1) Nefertari holding out her sekhem-sceptre presenting offerings in front of the God Atum.
2) Nephthys and Isis stand either side of a ram-headed God painted green like Osiris, hieroglyphs write “Osiris rests in Ra” (left) “Ra rests in Osiris”. Beyond the yellow division Nefertari stands looking to the left with her hands held out.

Tomb of Nefertari, Valley of the Queens, QV66, Luxor, Egypt.
Photograph by kairoinfo4u | flickr


~ Architrave relief from the Temple of Athena at Assos with a scene of Herakles and Centaurs.
Culture: Greek, East Greek
Period: Archaic Period
Date: ca. 540–525 B.C.
Place of origin: Assos (Behramkale), Troad, Anatolia (Turkey)

A Poem By Kallistrate

Marble people lay forgotten

Ivy creeping up their spines

What was once gleaming silver

Is now tarnished by time


Dust sits undisturbed

Atop yellow and worn pages

No music can be heard

Except the song of silence


Once bright colors

Of blue and green

Torn flags flutter in a whispering breeze

Now dulled from the light of the burning sun

They hang, still alone

Telling a tale of what was

And what they had become

Hey @chinasgooglehistory, I took your advise and wrote a poem. Τι νομίζετε?

ID #50877

Name: Megan
Age: 17
Country: Australia 

Since I was a little girl I have wanted a penpal from another country. I love ancient history and culture and am very interested in learning other languages but I have never had anyone to practise with. I love classical music and the theatre and would enjoy someone to talk to who has a different perspective in life. 

Preferences: Between 16-24 please

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aaa this is the revolutionary war anon and i really wanted to name drop von steuben but i didn't want people like thinking i was trying to be an asshole or something idk i'm a paranoid mess who doesn't make sense i'm sorry lol i'm really glad someone mentioned von steuben because i wrote a paper about hi and he was fucking quality

kinda want a scene where sid and geno sneak off to an empty room to touch base with Flower and the Baron follows them, so he overhears:

Geno, pulling his pants back on: This is ridiculous. We have intel we need, then have to come to stupid party with no pants, then some creep hits on my husband–
Sidney: Don’t worry, love, I told him off. 
Flower: Well, I just set the coordinates for your return, you’re good to come back in nine minutes and forty-five seconds.

The Baron barges in then, pistol drawn, because he thinks they’re British spies. Sidney drops the communicator on the floor in shock, and Flower’s connection cuts off. Sidney’s pants are half zipped.

Baron: You have exactly ten seconds to tell me exactly who you are and what your true intentions are before I take you in.

There’s a a couple seconds of silence before the communicator rings again, this time with the chorus of Bang Bang. It’s out of startlingly that the Baron drops his weapon when Jessie J sings “Bang bang all over you–” Geno takes the split moment of confusion to tackle the Baron and restrain him as Sidney dives for the communicator. 

Geno: This is not appropriate song–
Sidney, answering communicator: Sasha?
Geno: Why he have customized ringtone? This not cell phone! What’s wrong with him?
Ovi, through communicator: You like? Rookie help me fix it. It’s because Sidney has booty like a Cadilla–

And someone the Baron ends up home with them in the 21st century for like an hour because of a kerfuffle, and it’s just a mess all around.