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Hili :) Can you write andreil 81 for the prompts please? Thank you <3

81: “You’re too good for this world.” okay…. I technically didn’t do this exact prompt, I took off the last word, I hope this suffices my friend, bc it’s actually:

“You’re too good for this.”

The problem with living in a fortress of knives and anonymity is that Neil can’t find him in it. And the problem with that is that a treacherous part of Andrew wants to be found, and touched, and dismantled blade by blade.

The problem with knives is that they won’t stop terrifying Neil, but they won’t stop feeling sure and righteous in Andrew’s palm.

The problem is Neil, a taste Andrew can’t completely swallow.

He puts Renee’s knives in Neil’s safe and Neil says all sorts of sticky emotional things like they’re taking part in some sort of ceremony. Andrew clicks the lock and climbs on top of Neil so he’ll stop thinking, pocketing his ‘yes’ as he goes.

It’s not just that he does what Neil asks, anymore. He tries to do things for him before he can ask for them. He tries to make things happen that he knows Neil doesn’t have words for.

He keeps one knife for himself, and he knows Neil knows about it, because he hands Andrew his armbands some mornings, and the weight is there in his palms.

Sometimes, that weight is the only way to get through the day without his head and throat pounding.

Sometimes Neil jerks awake and thrusts his hand under the pillow, and Andrew has to pry his wrists away. Neil knows protection, so he understands the slim line of a blade at his forearm is to Andrew what Andrew is to Neil.

But Andrew can tell that it bothers him, to have a knife buried in something that matters to him. He sees wintery metal in the shade of Neil’s eyes, and Andrew knows he’s condemning him to a future that looks like his past.

Still, the knife is just a talisman. Andrew is the weapon.

Before an afternoon practice sometime in the middle of the rush towards winter, Jack is the target.

They get to the court early because Neil only has morning classes. He’s always antsy by the time Andrew gets back to the dorm, insufferable and single-minded.

Andrew parks, Neil enters the code to the side door, their runners squeak against the sleek hall floors, and they split up at the locker room. Rinse and repeat. So many times a week that Andrew would feel the monotony in his teeth if it weren’t for Neil darting into side rooms or slipping on floor wax or doubling back to run in the rain, unpredictable as a lightning bolt.

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Setting Aesthetics for the Types

Based on people I know, stereotypes, and cognitive functions.

ENTP: A comic book store. The International Space Station. Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park.
INTP: A museum at night. The Space Needle in Seattle. A telescope on an apartment rooftop.
ENTJ: A game of chess in the park. Pike’s Peak. The head of a long dining table at Thanksgiving.
INTJ: Physics and chemistry laboratories. Secret passageways in old buildings. A sealed vault.
ENFP: A poetry slam. Ancient Aztec ruins. A room full of decorative, metal-framed mirrors.
INFP: A window seat in a library. A small countryside chapel with stained glass windows. A canopy bed in a cluttered bedroom.
ENFJ: Making snow angels in a park. A birthday party with lots of balloons. A pay-per-view telescope at the beach.
INFJ: The Notre Dame Cathedral. Cloud watching on a grassy knoll. Watching the roe deer in the Hallerbos forest in Belgium.
ESTP: An arcade. Hang gliding over the Grand Canyon. Labeling arteries in a cadaver lab.
ISTP: On a motorcycle in the city at night. Sheer cliffs with waterfalls. Jigsaw puzzles by the fireplace.
ESTJ: The labyrinth of Versailles. Rehearsing in an empty auditorium. The top of the Statue of Liberty.
ISTJ: A subway station early in the morning. The archives of the Library of Congress. A well-worn path through twisted woods.
ESFP: Snorkeling at a coral reef. Fashion week in New York. A performance of Shakespeare at The Globe Theater.
ISFP: Botanical gardens. A blanket fort in the attic. The Santa Maria Cathedral in Florence, Italy.
ESFJ: A picnic in a park with kites. A bustling marketplace with fresh food and flowers. Feeding lorikeets at an aviary.
ISFJ: A petting zoo with baby goats. A meadow of wildflowers as far as the eye can see. Studying at a familiar coffee shop with a house band.

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Any chance we can get some Anabasis or DAV in celebration of Triduum/Holy Week?

Late reply is super late, but better than never I hope.

I’m working on the next DAV fic which would actually be a perfect fit for the Passover / Easter season, with its focus on themes of liberation, but it is, alas, not finished yet.

So in lieu of that (and by way of apology for being gone so long), here’s a snippet of Anabasis.

