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Anabasis adventures: SNOW

Previously on the Anabasis:

Xenophon joined an expedition to help Prince Cyrus overthrow his brother, the King of Persia. That went extremely wrong when Cyrus died in the first battle, and got worse when the Persians murdered all the surviving Greek commanders. Xenophon went from obscure hanger-on to second-in-command of an army of ten thousand, and the Greeks set out for home, heading north first through hundreds of miles of Persian territory pursued by an angry Persian army, and then through the unconquered mountains of Kurdistan where the warlike locals were not happy to see them.

At last the Greeks have escaped the slings and arrows of the Carduchi tribesmen and crossed the river into Armenia. All they have to do now is get to the Black Sea!

…past the new angry Persian army that was waiting for them on the other riverbank.

Oh, and it’s winter.

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New Dead Sea Scrolls cave discovered - BBC News
It is the first such discovery in decades of a cave which housed the famous relics.

A 12th cave containing Dead Sea Scrolls has been discovered! The team excavating the cave was led by Dr Oren Gutfeld and Ahiad Ovadia, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, with Dr Randall Price and students from Liberty University in Virginia.