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Admiral Konstantine, deploy your fleet to these coordinates

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As guides for their daily lives, Ancient civilizations looked to the heavens. They attributed many things to the celestial Stars, including their knowledge about those who came from the different star systems. They are aware that their ancestors lived in the heavens and descended to the planet bringing messages of teaching or warnings of disasters.

These civilizations communicated with their ancestors through meditation and dreamtime. They know that the ancestors will one day return.

Native Americans were guided by the constellations and created ancient star maps. They knew that beyond them was the sky and that beyond the sky were dimensional portals or sky holes.

A Native American legend ties the Pleiades to the home of a Saviour. There are some who believe that all tribes in North America came from the Pleiades and that they are actually descendants and had been given a task by the Pleiadians to keep the Earth safe.

- Early Dakota stories speak of the Tiyami home of the ancestors as being the Pleiades and that when you die your spirit returns south to the seven sisters.

- Navajo named the Pleiades the ‘Sparkling Suns’ or the ‘Delyahey’, the home of the ‘Black God’.

- Iroquois pray to them for happiness.

- Cree speaks of their people coming to Earth from the seven stars in spirit form first and then became flesh and blood.

- Hopi – called the Pleiadians the ‘Chuhukon’, meaning those who cling together. They considered themselves direct descendants of the Pleiadians.

- Paraguay – The Abipones tribe worshipped them as their ancestors.

-Inca – called the Pleiades ‘Seed Scatterer’ or ‘Sower’


The Time Temple is an alignment code, witness the wisdom of #Thoth. the #Giza plateau his architectural masterpiece on earth. Thoth built the Great Pyramid and designed the layout of smaller pyramids and temples that gives it a perfectly matched scale diagram of our solar system. The map is a perfect match right down to the astronomical units(au) which tells you the distance each planet from the sun and one another. Their orders are precise and the planet sizes are perfect scale relative to the pyramid or temple on the diagram. Watch the full video from 4biddenKnowledge and witness the wisdom of Thoth the #Atlantean and his handiwork.

Step 1, line up with the Eastern edge of the 1st pyramid.

Step 2, a line up the corners of the 1st and 2nd pyramid.

Step 3, line up with the Northern edge of the 3rd pyramid.

Step 4, line up parallel to the step three.

Step 5, line up parallel to the step one.

Step 6, line up the corners of the 2nd and 3rd pyramid.

Step 7, line up with the Northern edge of the 2nd pyramid.

Step 8, line up the corners of the 2nd pyramid and the rectangle.

Step 9, line up the corners of the 2nd and 3rd pyramid.

Step 10, line up the corners of the rectangle.

Step 11, line up with the Eastern edge of the 3rd pyramid.

Step 12, line up with the Southern edge of the 1st pyramid.

Step 13, line up with the Northern edge of the 1st pyramid.

Step 14, cross the diagonal of the rectangle at the vertical.

Mark the time positions and orbits. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, The Sun. Compare this to our modern version of inner orbits to scale. Flip horizontal to view from the other side. Now, rotate 107.7 degrees, mark the major axis of Mars’ orbit, mark the major axis of Mercury’s orbit, merge visible. You have an ancient star map that matches today’s modern model of our inner solar system.
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The Jedi Civil War:

The Jedi Civil War, also known as the Second Sith War, the Old Republic Insurrection, and by the Mandalorians as the War of the Star Forge, was a devastating conflict that began when the Jedi Knight Revan, who had led the forces of the Galactic Republic to victory in the Mandalorian Wars, founded his own Sith Empire and declared himself the Dark Lord of the Sith. The war began when he, along with his friend and apprentice Darth Malak, led an invasion of the Galactic Republic in the year 3958 BBY. With the aid of veterans from the Mandalorian Wars and a host of Dark Jedi converts that had served with them, the former Jedi hoped to take over the Republic in anticipation of a greater threat posed by a Sith Empire that lurked within the Unknown Regions of the galaxy.

During the war, Darth Revan brought the Republic to its knees and nearly succeeded in conquering it, however, a trap set by the Jedi and unwittingly abetted by Malak left him comatose, with his mind nearly destroyed. Barely alive, he was taken from the wreckage by the Jedi Knight Bastila Shan, whose skills in battle meditation and the Force had allowed the mission to happen. Taken to the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine, Revan was healed by the Jedi Council and reprogrammed to believe that he was an agent loyal to the Republic. Revan was assigned under the command of Shan, who was then placed aboard the Endar Spire. In 3956 BBY, with the intention of drawing out Revan’s fragmented memories of the Star Forge, the vast space station that was the source of the seemingly endless resources of the Sith, he was taken to the ecumenopolis of Taris where a Sith fleet under the direct command of Malak was waiting in ambush.

Eventually escaping from Taris, Revan, along with Shan, the Republic commander Carth Onasi, and several others, fled to the Dantooine Academy, where the Jedi Masters there retrained him. After several weeks, the Dantooine Council sent him and the crew of the Ebon Hawk back out into the wider galaxy to track down the Star Forge’s location, at the heart of the ancient Infinite Empire of the Rakata. Later, after a number of ancient Star Maps had been uncovered, Malak led an attack against the Enclave, devastating it and further crippling the Jedi Order. After finding the last Star Map and, from it, deducing the location of the Rakatan homeworld, Revan, the Jedi, and the Republic launched the war’s final battle. Revan vanquished Malak aboard the Star Forge, and the Republic successfully routed the Sith forces. With Malak dead, the Star Forge destroyed, and the Sith fleet scattered and defeated, the long and costly war came to an end.