This one is pretty spoilery, tbh. But Holy Week for me is all about liberation and new life, and this part of the story is definitely that. So when I finally publish the whole of Anabasis, you all can pretend to be surprised…

[In which Anakin finds Palpatine’s collection of Sith holocrons…]


The place was dim and musty, and it clanged with the distant echoes of crumbling old machinery. Padmé’s hand drifted uneasily and came to rest on the blaster at her hip. Just in case.

The door Dinsa had stopped before was the seventeenth in a line of identical doors, each unmarked and wholly unremarkable, the sort that might be found in any number of abandoned factories or warehouses in the Works.

But Padmé didn’t fail to notice the way Dinsa stood well back from the door, or the way she and Sabé watched Anakin closely, alert and ready for any sudden directive. Anakin himself was focused intently, seemingly unaware of anyone else around him. Padmé shifted from foot to foot, watching him stand perfectly still, watching the light of memory burn in his eyes.

“Anakin?” she whispered, hesitating only a moment before placing a hand on his shoulder. Warmth bled through his clothing and into her skin.

He blinked slowly, just once, then turned from the door to face her. His mouth curled, far too vicious to be called a smile.

“This is the place,” he said. “I can feel it.”

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Originally posted by carezero

Pairing: Maknae line x Reader

Genre: Wonderland!Au / Angst / Smut / Drabble series

Rated T for mentions of drugs, madness and mature themes

Word count: 4.7k

Synopsis: It took Y/n months - years. Infinite days of searching, of wondering, of grasping to the tiny, fragile hope of not being crazy as everyone said.

(But, really, who isn’t a child of madness in this world?)

And, finally, she found it: the key to open the gates to Wonderland. So, with a smile curling her lips and liquid danger between her fingers, the girl gladly fell once again.      

Author’s note: So, dunno what this thing is, an experiment, maybe. Hope you’ll enjoy this darkish lil series (but I swear this has some kind of sense in my mind).

Prelude // part 1 // part 2

Part one – the Cat

                                     “Well! I’ve often seen a cat without a grin,’ thought Alice

          ‘but a grin without a cat! It’s the most curious thing I ever saw in my life!” 

Grass tickles on her check, over her lips, and suddenly the girl’s lashes flutter open.

She leans on her palms as the legs fold under the bluish skirt of her dress and her eyes try to adapt to the dusky light. In the tilting of her head, fair hair slides along petite shoulders like silk, eliciting the tiniest of shivers on her spine: the twilight air is cold, and the starlit strands over the bare skin only enhance the chilly sensation.

It’s not exactly unpleasant, though.  

The girl raises on her feet, and her head spins a bit once she stands tall under the crescent moon; one hand flies to the left side of her forehead, palm pressing down to attenuate the low pulsing in her temple.

Where am I?

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Sex Dreams (L/J)

A/N: Lily has a sex dream about James. Shenanigans ensue.

Lily wakes with a start, sweaty and flushed, and immediately her insides twist horribly. “Bollocks,” she says, squeezing her eyes shut as though she can mentally wipe away all memory of the dream she’s just awoken from.

“Everything all right, love?” Marlene, one of her fellow seventh years, calls from the bathroom. Lily jumps, unaware she’d spoken out loud before.

“Erm, yes,” she calls back. Moments later, Lily starts again as Marlene’s blonde head appears between her bed curtains.

“Doesn’t sound like it,” Marlene says pleasantly. Eyes flicking over Lily’s pink cheeks, she cocks her head to one side. “Bad dream?”

“Something like that,” Lily mutters, shooing Marlene away as she pulls back the curtains and swings her legs over the side of the bed. Marlene crosses her arms and raises her eyebrows expectantly, but Lily just shakes her head. “I’m late for Transfiguration.”

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The Story of Us

Prologue || 

✮ Chapter One: The Weekend ✮

Word Count: 3055

✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮ ✮

Friday evening 

If there was any part of Riley that thought her parents were using the ‘sending her away’ argument as an empty threat again that’s certainly not the case anymore as Riley sulks at the back of a bus as it leaves the airport she just arrived at.

The worst part about it was that Riley was packed and sent off in a matter of days. Part of the punishment was that Riley wasn’t even allowed to see her friends before she left.

With her head resting against the glass window Riley stares out and watches as the view fades from city to country and if she wasn’t so bitter about the forced lifestyle change then she might of actually enjoyed the scenic drive.

