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I mentioned this on the post from @splatoonus​ but the new Bomb Launcher Special

seems to be based on an ancient Nintendo toy called the Ultra Machine

it was a pitching machine designed by Gunpei Yokai who you may or may not know as  the creator of the Game & Watch handheld system, inventor of the Control Pad  (whose plus-shaped design nearly all video game controllers attempt to mimic today), the original designer of the Game Boy, and producer of a few long-running and critically acclaimed video game franchises, such as Metroid 

and Kid Icarus.

the Ultra Machine itself has shown up in a few Nintendo games

It was in a Warioware microgame

it was a piece of furniture in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

and featured very prominantly in Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball

Nice little nod to a piece of Nintendo history, I would say

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It was a simple cover story: happy, new couple who just moved into the community attending a neighborhood dinner party.

Sam had excused himself to the bathroom halfway through the dessert course. When he didn’t come back as expected, you offered a tight smile and snuck away from a table full of people who didn’t seem to be interested in you to begin with.

You find Sam upstairs in the dark, snooping through Laura’s and Dan oversized master bedroom.

“Sam,” you whisper, moving closer. “What the hell are you doing up here?”

“Trying to find out whatever their hiding. There is no way those two are clean.” Sam pulls open the drawer of a bedside table, rifling through papers. You sigh and pad across the carpet, checking the hallway. “Help me look, they’re all too busy talking about themselves to care if we fade away for a few minutes.”

“I can’t see anything in here.” You open what appears to be Laura’s underwear drawer and reach to the back. Hell, if you were her it’s where you’d hide the goods. Your hand closes around a stiff object wrapped in a piece of cloth. “I think I’ve got something.”

“What?” Sam moves to your side, bending down in the dim light. You unwrap a old, silk scarf to reveal a slim pink vibrator. Sam chuckles and you immediately scowl and re-wrap it. “I was thinking something more ancient artifact, less sex toy.”

“Shut up.” You hiss, placing it back where you found it. “I need a flashlight or something. We should come back when they’re not home.”

“Hello? Sam? Y/N?” You hear a faint voice coming down the hallway.

“Laura’s coming.” You murmur shoving the drawer closed.

“Shit, come here” Sam grabs you by the waist and before you have a chance to protest he lifts you up so you’re sitting on the edge of the dresser.

“What are you doing?” You gasp as he spreads your knees, nudging between your legs, yanking his neatly tucked shirt out of his pants.

“Cover story, I had a few too many glasses of wine and I wanted to fool around with my wife.” He shrugs as his mouth closes over yours. Any ounce of protest you had melts away and his tongue dips past your lips. He combs fingers into your hair, grabbing a fist full as his other hand slides up under your dress, bunching the material around your hips. He pulls you forward, his groin flush with your pelvis.

What come next is completely involuntary. You push your body into his, grinding into the crotch of his khakis, A wanton moan slips from your mouth and slides into his. His lips head south, traveling down your neck where he stops to suck at your collarbone as you gasp.

The overhead light flips on as you hear Laura’s shocked voice ripping you from the moment “Oh my God!”


Archaeological Museum of Heraklion:

The “Draughtboard” (Ζατρίκιο)

A board game inlaid with ivory, blue glass and rock crystal, plated with gold and silver. Four large, conical ivory, game-pieces correspond to the circular areas of the “Draughtboard”. This is a particularly complex and luxurious artefact, which bears witness to the high standard of living in the palace, and the artistic capabilities of knossian workshops. Similar, simpler objects have been found in Egypt and the East.

Palace of Knossos (1700-1450 B.C) 


It’s Toy Time Tuesday!
With…Fashion Star Fillies Royal Beauty Cleo!
Cleo is the third Royal Beauty. (So now, all of them have been shown here) She is (of course) from Egypt…but is she from…Ancient Egypt? It doesn’t really say. As you can see here from her wide neck and interesting face, she is in their Lipizzaner horse mold. (Why, I’m not real sure because there are probably a type of horse who did live there,while Lipizzaner is pretty sure to not)
She’s lovely & pretty wild with her bright leopard spots, gold lines & cheek accents. What really adds serious good design & interest is the touch of surprising blue! Her hooves & nose are powder blue, which is really unexpected, but goes very far to complete her look. Her hair is a purple & blue mix. However, the mane is fairly thin, especially compared with the thick, luxurious manes of the early FSFs. (Like Chloe) 
She is supposed to have a “tail skirt” which is a round flat thing that lays around the tail, but on the butt. It was modeled after “Usekh” which is an ancient Egypt human shoulder collar. She’s also supposed to have a Pharo Crown with a ‘cobra like’ fabric/shiny gold thing on it.  The cobra crown “Uraeus” was only for royalty, so it fits this “Royal Beauty”. The 4 gold bracelets/anklets are original. 
The Royal Beauties are each so lovely & strikingly different! They are costly though, especially by now. However, with such attention to detail & unique fantasy style, they’re well worth while.

Thoughts on rewatching SGA 1x03 Hide and Seek
  • How have the 10,000 year old dead plants not rotted away?
  • Rodney and John are adorable together when testing the shield

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  • John thinks that horror movies provide suitable tales for small children at bedtime. This leaves me with questions about his upbringing.
  • Sheppard doesn’t want McKay to know he’s been dissing ice hockey. Is this cos he’s worried about what McKay may do for revenge, or cos he thinks it will stop him getting in McKay’s pants?
  • Is AR1 watching the Hail Mary Pass together where the team movie night trope in SGA fic comes from?
  • John has seen a large nuclear explosion. I want details!
  • Rodney wastes coffee to test whether he can eat or drink with the shield on. He. Wastes. Coffee.
  • If the shield is coded to the user, how did John manage to use Lucius’ shield in 3x13 Irresponsible.

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  • The ancients offbuggered from Pegasus and just left their science experiments hanging around? No wonder the energy cloud was pissed off. I’m frankly surprised people still believed in the ancients as a force for good after this episode. AFAICT most of SGA is a litany of their utter failure to take responsibility for their own shit.
  • Rodney is terrified of the pegasus galaxy but went anyway.
  • Rodney was terrified of the energy cloud but went in to it anyway.

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  • Rodney wasted coffee.
Essential Avengers: Avengers #129: Bid Tomorrow Goodbye!

November, 1974


Or maybe its just symbolic.

So last time: Well Scarlet Witch beat Necrodamus and there was a lot of relationship drama but the relevant information is that a star appeared above Avengers Mansion and then Kang showed up, ready and raring to be the worst.

He is at least kind enough to do a title drop in his little introductory spiel.

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