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Legend has it that in medieval times, a knight and his lady were walking along the side of a river. He picked a posy of flowers, but because of the weight of his armour he fell into the river. As he was drowning he threw the posy to his loved one and shouted “forget me not”. It was often worn by ladies as a sign of faithfulness and enduring love.

Mansplaining: an illustration
  • My male coworker, a lifelong busboy who flunked out of college: Hey, you're a linguistics major. Do you know why villa and villain come from the same root?
  • Me: Yeah, there was what's known as a semantic shift-
  • Male coworker: No, it wasn't a semantic shift. You see, back in the Roman empire, a villa was a large home out in the countryside.
  • Me: I know what a villa is.
  • Male coworker: And people from villas were known as villains...
  • Me: Like I said, I know the history of the word villain.
  • Him: *no acknowledgement* ...and people from the city thought that people who lived out in the countryside were strange, so over time...
  • Me: semantic shift
  • Him: The word villain came to mean someone who was suspicious or dangerous.
  • Me: Yeah, I know.
  • Him: Huh, I guess it was kind of a semantic shift. Anyway, now you know!
  • Me: Yep. Like. I. Said.

rick riordan: here look at these two teen girls that i intentionally paralleled to one of the most iconic gay romances in ancient history!!!

the straights: ….anyway

This is my submission to the character design challenge for this month :>

He’s the knight of cups known as the adventurous romantic. I based him off the ancient roman myth “Pyrame and Thisbe”

Also this drawing took so long so I’m going to point out every symbolic detail so that I feel better about myself:

- Of course on his shoulders is the lion who Pyrame thought killed Thisbe
- His cape has his one true love on it
- The veil around his hips is the one Thisbe dropped in front of the lion that got covered in blood
- His blue amour and the water in his cup symbolises the rivers that were named after them
- The cracks in the wall reference the crack they communicated through
- The blackberries in the corners and the red background allude to how the berries turned red from their blood

Now go forth Pyrame, and go find your beloved Thisbe!


Human Elias is soooo friggin’ cute! He’ll make a clumsy yet a doting husband for Chise!  ♥ ♡ ♥ ♡ ♥ 

– Mahou Tsukai no Yome (The Ancient Magus’ Bride) Episode 2 –

“Unexpected romance”  Ahkmenrah fanfic. Part 1/?

AN: Please bare with me! It has been a long time since I have written something like this. I will appreciate any sort of feedback; that is if I get any. Hopefuly you guys will like this :3

Fanfiction: Unexpected romance
Fandom: Night at the Museum
Pairing: Ahkmenrah/Original Character (Reader)
Rating: At this moment is is suitable for all ages, but at some point it mugh get rated.
Word count: 938

- - - -

The crisp autumn wind blew against and through your lovely hair, as you were making your way towards the Museum of national history. This was your first job actually related to your college degree – archaeology/Egyptology. Since the early age of eight you have fallen in love with this magnificent civilisation – the mummies, king Tut, the hieroglyphics; these things fascinated you and had drawn you to pursue a career as an expert on this matter. Due your evident qualifications and knowledge on ancient Egypt you have gotten this job pretty quickly.

A step by step you’ve entered the building by pushing the big door wide open. After taking a good look to your surrounding you have managed to notice a check out desk in the centre of the hall. Since you were of course nervous, you couldn’t help but have a bit shaky feet and continuously bite your lower lip. A lovely looking lady greeted you.   “Oh hello there sweetie, my name is Amy how may I help you?” The lady asked scrolling her eye sight all over your face before focusing on your eyes. After taking a deep breath and rubbing your forehead in slight worry you looked back towards her with a soft smile. “My name is ___ and I am here for this job as a researcher on the Egyptology department. “ You muttered slowly praying to God that you don’t appear as nervous as you feel.

“Yes yes! I have been noted about you, please” she said as she slowly exited the informational desk. “Follow me“The blond hair lady motioned you with her hand to come along with her through the lovely walls and things displayed at this institution. It kept reminding you of how much you love history and nature. Once passing through the elder cave men and skeletons display, along with some awkward silence she had led you to a pretty small but comfortable looking side room. The room seemed a bit depressing since all of the contains were either black or grey.  “I understand this is a bit confusing, but our boss Dr. McPhee is currently not at the museum he is on a really important seminar. And that is why I had brought you here. This is the backroom where you can, leave your belongings, have breaks, eat your lunch or dinner, depending on how long do you stay” she said eventually running out of breath and letting out a soft chuckle. “I must apologise I am usually really nervous whilst meeting new people.”

I couldn’t help but smile as a form of encouragement towards her. After all, I did felt the same. “I completely understand and don’t worry. I am nervous as well. But I am still looking forward to working here and meeting other employees. Hopefully they are interesting and nice as much as you are.” Amy smiled before holding both of your hands and shaking them. “I am looking forward to be working with you as well sweetie. If you do have any questions or confusions please feel free to talk to me, I will be where we met.” She smiled before leaving the room and leaving you on your own. You left your precious backpack on the comfortable looking sofa, tied your hair in a fluffy bun. Once recollecting your notes and equipment needed for your work you exited the room, making your way towards the Ancient Egypt section.  Now there you have already felt like home. You slide a pair of elastic gloves on your hands to avoid any unwanted contact with old fungus and began doing your research.

