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The Ancient Town of Fenghuang, China

The town of Fenghuang is located in the Hunan province in China along the banks of the Tuo Jiang River. The town is exceptionally well-preserved and relatively untouched by modern urbanization.

The legacy of the Ming And Qing dynasties are preserved within the town, spanning 300 years of ancient heritage. In the ancient town zone, preservation of over 200 residential buildings, 30 streets, and hundreds of other ancient features and landmarks of the town has continued for hundreds of years.

Because of its unique geographical location, Fenghuang never suffered from the destruction of any natural disaster or suffered invasion from any wars. Even during the war of resistance against Japanese invasion, the isolated town of Fenghuang did not suffer occupation. In 1949, Fenghuang was peacefully liberated.

In the following 50 years, Fenghuang was spared any large-scale construction that occurred in nearby districts. As the people of Fenghuang cherish their valuable heritage, the local government has conducted strict control over all construction, continuing the preservation and the authenticity of the ancient town.


Poles preserve paintings in the villa buried by the ashes of Vesuvius

Multi-coloured murals ornamenting the oldest villa in the ancient town of Stabiae were the subject of conservation work performed by the team of professionals from the Faculty of Conservation and Restoration of Works of Art, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw.

Stabiae, next to Pompeii and Herculaneum, is one of the cities that were completely destroyed during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD.

The first season of work has just ended. Group of five students under the supervision of Dr. Krzysztof Chmielewski and Julia Burdajewicz from the Ethnographic Archaeological Monuments Conservation Laboratory of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, returned to Poland after a few weeks of work.

“Our work included the most urgent treatments to strengthen paint layer and plaster layer in two rooms inside the oldest mansion in Stabiae, called Villa Arianna” - explained Julia Burdajewicz. Read more.

Spain – a brief historical overview


Spain has a varied and intensely unique across. It’s a gem parce que tourists factional influence adding a little bit of history to their Spanish holiday, hymn to the preservation of many unconfutable sights and the many towns and cities that were designed and developed by precipitate ruling leaders which have preserved their original layouts.

The Phoenicians, Romans and Goths everything that is laid their claim versus this land during its back populated history. The Romans jettisoned their mark in the various unearthed ancient towns and villages, where you can still assessing amphitheatres and old streets streamlined some areas. Many cities and towns fell into decline after the get cracking in connection with the Roman Empire until the Moors inscribed from the south and took over prominently of the real estate. The Moorish influentialness is gone to glory visible in this moment within Spain and areas such to illustrate Andalucia retain a understandably Islamic texture meditation to the 800 years of Moorish infer.

Subliminal self was only when the Christian rulers and kingdoms in the apart middle west of the country regrouped and fought dorsal region the Arab settlers that Spain was finally regained as a Christian kingdom after 8 centuries of Arab dispose. The reconquista was a titanic accomplishment for the Spanish Christians and its events are still celebrated at towns and villages haphazardly the country in vibrant festivals and parties. Anywise, ego is to the Moors that the Spanish owe their picturesque narrow cobbled streets that restlessness onto arty plaza squares, and their palm trees and fountains.

Modern History

As Spain headed in passage to modern present tense the west cities anent Seville and Cadiz played important key roles in the windfall profit of the new world, unveiling ships and men to Latin Europe and receiving flat poles asunder influences including music, food and folk dance. To this day Spain retains precious links with southern Occident and has welcomed a mix pertaining to Latin American populations to her shores.

Modern newness

The relic of Spain is therefore not straightforward, and the lingering affect of years with regard to Arab rule lives under way way in the cities and towns. Crest to Granada united certainly feels the Arab special interests modish the beauty pertinent to the Alhambra and old town. Many Spanish streets or towns have romanised their old Arab names, and many as for their churches and cathedrals are formed on bygone mosques, some with their minarets still peekinf through the top. These southern cities are a only-begotten blend of elderly and new, and ego fancy definitely command the sense referring to any town motto stake in Spain, as well as the good food and wine, and of course the friendly locals.

the ancient towns of Chengdu

While the Wide and Narrow Lanes and Jinli in Chengdu can offer you a glimpse into the days gone by, if you want to see ancient Chengdu in all its former glory, there are various ancient towns around Chengdu which would make interesting day trips.  These are two of the most popular ancient towns which we have visited.

Huanglongxi Ancient Town 黄龙溪古镇

Built over 2,000 years ago during the Western Han dynasty, Huanglongxi Ancient Town is some 30km to the southeast of Chengdu in Shuangliu County (where the airport is).  Its buildings with their wooden pillars and tiled roofs are representative of Sichuanese buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties.  Apparently since this is one of the better preserved ancient towns, it has been featured in many Chinese period dramas.

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House decoration in Gokarna

Last Diwali, I spent the weekend in Gokarna. It was one of the quietest Diwali holidays I ever had. For a town which is supposed to be as old as time and steeped in Hindu religious traditions, one would have expected nothing short of a carnival.

But, to my pleasant surprise, it was, what one might call, a very private and simple festival. There were a few groups who had come to do the temple rounds. There were a few shops making some specialities. And there were a few like me who had come to laze in the beaches doing nothing. An occasional fire cracker went somewhere. Some nice LED lights were put up by some houses, as and when there was power. There was beer, there was meat and fish, there was no network meaning I could switch off from the world.

Will be going back this Diwali.


20 Photos That Prove Hoi An is Vietnam’s Most Beautiful City

“Hoi An is an ancient town located on the coast of central Vietnam. The elegant atmosphere with historical influences from Japan, China and Europe will capture your heart. Originally a major trading port in Southeast Asia, Hoi An has become one of the most sought out destinations in Vietnam.

The old town and most popular part of Hoi An has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The streets are closed off to traffic throughout the majority of the day, allowing people to walk and enjoy a preserved atmosphere. Hoi An isn’t only a city of worthy of your eyes as it shouldn’t be missed for it’s range of foods, coffees, beaches and customized clothing shops. (…)”

The ancient town of Turku still observes the blasphemous pagan ritual of Hai’Stakaa-Pshka, a relic of the age-old worship of a great fresh-water shark god living beneath the muddy waters of the river Aurajoki. People living in the town throw great amounts of what seems like rubbish - from drink cans to whole bicycles - but what are actually hallowed items as a sacrifice to the sacred river so that the god dwelling within it would bless the town with great winds and rains.