Hubert Robert - Swimming Pool, Surrounded by Colonnade - 1770

Hubert Robert - Ancient Ruins Used as Public Baths - 1798 

Hubert Robert - Le Pont triomphal - 1782

Hubert Robert - Architectural Landscape with a Canal

Hubert Robert - Colosseum, Rome  - 1780-1790

Hubert Robert - Ruins with an obelisk in the distance - 1775

Inquisition: we can rebuild this immense ancient stone bridge in days and even replace all the statues on it

Inquisition: can’t rebuild this one tiny wooden bridge on the west road in the hinterlands tho


Daigo-ji by Patrick Foto ;)
Via Flickr:
Autumn season,The leave change color of red in Temple, Daigo-ji is a Shingon Buddhist temple in Fushimi-ku

anonymous asked:

Hi! I recently finished reading Claymore and for some reason I thought it'd be something that you might like. Have you by any chance read it? If so, who is your favourite warrior? I'd love to find someone who is into the fandom too. Take care, and good luck with your new askblog project! (I'm following you on both accounts off anon but I'm a bit too shy to reveal myself orz)



Claymore is absolutely my kind of thing and I’ve been a huge fan of….. like, every aspect of it for years. The art style, the plot, the absolutely kickass cast… honestly it’s one of the manga that I desperately want to collect physical copies of. (The Ancient Magus Bridge is the one I’m religiously collecting copies of right now, but I also have a physical collection of Chrono Crusade and some other stuff.)

Umm, I like Galatea a lot! And Clare. And Miria. …It’s kind of hard picking favorites when all the gals are so cool.

(also thank you, and thanks for the follow!)

anonymous asked: this isn’t a request, but for some reason when i came onto your site something told me that you might be interested in sociology?? but now i can’t get that out of my head so i must know, i hope this wasn’t too weird

✿ wow i’m not sure how to feel that all of my interests are clearly on display. 

I am! I find people and the way societies are structured to be very interesting, which is pretty ironic given that I often have a lot of trouble forming deep relationships with people. I’ve read a few books on it, though it’s such a broad topic of study that I know I’ve only dipped my toes into the water. I think understanding why societies are the way they are provides a lot of insight into why people behave as they do… and can make you sympathetic towards people whose circumstances are different than yours.

I think it’s an important thing for a writer to study, too. After all… writers deal in sympathy. They construct worlds and characters for their audiences to sympathize with and love, even if those places are different than anything the reader has ever known. In that way, writing is an expression of sympathetic love, broading the worldview of the audience and teaching them how to empathize with other creatures.

anonymous said:  I’m SCREAMING with the bad cook MC headcannon 😂 especially because I can relate with it so bad, like yesterday I might have burned my toasts so bad that when I tried to get them off the toaster, the bottom tips turned into fucking ASHES and nobody understands how I managed to do it when the toaster do all the work. but nobody here is surprised, since I can’t even make pasta without setting the pan on fire *sigh*

✿ I KNOW THAT FEELING, haha… I’ve gotten a lot better at cooking, but I’m really absentminded and often mix measurements up, which has lead to some……. interesting……………. dishes.