Without realisation, as you were researching the famous tablet of Ahkmenrah, you took a nap or two. Not that the research wasn’t interesting or anything, it was the room; pretty dark. Plus you had a really long day. In the middle of your third nap you had woken up to a strange light coming from the tablet. Your eyes had widened its triple size in realisation.  Before you knew you heard a lot of strange noises coming from the main hall.

In curiosity you’ve turned around to investigate. You could not believe your eyes. The big black jackals, the mummy’s guardians were moving and giving you strange looks. Since you were frightened you stood up almost dropping the tablet, looking around wondering what the hell are you supposed to do.  “Oh dear God, shit, oh what … holy shit.” You kept muttering under your breath. Then the least thing you expected happened. The mummy’s sarcophagus began to shake, The top was easily removed by someone or something that was inside making a huge loud thug noise.

Pretty much alive looking mummy sat up, turning his head to a new aura in the room. “Larry?” The alive corpse asked in a confusion before removing his linen sheets of his face revealing a head of a really handsome looking man in his early twenties.  

“You were in here the whole time?” You asked raising your voice a little bit. “You were here the entire time? How do you breathe? Why hadn’t anyone told me I was scared for life?” Your questions kept coming and coming at a person sitting in front of you. Speaking of him, he couldn’t help but laugh. /He is laughing at my suffering, he is laughing at my fear/ You kept thinking to yourself before hearing the man in front of you speak. “I apologise for my bad manners. My name is Ahkmenrah and this is my tomb. I have just came back to life, as I do, every day when the sun goes down.”

sarlyne  asked:

Your blogging today got me into looking up choice of games/ rpg text adventures and oooooh my god! :DDD I don't know where to start, there seem to be so many cool stories around!

They’re so great, aren’t they? :D  I loved choose-your-own-adventure gamebooks as a kid, and so you can imagine how delighted I was to come across Choice of Games. (also I really love that you can play as gay/straight/bi/pan/ace, and male/female/nonbinary; that you can make a character who looks like you and has the kind of relationships you would want to have.)

In terms of where to start, some of my favourites are:

- Choice of Broadsides: where you play a young midshipman or -woman in the Age of Sail, dealing with mutinous shipmates, incompetent seniors, the marriage market, those damned Frenchies, etc.  Sadly the ending I want, where you get to run off with your French frenemy and become lesbian privateers in the Caribbean, doesn’t seem to exist, but other than that it’s absolutely captivating.

- Affairs of the Court: about sleeping your way to the top and staying there in magical AU 16th-century Spain.  I’m not at all cut out for that sort of ruthless scheming, and found myself doing what I always complain about in bad historical fiction, i.e. wanting to marry for love rather than my family’s advancement, but it’s tremendously fun to see just how wicked you can be - and how much you can get away with.

- The Eagle’s Heir: steampunk Napoleonic intrigue, where you play the companion and bodyguard of Napoleon’s illegitimate son, and try to put him on the throne of France.  I really enjoy Jo Graham’s Numinous World writing, and am so glad to see that she’s done something for CoG.

- Choice of the Deathless: this is the one you liked the fanart of!  It’s secondary-world urban fantasy; you play a newly qualified corporate lawyer in a world where contracts bind with magic, where your clients and colleagues are wannabe-artist demons with beautiful voices and immortal wizards, where rats and ravens replace email and dreams/scrying videoconferencing, where HR literally want documents signed in blood and you literally owe law school your soul in student debt.  It’s really cute and imaginative and fun and has a love scene written entirely around the fact that the English language lacks a plural form of ‘you’.  And if you enjoy it, there’s a whole series of books - the Craft Sequence - set in the same universe! (start with Three Parts Dead, which takes another baby lawyer and throws her into a murder mystery involving a dead god.  You don’t have to read/play one to enjoy the other, but I find that the books make sense of the world, and the quieter, smaller game makes sense of the Craft.  and one of the game characters - your Draco Malfoy-esque rival Ashleigh Wakefield - appears in Four Roads Cross!)

But there are plenty of others I’d recommend, e.g. Creatures Such As We, Choice of the Dragon, Choice of Robots and Neighbourhood Necromancer. (you may have to be British to really get that last one, but I loved how perfectly it captures the smallminded dreariness of 80s suburbia.  Imagine Black Swan Green with added zombies, and that’s Neighbourhood Necromancer.)

Lastly, I also have to mention a couple of the ones in progress; When In Rome….. (which I’ve posted about here; basically you get to hang around with a very thinly-disguised Martial and write terrible poetry) and Guenevere, where you play the Queen and try to prevent the downfall of Camelot.  Everyone in it is so likeable and your choices genuinely make a difference to how they treat you; I can’t wait for more but am dreading the inevitable tragic ending.