The bus pulls into the station - if you could call an old wooden bench with a sign that reads ‘bus station’ a station. Riley gets off the bus with her duffle bag slung over her shoulder. When her feet hit the dirt road beneath her Riley sees nothing but trees and wide open fields. Awkwardly she stands there not knowing what to do but once the bus pulls away Riley spots a hardened looking man resting again a car just up the road. With a heavy sigh she treks over to him.

“Riley,” He nods once she approaches.

Grandpa,” Riley says in a mock excited voice.

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okay so headcanons? I love headcanons.

  • Keith snores in his sleep. Lance discovered it once when we couldn’t sleep and he was surprised as hell. He never told him.
  •  Hunk is famous for his cookies in the entire Garrison, and he often made money from them (but he was always sad when he had to sell them)
  • No one has ever seen Pidge’s favorite clothes. She kept them into her wardrobe and never had the chance to expose her wearing them. (it’s a suit she bought for her).
  • Keith and Allura talk a lot when they come back from a mission. Usually they’d talk strategies but they quickly switch to another subject.
  • their favorite one is, Hunk
  •  It’s a common thing that Coran would gather everyone in a room every sunday for the relaxing moment of the week. They don’t actually know if it’s really sunday but they just count the vargas to add up to a full week and they say it’s sunday
  • ^also they have different activities: spa, making straps, music + listening to stories that Shiro tell
  • Shiro has a deep voice and he imitates every character in the little alteans children books he found in the Castle. It makes the paladins laugh so much and sometimes Pidge joins him
  • The Castle has a full room of ancient parchments that tells the story of the alteans so far. Pidge once discovered Coran writing their adventures and since that, they both write it and they made some great memories
  • The library of the Castle is also full : Lance found it by error and he sneaks up some nights to just. Spend time alone with books. Nothing else
  • Keith is in dire need of posters and decorations in his room. He always wanted to decorate it but he never had the chance to pick things from others planets. His room back on Earth was full of decorations
  • Shiro is really bad at cooking and during one baking session with Hunk and Allura, he burnt something looking like fries. Best part is, it was tasting better than the correct baking time. + Allura doesn’t know cooking too
  • Nobody believes Lance about The True Recipe™ of the Paella
  • When Lance piloted Blue first, his first thought was “man, I hope I can bring this home”
  • Whenever Keith feels down, and he’s fine with everyone knowing this, Pidge would show up in his room at night and they’d talk video games for hours. As Keith doesn’t know anything about them, Pidge tells him everything she knows.
  • Hunk has the deepest passion for MMA. He grew up watching a lot of matches and trained to be a catcher, but he preferred to go into the Garrison
  • Pidge and Keith share a love for chocolate, they love black chocolate and tasted various kinds of chocolates
  • All the Voltron squad is ready to do some experiments about space things such as: pouring alien liquids on alien rocks, tasting the local food, taking some plants and seeing how long they take to fade
  • ^whenever one of these plants looks great, Keith would take them into his room
  • Pidge would code everything thanks to the Olkari’s method
  • Also, she made another Olkari flying cube for Coran when had to trade his first one
  • Lance stays up all night when one of the paladins is ill (same for Coran and Allura). he always change the wet towels, take their temperature and whispers nice things to them, like how much they’re gorgeous, only so they can be happy. And when he’s the one ill, every other paladin would check on him frequently.

I don’t know how these appeared but I like them hehe, such innocent paladins,,,,, I don’t know whether to cry or laugh tbh

The Secret of The Ancient Maze

While secret angels watch my steps 
I walk inside a maze at night
I`ve heard about an ancient myth
excitement grows, so I turn right

I find small cracks in glossy walls
the maze it lights all by itself
how could this be? Inside this cleft?
I walk and wonder, then turn left.

No, right it was, or how was this?
I get confused by all this “same”, 
all cracked up walls, although in light
I start to feel the loss of bliss.

How could I think that this was smart!
Or wait a minute - never did,
just heard this myth and wanted more,
it speaked all clear and bright to heart.

And now, the longest passageway, 
in endless steps I walk again
and maybe now I wished I stayed
in velvet bed, escaped from rain.

But here I am, oh well I might 
as well begin to find the trail
I dreamt of clouds and ancient arts
and in this room: I found The Grail.

But now I heard this strangest noise
a growl or something from within
it was like screams from forest depths
and I`m quite sure it`s not my kin.

I want to turn, to go back home,
but all behind me stops to glow
It`s like I need to see and choose
what`s done is done, and now I know. 

So choice is made, I have to walk
towards this creature in the night
although the screams get to my bones,
I walk with safe and loving light.

