Eloise: Life Before Katherine

Please note: there are some changes to Eloise’s history reflected in this (and future) piece(s). These changes are intentional and meant to reflect the slight differences that the novella will have

The very first memory Eloise had was of laying next to her brothers and sisters beneath the canopy of a covered wagon. She remembered the sound of crickets, creaking wood, and a huffing horse. The dark didn’t frighten her, but the pain in her stomach and rising heat of what would turn into a fever did. She crawled over her siblings to reach the cooler air of outside. The twinkling stars winked down on her as she curled up on the ground, silently crying.

She didn’t specifically remember her mother finding her and coaxing her back into the wagon, though she remembered feeling cold despite being wrapped in a blanket. One of her sisters—she couldn’t remember if it was Marguerite or Lucindy—gave her water and reassured her that she would be better in a few days. It would take two weeks, during which time they completed their long journey from Gloucester to a small plot of land in Acadia. Eloise was too young to understand how strange it was for her family to move there—much of the land was already claimed by French, Acadians, and Mi’kmaq.

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@kilshade asks: “Young Blood” palette for Ganzorig            

Strong and possessing a patience rare in one so young, there are many rumors in the Citadel that the younger of the Ancile brothers is being groomed to take over the family estate.

How that will affect the relationship between the brothers, if true, is uncertain. Although given the disposition of the eldest brother, it is likely that blood will be spilled before too long.

The first set of fantasy redesigns :) (Please open this in another tab to see the details)

Vachir (Mine): Ser Vachir of House Ancile. More of a paladin type. Prefers swing around a sword but also has shielding magic if things get too rough. Designing this is also what prompted me to design a bunch more for different characters.

Design notes: In-game and in my canon, Vachir is from a notable family that’s quite wealthy. So I gave her a full set of plate armor that’s been decorated. The fur collar was an aspect of her normal armor that I wanted to carry over to this design. I made the hilt of the sword quite a bit more fancy than necessary (also to indicate wealth).

Duraa ( @kilshade ): From glancing at his character tag, he’s a bodyguard who made most of his own armor and stole parts of it.

Design notes: Bodyguard translated pretty well to mercenary. I gave him a shield to at least hint at the idea that his job is to protect people/things. This also let me play around with asymmetrical armor designs (especially since the shield would protect the side not as heavily armored). The bottom layer of his armor is a chain-mail shirt. I made the armor on top mismatched to suggest that he’s been putting his armor together piece by piece, although some parts of the armor are obviously part of the same ‘set’. In order to enhance this sense of mismatch, I drew on bunch of different sources for the armor.

The gauntlet, shin armor, waist armor, and shoulders are inspired by plate armor. The visible chain mail shirt takes inspiration form the early middle-ages/vikings. Meanwhile, his torso armor takes inspiration from a combination of football gear and roman legionnaire armor. 

There’s like at least four more pages of this in various stages of development. Everyone who let me use their characters has at least one OC used in this project (And thank you all for letting me barrow your characters. I’m enjoying this quite a bit).

So do you want to start explaining how this happened?

Day One— Introduction: Introduce your OC to everyone! What’s their name? What species are they?

  • Etana Ancile née Aceso is a human Imperial in her sixties at the end of KOTFE.
  • She was born to one of the billions of ordinary Imperial families in Kaas City and there was no expectation that she’d have anything more than a perfectly normal life
  • She was the first of her family to go to medical school.
  • She’s reserved, incredibly driven, and remembers patient she’s ever lost.

Day Two— Job: What does your OC do for a living? If they don’t have a job, then what do they usually do?

  • Doctor Aceso is the attending trauma surgeon at Central Kaas Hospital. She was the head surgeon for a while but she preferred treating patients instead of being a part of management
  • She works about 60-80 hours a week
  • Her skills are appreciated greatly at home as Vachir will refuse to go to the hospital unless she’s actively dying

Done is better than perfect, I guess. Uuuugh.

Probably won’t get any art done tomorrow so I’m writing for both days.

37. “They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly it seems quite dangerous.” 

Prompt from @xbrittanyraex I think. It might have been someone else. Tumblr was being Tumblr and did something weird with the ask and now it doesn’t exist anymore.


It was date night in the Ancile household. One of those rare days when neither Vachir nor Etana had work the next day and all the children were out of the house.

Vachir laid sprawled across the couch. Her head on Etana’s lap and her legs dangling off the end. Etana’s attention was glued to the holovid as she absentmindedly massaged Vachir’s scalp.

It was some kind of cheesy old romance vid full of longing looks and anguished declarations of love that inevitably ended with ‘I do’s’. Vachir only paid it half-attention. Etana’s little shakes of her head when the lovers refused to communicate like adults or her pout when circumstances kept them apart was far more entertaining.

“They always make shower sex sound so appealing,” Etana said.

Vachir glanced at the vid. The silhouette of the lovers behind a shower curtain was playing.

“Something interest you?” Vachir said, almost purring.

Etana gave a soft snort.

“Hardly. It just seems dangerous, that’s all,” she said. “Do you know how many couples come into the ER needing stitches because someone slipped and hit their head against something?”

Vachir reached up and stroked her wife’s jaw.

“Don’t tell me it doesn’t sound at least a little exciting,” she teased. “Sliding off your bathrobe. Our bodies pressing together as steam fills the fresher…”

“All enticing for you, perhaps,” Etana said. She bent over and kissed Vachir on the forehead. “But tell me, my Lord, what am I getting out of that scenario?”

Vachir waggled her brows and gestured towards her body.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about pressing this against a wall, Imperial,” she said, briefly flexing her muscles. “Or having a Lord of the Sith towel you dry, massaging your neck?”

Etana laughed at her wife’s antics and kissed her again.

They never did see the end of the vid.

ct-5555  asked:

If you feel up to it the whole list for A’zaenin? Or just 2 5 7 9 19 23 32 35 if you don’t!

Character Creation Questions for the Muse! Send in a number!

The whole damn list (Thank you for distracting me from the fuckery that is the FSA website):

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He’ll Fight for All - Nazyl Tharazyl

What a project! There is some wicked cool detail on the Anima relic weapons for Paladin, Almace and Ancile. Not to mention, this little lalafell with muttonchops has a really cool glamour to paint too!  Remember when I said I wouldn’t touch chainmail again? I’m happy I found a new method to make it go faster, even if it’s relaxing to paint still! He got lots of love in twitch streams, and Patreon patrons will see quite a few steps that went into this piece next month!

Thank you, Naz!!

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