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Sneak peak of the Violet Crown of the Eye of Horus. This Ascension Pyramid features all of our best selling mixes for an upper chakra portal that is the first of it’s kind ever. It features and Orgone Sphere filled with Azurite, Covellite, Quartz, Natrolite, Amethyst, Shungite and draped in 24k Gold

The orgone Eye of Horus disc is filled with every stone of the violet flame as indicated by the purple eye. Inside surrounding a neodymium magnet is amethyst, sugilite, charoite, auralite 23, lepidolite, yttrium fluorite, tanzanite. The disc is handpainted and draped in 24k Gold as well. 

Surrounding the disc are all of the Synergy 12 crystals:

Moldavite, Phenacite, Petalite, Sat. Quartz, Azez, Tibetan Tektite, Scolecite, Natrolite, Tanzanite, Herderite, Danburite and Brookite.  

Finally, to truly bring the heavens down into this pyramid we included Libyan Gold Tektite and Campos De Ceio to make a total of 4 meteorites in this incredible piece. 

Being a Ravenclaw & Dating H.G Would Include:

‣Sharing unsweetened tea

‣Late night study sessions

‣Really intellectual conversations at 3 a.m

‣Sneaking out late at night to go to the RoR together

‣Taking turns reading aloud to each other

‣Painting and writing poems for Hermione

‣Quill ‘collecting’ together (hoarding)

‣Movie dates

‣Sharing annoyed looks across the room when someone asks a stupid question

‣Sharing barely concealed grins across the room when only the two of you know what’s going on and everyone else is confused

‣PDA only when trying to prove a point or to annoy someone

‣Sneaking out and going to the Forbidden Forest to stargaze from the ground

‣Sitting at each other’s tables during meal times and alternating every other day

‣You only own leather bound books and journals

‣You take black and white photos

‣Snuggling in front of the fire in the Gryffindor common room

‣You take her to the Ravenclaw common room to study to get fresh air

‣Listening and falling asleep at night to recordings of nature sounds (E.g waterfalls, waves, breeze, whistling of the wind, ruffling of leaves, rain, thunder, etc)

‣Vintage music on a record player

‣Dancing slowly to the music at night when the only light in the room is the one shining through the windows from the moon

‣Traveling to ancient cities where you can feel the ancient vibe in the air

‣Her parent like and respect you because they appreciate the fact that you care about your education and future and they feel that the both of you together help one another stay concentrated on your studies

‣You binge watch shows for days straight and eventually when Hermione goes to check on you she gets hooked too

‣You care very much about your studies but not always at the right time… sometimes you can either definitely a procrastinator or not even let a minute pass after you get an assignment to finish it. It depends on your mood tbh

‣In this aspect you’re inconsistency drives Hermione nuts

‣You each own at least two house ties of each other’s house and you wear them despite always getting called out for it

‣You probably find mahogany desks aesthetically pleasing because there’s something about the color mahogany and desks that screams 'power’ and 'knowledge’

‣You go on adventures together but not without at least some type of rough draft

‣You particularly enjoy jungle safaris and mountain climbing

‣You have a stable long-term relationship that many people look up to and eventually you get married which is not really a surprise

A/n: Dedicated to @voidrose and @vickie_c ! Who else is a Ravenclaw? 🦅


🔮Amethyst Orchid Gown🔮
More Goddess creations for the upcoming photoshoot with my sister This one was heavily inspired by @eliesaabworld fall 2017 collection with an Ancient Chinese Empress vibe. All three goddesses have a moon theme crown to match 🌙
Wig - @ardawigs “Erika”
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- Person A is working late. They come home to person B sleeping on the couch with 3 empty cups of coffee close to them. Person B was waiting for person A to come home. This one would be suuuper cute either way, since both of them tend to worry when the other is absent

((Aaah! I’m sorry for a late story. I’ve been switching around fandoms and I may have lost some TAMB touch. I hope it doesn’t show too much in the story ;w; I hope it’s alright!)) 

- Person A is working late. They come home to person B sleeping on the couch with 3 empty cups of coffee close to them. Person B was waiting for person A to come home.