Oh my, these walls! But finally!
I get to see an end in sight,
and now, this ends quite frightfully
my meeting with the darkest night.

And there it is, this beast of old
it searches in the open air
a beast like this with feet of mold
with dirty, smelly, ugly hair.

It senses me, yes this I see,
but now it`s quiet as myself
it`s like it asks me of my plea
it hurts and cries - like inner self.

At end I dare to get it close, 
it`s blind, it doesn`t see me there,
but oh, it senses and it knows
and in its eye I see a tear. 

I touch its head, and then I feel,
this growling deep inside of me
a sorrow lost, I need to kneel
I need to set this feeling free.

And now the beast, it starts to glow,
its eyes can see the sights again,
and I feel inner peace and flow
and heavy, healing, pouring rain.

The secret angels reappear
and give me smiles of warmth and love
they free the beast from chain and snare
and then return back to above.

At last I stand, alone in maze
I thought was meant for Holy Grail
but all was test of inner praise
of mind and body, although frail.

The Secret of The Ancient Maze
poetry prompt #daretowrite @inkstay, “lost in a maze”

Home (Sirius Black Oneshot)

I wasn’t planning on posting this now but then I reached a thousand followers!! Woop!

Anyway, this is super, super long, but I’m actually really proud of the way it came together. I hope you guys like it and I’d love it if you could reblog!

Much love! X

Requested by potterheaded-demigod. Hope you enjoy!

“Sirius?” Harry asked his godfather, quietly, as he fingered the golden crest of the dresser they were meant to be cleaning. Molly had only just finished getting rid of the Doxy’s that resided in the library of Grimmauld Place, and now it was Sirius and Harry’s job to scrub down the ancient room until it looked ‘spick and span’, according to the motherly witch.

“Mhmm?” The older man replied, not taking his eyes of the task at hand.

“I, er… I was just…” Harry took a deep breath, flattening his fringe to his forehead like he always did when he was nervous. “… have you ever been in… in love?”

Sirius let out a bark-like laugh and glanced down at his godson: the amusement clear in his eyes. “Merlin’s beard, Harry… why on earth do you ask that?” A small crease had appeared in his forehead, Harry noticed, as the layer of dust coating the dresser vanished with a wave of his wand.

“Well, I…” muttered Harry, his cheeks going the same shade as Ron’s ears. “I don’t know. I suppose I was just curious.”

The truth was, Harry sometimes felt, although he loved Sirius dearly, he didn’t really know much about his only remaining family member.

Understanding leaked into Sirius’s eyes, and he nodded firmly. “Right. Of course. Of course you should be curious. I mean, it’s not like you have other people to talk to about…” He glanced at the boy. “Right. You should know these things.” Sirius brow furrowed for a moment, and he got a faraway look in his eyes. For a moment, Harry thought he could see a glimmer of something in them- he wasn’t sure what it was- but then his godfather blinked and it was gone. If there was one thing Sirius was good at, it was hiding what he felt, Harry thought. But then the said man smiled down at Harry, his eyes twinkling.

“Well, I suppose… there was one girl…”

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Magnetic Chapter 4: Getting Comfortable

Dean Winchester x Reader

1200 Words

Chapter Summary: After an awkward breakfast with Dean, you return to your room, only for more awkwardness with Dean to continue.

Story Summary:  After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Catch Up Here: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

After the awkward breakfast encounter, you had quickly made your way back to your room, bringing your slice of toast, along with a full cup of coffee along with you. Sam was still no where to be found, and you thought it was kind of interesting that for a hunter he was sure sleeping in late.

Shutting your door, you quickly turned on your music player, drowning out the silence with your favorite songs playing in the background. It was an eclectic mixture of music, songs that you had danced along to in high school, songs that you liked now, along with those songs that reminded you of your parents and the music they loved. Right now Simple Man was playing, your Dad’s all time favorite song. He would hum this song no matter what he was doing, working on his car, cooking you breakfast, it was his comfort song, and now it was yours.

Crunching on your toast, you considered how much your life had changed in such a short amount of time. Just a couple of days ago, you were sitting in a bar, no family, no friends or acquaintances in your life at all. You lived out of motels, with greasy food upsetting your stomach on a nightly basis. Now, here you were, in your own room, with a huge library just beyond, and a couple of guys who had taken you in. And while Dean was still a little stand offish and rude, Sam was being extremely kind and helpful. And you weren’t used to it, at all. You were used to men who wanted you for nothing more than a quick lay, men who started off as sweet, but as the night rolled on showed their true colors, and you would end up going home alone.

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