Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 4);Part 106}

- Oh My ‘Horus Eye’ 

 ✨✨✨ O’ mummy. A sand storm is brewing in the Egyptian sands, Ancient Egyptian curses rise as a witch sleeps under the eyes of an ominous mist… Tanya… Tanya… her black hair like Isis, her white glowing eyes of death and all in gold silk… Egyptian bitch Tanya…. Tanya… Tanya… The legend of Tanya will live on if all isn’t careful… T a n y a
How the hell did I end up in ancient Egypt? Beatrice thought to herself while casting a hydration spell. Walking through the Egyptian desert made her feel like she was boiling in a cauldron. Beatrice rested herself on the bed and could have sworn she saw a scarab beetle. Time traveling sucks and with her sisters both in different time eras she may never get home however Beatrice is the eldest sister, the most responsible and the mode powerful, she’ll get back to the 21st century. She’s done pretty well having befriended the queen of Egypt and has gotten herself a place to sleep in a luxury palace… Wait! She remembers now. Her and her sisters were in the attic casting a spell to close the portal but the ingredients were impossible and would take years to find… They tried to summon the impossible ingredients: ‘dragons scales’, 'mermaidic kelp’ and 'Horus Eye!’ The book of shadows instructed them to stand in a circle of candles one by one and each ingredient would appear but instead it sent them to the era when the ingredients were last around! Magic tricked them once again they should have researched the spell before casting it. So… That means Beatrice is here to find the eye of Horus! Where an earth would that be? She would have to ask about it tomorrow and find it tomorrow she can’t risk staying in the palace for another night, they’ll find out she was lying about being Isis’s daughter and have her thrown in the snake pit. We can’t have that now can we. Beatrice remembers being hung in the witch trials of 1693, she’s not going to die on this time travel disaster… She’s in her own, nobody will be here to resurrect her. She won’t fail, she’s a witch. Tomorrow she must find 'The Eye Of The Horus’ and it should take her home as that was why the spell brought her here. But nobody said it was going to be easy. ✨✨✨

Uh oh! TANYA is watching Beatrice sleep!


Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 4): Part 145}

- O’ Mummy -

Beatrice dodged Tanya’s kick and froze her with spell, it wouldn’t last long… She broke from the hex immediately, she isn’t just any assassin, Tanya’s a witch hunter! Tanya throws a knife and it just misses Beatrice’s head. 
SUDDENLY the tomb traps were activated, the doors slammed shut trapping both the assassin and the witch. They stopped fighting and started cooperating they both wanted to get out alive yet they both wanted to kill each other… Well Tanya’s an assassin she definitely wants to kill Beatrice. Beatrice is a good witch she wouldn’t harm a fly… Flies, thats it! Beatrice can’t cast the pestilence curse at Tanya and create a diversion from  the incoming mummy!
 Pharaoh Hypshosiiwakia! The first king of Ancient Egypt! And Pharaoh Newbaikiaka, the second!
Mummy: “UUUhhhhhhhhhh!”
Beatrice: “Oh shit!” 
Beatrice cursed Tanya with disease! Flies appeared and swarmed her!!! it was the perfect spell, it gave Beatrice just enough time to escape the walking dead.
Beatrice: “That’s not the only thing you should be worried about, bitch!”
Tanya: ‘Wha-?”
A mummy was right behind Tanya, Bye bye Tanya. Beatrice fled whilst Tanya was wrapped in it’s bandages the mummy’s began to attack her. O’mummy! Wait Beatrice see’s the Eye Of Horus on the wall up ahead, the missing ingredient from the spell they cast back in the 21st century. By the witches broom! That’s her escape route out of this awful century!


Witches Of Moonlight Falls (Season 4) Part 142}

-  Mystical Desert Sands -

The Desert was burning hot, poor witch. Beatrice couldn’t even handle Belinda’s spicy chicken. The sun was beating down in ancient Egypt. Something wasn’t right though, the sand let off a green light like it was trying to warn the witch, like someone could be following her…  But every time Beatrice turns around all she see’s is miles and miles of sand. Legend says that it’s actually the scarab beetles that kill you once you pass out from the heat. However Beatrice is protected herself with magic. She finally finds the Great Pyramid, she followed her inner witch to find it. 

Beatrice: “Wow, my goodness! It’s incredible!” She said looking up at the pyramid, the entrance magically opened for her as if it knew she was coming. Sand flew in her face *cough cough*

Mummy’s shouldn’t be the biggest threat here as Tanya is right behind Beatrice! She followed her all this way with strict orders to kill her. Tanya possesses the power of illusions that is why Beatrice feels her presence but can’t see her. Beatrice better watch her back before Tanya back stabs her. What a shame it would be to end up with a knife in your back when you were so close to getting home.