fun latin word of the day

anancaecum, -i, neut. (ahn-ahn-kai-cuhm) – a large cup that must be emptied “bottoms up”

for all your bacchic revels, my friends. go forth, be merry and get fucking hammered* **

 *if you do that kind of thing

**be safe about it bc dionysus cares and i do too

fun latin word of the day

denaso (1) (day-nah-so) – to bite the nose off (someone’s face)

so i have no idea why there’s a specific word for this but i love it because it’s such a great threat like ‘don’t you dare touch my food or so help me god i will bite your nose off.’ it brings an awful lot of class and monty python flair into your day to day conversations!


Gold Bracelet with Bust of Roma~ 400–450

Geography: Made in Rome
Culture: Byzantine

Personifications, like this one of Rome, were creations of the classical world that remained popular in Byzantium.

This work was part of a hoard found at the base of the Capitoline Hill, the centre of commercial activity in Rome even after the transfer of the imperial capital to Constantinople. The jewellery was probably hidden during the sack of Rome by the Visigoths in 410 or the Vandals in 455.