guys want a party? I’m not going to plan it all out and everything if no one wants one. Second, if there is going to be a party should we have it on Tinychat or the dash? i’m not sure if everyone can get on tinychat that’s why i’m not sure if we should use it, if you guys have any other suggestions that would be great. Next, i’m not sure what else we should do at the party besides the costume contest. if there is any appropriate games or any other activities we can do, or you want to do let me know. (Its bolded cuz i know y'all a bunch of perverts.)

The stuff I figured out all ready: I’m going to try to let the party run as long as i can because i know there are different timezones ect. The only problem is typist has to leave sometime during the day to take their cousin trick or treating. I will have more info on when it will start at a later date. The costume contest, once it gets closer I will need to know who wants to be in the contest so that i can make up the voting thingy. The winner will be determined by voting so it’s fair. I also need to find a prize for that….

I believe that is all for now. Sorry this is so long but i wanted to make sure i got everything in. Also send any questions here I can keep track of it better and it’s not clogging the directories ask box.

Have a good day~

  • Listen

Thank you.~

As most of you know…..I’ve been sick…..for a month now. Doesn’t seem like it’s been that long does it? *smiles sadly* Granted not every day is bad but ah…..well….anyway.

If you guys could spare a moment, please stop by our lovely Admin Mireu’s inbox and give him a big hug and thanks. He’s the reason why we still have a home. While I’m stuck in a bed somewhere, he’s here working his smexy tush off cleaning things up and making sure we’re still up and running. So please, thank him. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if a few bags of gummy bears were thrown his way either. *giggles* I personally recommend lots of photos of his hubby-to-be.~ 

Well guys…..we didn’t go camping like I wanted BUT…..I do have an idea for July if we’re all free enough. I know we’re all busy with schedules and that puts a damper on things, but we just gotta keep trying.~ We’ll have our time. I’ve seen it before and I know it’ll happen again. We just have to be patient with each other while we get through schedules, ne? Staying strong always.~

Ah…..this is turning into such a long message. Can you tell who this is? *laughs softly and blushes* I should be eating but you know this cat…..always so stubborn. ^//////^;; I love you guys very very much and maybe soon I’ll be strong enough to where I can share responsibilities with Mireu and the others. I feel like such a loser. ^///////^;; Anyway, I’m out. See you all and keep smiling!!~~

Change of Plans - Christmas Party

Hello, family! I hope you’re all doing well and in good spirits.~ I’ve seen lots of Secret Santas out there and it makes me so happy and so proud!! Way to go, Santas!! Keep it up!~

Now………on to the “change of plans.”~ Don’t worry. It’s nothing scary. heehee

So you know how we all talked about going to the ski lodge for a week? Well earlier today I was like “…….I kinda wanna have another party instead.” After discussing it with our admin YoungSaeng, we agreed that we both like the idea of just having a party that was like our Halloween party.~

But now the question is………when do we have the party? If you guys could help us out by giving us some dates, that would be AWESOME!!~~ Thanks, cuties! You’re all fantabulous and we love you bunches!!~

The Halloween party~

will be held on Wednesday the 30th. I messaged everyone what day would be better and more people said Wednesday was better. I’m sorry it’s not a good day for everyone but i went with the majority here. I still hope as many people as possible can come. It will probably start around 2pm EST. and go on for the rest of the day. I also might come up with a tag to use for it but i’m not sure yet. You all have a great day and stay fabulous.


The Angel project is open! We as a family aim to stay close and loving towards each other  where everyone is happy and confident and everyone is talking. Therefore, we devised this.

You will be given another member of the family as your assignment. You will be their angel for the week. This means anonymously sending them asks, asking if they’re ok, making sure they are talking to others and complimenting them. This will ensure that everyone feels happy and always have someone looking over them. Being an angel is a responsibility, where you’ll have to send at least one message a day to them for a week, starting tomorrow. Please send only nice things, and if you want to be part of this, turn your anonymous on. Only nice messages please! You’re angels not demons, remember.

And as a reminder, this is only open to people who like this or this post, because we want to ensure all of our angels stay active. If you have done all of that, please await a message from the directory! Stay anonymous and reveal yourself to them on next Sunday. Smile, cuties.

Make everyone feel special cause you are all special.

Secret Santa?

Hello, family!!~

So December is mere days away and it has been mentioned that we would like to try and hold a Cutie Secret Santa.~ I’m VERY unfamiliar with this and how it works so our lovely Cupcake Princess Tiffany has come up with something to help me out.~ *giggles and blushes*

Well first, why are we having Secret Santa? The idea of Secret Santa is to be able to cheer each other up and giving as well as receiving gifts are always fun. Not to mention trying to guess who sent it to you. Since it’s a Secret Santa, let’s try our best not to reveal who we are until the last gift, so that means staying on anon.

There are two ways Secret Santas can send their gifts without having to climb down chimneys. ^_^;

  • Stop by their askbox on anon
  • Use their submit box (if you wish to attach a photo)

The key is to stay on anon! If you’re unfamiliar on how to be give submissions while on anon, just go to the blog of who you’re sending your gifts to, make sure you’re not logged in on tumblr and give your gift! It’s that simple!