The sound of the leaves being raked by the cold wind was deafening. It disguised the sounds of the animals rustling in nearby bushes as well as the hooting of owls. Two aspects that, when given on a cold and dark night, would be utterly eerie. The raking sounds they made resonated far in the deep forest around them. The dark was home to many dangerous creatures, after all. They are what gave the realistic vibe of ancient England.

A window was open half way in the den of the Ainsworth household. In front of it lay a teenager who stared outside at the scene rather longingly. In her hands was a cup of coffee that had been long overdue from the cold. The steam that once escaped the hole in the lid diminished when another draft came by. Chise held the blanket around her closer and shivered. Her low temperature came obvious to the company that had been laying at her feet.  

Ruth wrapped his long body around her and did his best to provide her with his warmth. His long coat could only give so much. She had been waiting like this for several hours now. She was awaiting the return of one of the most dangerous creatures the fae land had known. The arrival of the last of his kind, Pilum Murialis. To her, however, he was her loved fiance.

“He’s going to come back.”

Chise turned at the sound of her familiar’s voice. Ruth’s red eyes were looking at her intently. Her hand shook as she took another sip of the coffee and she rubbed her eyes. Caffeine was the only thing fueling her enough to be awake at this hour. She waited exactly like this yesterday night. A feeling of sadness washed over her when she gazed out the window again.

“3 days, Ruth. He’s been gone for 3 days.” Her voice cracked.

Elias left one morning with a note on the fridge. It said he was going to be away and he didn’t know when he was going to return. Chise didn’t think much of it on the first day. On the second day, however, she started to worry. Every minute she’d be checking outside the door and waiting right next to it every night for his return. Much like she was doing right now. 

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Striking up conversation with my hot Mesopotamian farmer woman date: Yeah I’m really mostly into prehistoric beats, early homonid vibes, ancient cave dweller sounds. beating rocks together, slapping your thighs, tapping bones, “ooga boogas” and deep throat grunting. stuff from before agriculture. hunter-gatherer rhythms on OG drums made from animal hides a little, but more impromptu jam sessions centered around water dripping from a stalactite. I listened to a few hymns to the fertility godess with horse hair string on a gourd accompaniment but I think it’s pretty formulaic stuff from the temple priests who don’t really, like, care about the music more than they care about getting as much grain to offer as sacrifice, you know?

Thank you for the compliment, anon! I kept this ask ‘til the end because I thought I needed to think about it a bit–I hope I didn’t make you wait too long! >.<

I’m no expert on aesthetics, but I’ll do my best!

Here’s the nyo!Greece aes:

To make aesthetics, you need to find pictures that match each other in terms of colour. Pinterest is a great app to do that, because it shows you pics that are similar.

Over here, I went with an ‘alternate’ matching aes. If you look at the pic on the top left, it matches with the pic in the middle right, and the pic in the bottom left, because they all have golden/brownish objects on a white background.

The other set of pics–the one on the top right, the middle left and the bottom right–look similar because they all show similar fabrics in similar lighting.

I could have also chosen three more pics with gold items on a white background, but I like to have more variety in my aesthetics. The point of them is to make sure that the pics you choose represent the character in some way.

You can use filters, too! I used a filter on this aes so that it adds to the ‘ancient yet classy’ vibe, if you get what I mean.

Apps I recommend for compiling aes are: Pixlr & PicsArt.

If you’re new to this, I suggest making a Pinterest account and compiling a couple of boards to get the hang of it! You can come back to them for reference, too. 

And have fun while making them! Make yourself a bowl of ice cream, hot cocoa, coffee–anything, and add a bit of music if you like! You’ll find yourself really enjoying it. 😊

Sorry again for taking so long to reply–hope you found this helpful!

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Confession: I am such a sucker for skull-headed monsters/demons. They look amazing to me, an ancient/mythological vibe radiates from them. You can't exactly tell their expressions, only through the aura they give off or their body language. Also, they are on a borderline of danger and pleasure if they decide to please their human lover~. The way their teeth scrape over the skin teasingly~.

I nodded the entire way through this, you have it so right!