‘’It’s there, you see that tree?’’ I point at it with my finger. ‘’Right after it’’

If I’m being honest here, I wasn’t expecting Hayden to start running. I try to follow her, but my feet aren’t cohoperating.

‘’You know you can always wait for me! I’m wearing heels!’’ I try to run after her without breaking my anckles, but it’s useless.

By the time I get there, she’s already sat down and has a huge smirk on her face.

‘’Well, I saved you spot” Hayden gestures me to sit beside her. That’s kind of cute, actually. ‘’I was worried we’d miss it’’ she adds.

‘’I know you’re probably thinking this is not such an special place’’ I sit down next to her. Is so weird to feel a person’s warmth when they’re so close that you can tell exactly what they smell like. I like it. ‘’I promise it won’t disappoint you’’ I give her a slight smile, feeling kind of shy all of the sudden. This is a personal spot, the one that used to remind me of my childhood home.

“Don’t worry so much” she points out while staring at the sun.

I look at her, and feel like I have someone I can trust, which is weird cause I barely know her. I want to know so many things about her… I just can’t find the right answers, or the right time to ask. And she never talks about her. Like never ever. Maybe, this time it should be me the one that opens her heart the first.


The way she stares at me, it feels like she wants to say something. I honestly wanna to know what it is, it really piqued my curiosity. Everything I’m feeling right now.. Its just so weird. I don’t even know if I should be feeling this.. this.. happiness of some sort whenever I’m with her. I wanna understand all these complexities and break it down into tiny pieces. It’s really all new to me.

“So Veda..” I’m still hesitant but I’m curious “Why just me? Why didn’t you invite your other friends, I’m sure you have tons” I look her straight in the eye

“I uh…” she seems taken by surprise. “I don’t really know, it was impusive. You are different. They would come here and probably start running to the sea and throw sand at me… but you are sitting here, and…” Veda shrugs, starting to blush. She bites her inner lip, looking away. “You seem to… understand”

“I see, I think that happens when you know.. you get older. I’m not saying your old.. you’re about the same age as me right? 22?”

“I am today” she laughs. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sand thrower myself. I just…” she looks at the sky, her eyes wide open, a smile slowly forming on her face. “Look!”

“It’s beautiful! If only I have my camera with me..” I look at Veda on the corner of my eyes and I saw the reflection of the the sunset..  It was beyond beautiful. My camera would not be enough for a moment like this. I felt her warm hand brush against mine.. and I like it. It makes me feel safe and needed.

faerie-witchling asked:

20, 38, 96/97?

20: Favorite Holiday.
Christmas, definitely Christmas. I love the food, the decorations, the coziness and how it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside ^^

38: Tattoos you have/want?
I have two fiery butterflies, one on each shoulderblade. I’m getting a sun and moon glyph tattood, very soon. But I still feel indecsisive about the location. I’m thinking either anckles or the insides of my wrists. And I would like to get my shoulders and collarbones tattood with wild flowers. At some point in the future :)

96/97: Do you believe birthmarks are scars from past lives. If so, do you believe there is a story behind your birthmarks? 
It would be really cool. But I don’t believe that.