Also, to make sure your gifts have been received, we ask that you cuties publish your gifts so that your Secret Santa will know that you got their gift. So please tag your gifts under “anc secret santa” to make it easier to find.~


So a small overview of how this is gonna work.~

  • One gift is given each week of December totaling 4 gifts
  • Each week has a specific theme (ex: something soft)
  • Use either the askbox or submit box
  • Tag your received gifts with “anc secret santa”
  • Upon sending the 4th gift, reveal yourself

Now if you ARE interested in participating, here are the themes for the four weeks.~

  • Week 1 (Dec 1st - 7th) = something edible
  • Week 2 (Dec 8th - 14th) = something soft
  • Week 3 (Dec 15th - 21st) = something round/circular
  • Week 4 (Dec 22nd - 28th) = something cute

[[REMEMBER]]: Stay on ANON until sending the 4th and final gift.~

So that’s it! Remember to have fun guys, it’s the thought that counts! So just have fun and enjoy! If you are interested and want to participate, please let me know ASAP since the first week is right around the corner.~ Thanks and stay cute, guys!!~~

Hello November!~

Hey there, family!~ I hope you all are doing well. The weather is getting chilly so don’t catch a cold!

So here’s the deal. It seemed like our Halloween party went fairly well. Personally it was fun for me to just watch everyone have fun. *giggles and nods* At least I hope you all had fun.~ Hongki really outdid himself with the planning and preparation. Give him a huge pat on the back, okay? That party wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for him.~

His dedication inspired me so much that I decided that I would like to try and hold more parties and events for us cuties to take part in.~ Below is a list of ideas that I have for the upcoming months.

  • The Seoul Lantern Festival
  • Lotte World with their Indoor Ice Rink
  • A day/night at the Galleria Department Store (Yay shopping!)

Then I have a couple things for the month of December too! Just something to think about.~

  • A Cutie Secret Santa
  • Spending the day and overnight at a Ski Lodge

So here are just some things to think about.~ If you guys have any ideas for fun activities of your own, PLEASE let us know.~ A lot of us are stressed and I think we could all use some more fun in our lives, ne?

Thanks for reading and have a great day!

Update on the party

Hongki here with a mid way update on the party~ where to begin hmm


The fabulous Boa and Key have offered to be the hosts of the party! so that should make things interesting. Also BoA has found a venue to hold our little party in since my apartment is way to small and her place isn’t done yet.

In terms of food Miss Tiffany has so graciously accepted the role of food, she has planned a ton of yummy goodies so if you need to talk to her about anything relating to food just stop by her askbox and talk to her about it.

thanks to Miss Melanie we have some interesting games to play. I added one to the list because of BoA. 

We’ve decided that, you are allowed to bring guests, incase you wanted to invite your boo (pun intended u_u) feel free too, though I would like an estimate of how many people are coming my tink can’t come i cry now.

Also For the costume contest: Everyone is allowed to vote (you cannot vote for yourself though) I will make a post on tumblr and you reply to it with who you want to vote for.

Lastly, We sorta have a theme for the party thanks to Mireu. I bought Nightmare Before Christmas decorations for him and he told Tiffany to include it in the food and well so it’s sorta a Nightmare before Christmas/Halloween town theme.

what we still need:

First and most importantly: Should we change the date to a day or two before Halloween? it might be difficult to be actually on Halloween. I’m fine with changing it, we just need to know so that we can book the place. Also I’m not sure how many of you replied to BoA’s post about where to actually have the party if you haven’t done that yet please do so. If not i might have to make the decisions and i don’t like making decisions like that.

I do believe that is it. Thank you for your time. Any questions/concerns/ect just get in contact with us - preferably me.

I just wanted to post some updates.

I hope you guys don’t mind, I have a few ideas for the family coming up.

One of them being a Halloween party. The other being another game to play. I will post more info when I get it and of course when it gets closer. We’re still in the planning process for both of them. For sure though I want to do a costume contest so if you think you want to participate in that, go ahead and start coming up with costume ideas. I am really excited. I hope you guys are too.

Like i said It’s still in the planning process though so more info to come.

Have a great day all my cuties, any questions, concerns or blind praise should be directed to my personal askbox.


so this time I seriously need people opinions. ANC was created with a Hello Baby theme where every couple weeks youw ere supposed to be paired and given a child to look after or sumthin’. This hasn’t ever happened but I was wondering if anyone wanted it to? or should we change the directory theme completely? 

Give us your opinions/ideas pleaseu~ ? I’ll share my gummy bears with those that do ;; 

STAY CUTE! (`・ω・´)”


Pack your bags, guys! June is so close!!

As you discovered in your invitation, you can attend the camping trip here via TinyChat.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable with TinyChat or would rather do something more one-on-one; PLEASE, feel free to simply para on the dash or even privately in your inbox if that’s what you’d prefer!.~

We want you guys to be comfortable with role playing and so you should role play however you feel most comfortable.~ We want you to enjoy yourselves and not have cutie heart attacks or cutie anxiety attacks.~ *giggles*

So yesh, here’s a summary of what was just posted.~ You may participate in the camping trip in three different ways!~

  • TinyChat
  • Paraing on the dash
  • You may even role play via fanmail or asks if it makes you more comfortable.~ ^w^

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to send us a message.

Stay cute, cuties!!~~ We love youuuuuuu!!!~~