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Maya/Japan influence in costuming

GM 1961: Japanese Rolling Stones T-shirt with red plaid;
GM Master Plan: The shape of the collar has a distinct Asian fashion influence;
GM New Teacher: Blue floral modern kimono;
GM Stem: Southwestern/Mexican vibe in pattern, but the wrap she’s wearing is still styled as a modern kimono in shape;

I’m not by any means set on all the country associations, but as of Sneak Attack/Bay Window, Maya/Japan is pretty consolidated in my book as a running theme (also: she blows shit up in STEM). The Mexican/Mayan vibe has some foundation as well (the STEM scene had some definite ancient civilization sacrificial vibes). She does ask for a chimichanga (but that has ties to the Southwestern states *cough* Texas *cough* as well as Mexico). Come to think of it, in the Pilot:

Cory: I’m just going to talk to Mr. Friar about geography. You know, I’ve been to a lot of places. Never been to Texas, though. What part of Texas is closest to Mexico?
Lucas: That’d be El Paso, sir.
Cory: Great. Let’s go right now. (drags him away in the chair)

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