#tagamemnon definitely needs to come together and write an ancient Rome-themed game, though.  perhaps something where you play a love elegist and try not to get yourself exiled??


Elias never understood Emotions, he needed proof. 


Not even a year ago did his eyes first meet Jade. The color of good fortune and luck, and oh, how those eyes reflect his future.

He understood none of it. There was a pulse that pounded in his chest. Like his rib cage would explode. Just from one set of eyes.

He reflected, he has always figured that his human side was dormant to any and all emotion, for it was all facts to him.

It seems that was not the case.

Those eyes and that heart made him feel. Something he thought would never happen in all the years he has wandered this earth.

Yet, there he was pining for her.

“You were different, until you… you became no different than him… a monster.”

His ribcage was about to explode- he was ‘upset’ but so much more than that. But it wasn’t to the redhead who screamed those words in desperation. It was to himself.

“I’ll take you to your other half” With the words of Titania; he shifted through time and space.

It was there Cartaphilus stood with his hands on Chise ready to grab her eye.

“Don’t you DARE.”

It was already too late, Chise was unconscious her screams of her mother in her slumber caused Elias to double over in pain.

“I just want to help the girl, a much better mean that you intended to do, you may be a wise and old Magus- but you let your human greed for her cloud your judgment.” He turned to the unconscious girl in front of him, “And right into the arm of your enemy, might I add.”

“Get your hands off of her!”

“Why, so you can sacrifice her little friend here? Isn’t that the reason why you look like that? Because she finally labeled you for what you are… a monster.”

“Enough! I may have broken our vow to find a way together, but I refuse to allow you to hurt her further. She’s my-“

“She’s my…”

“My… Bride.”

“I intend on extracting the dragon’s curse.” The alchemist stated bluntly. “I had so much fun toying with you, but I can see you want this experiment all to yourself. How about we play a little game?”

“No, not with Chise’s Life on the Line. I will not allow you to harm her.”

“I never said it would harm her we both being immortal can make this game quite interesting, if anything.”

“The loser gives their curse of immortality to the Briar Rose.”


Where am I?

The apartment felt much colder even with the light of the sun pouring in, and the air was stale despite the windows being open. Chise turned to the door and there, in the entryway was her mother.


And with her reaching out to the woman as she danced the curtains opened, appearing again in the entry way she realized that she was in hell on repeat.

“I never should have had you…”

‘Mother please…’

Stop… NO… Please.



Her sobs were vocal, ringing in his head like sirens begging for help.

If you can save her from her mind, I’ll let you win.

Elias appeared in Chise’s mind the way she saw him, and he was surprised. He was his typical everyday self, no human cloak or 9-foot towering form.

‘Chise!’ He walked in darkness for what felt like hours.  That was until he found a lit archway in the distance with a faded glow.

‘Chise!’ The sensation of being thrown into the room caught him by surprise, he glided into the room, grabbing on to the archway.

The scene before him made him relive the aching in his chest, watching the redhead hunched in front of a Television. Her eyes hollowed with an emotion he could understand as ‘sorrow’.

‘Chise… I’ve come to take you home.’

Screaming blared from the television, “GO AWAY YOU MONSTER!” She turned to him, reaching out for him. Her face stained with tears.


He had enough, watching her like this. He picked her up the same as every time before, but her body was limp and cold. He rushed to take her out of there. But once he stepped through the archway she disappeared from his grasp.


‘Enough!’ He turned to find Chise again in the same position before. His chest began to feel tight; miasma began to flow out from the set before him, surrounding her making her pale. With tears falling down her face, she looked to the half-fae being and pleaded, ‘ Please, you will be trapped too, I don’t want this for you- Elias… I lo-‘ Her voice broken and tender, Elias went to her side and held her against his chest.


‘I said enough!’ He faced the television, watching through Chise’s eyes the curse her mother bestowed upon the redhead. Hands bound around her throat, and the image of the woman disappearing from view. “I never should have had you…”

‘Chise,’ his voice soft and patient, ‘ I am here to help you. I realize I was a fool for the greed that I succumbed to. My jealousy, you called it, fueled by my fear of losing you. I made an idiotic decision; I now know why you see me as a monster. But I shall beg that you come to know that my chest aches unbearable pain to see you smile- accepting the fate that was given to you because of my actions I could not help you fast enough… or humane enough.”

‘Elias… I am sorry I should not have kept running off without you, I was just so shaken from how much desperation you had- that you were willing to sacrifice a life, both you and Ruth. I couldn’t trust you.’

‘It’s alright Chise, I understand. I am beginning to piece together more and more what humanity is.’ The static of the Television began to drown out. He nuzzled her head and held her tight. ‘I have quite the teacher.’

‘Elias, I love you.’

Well, well, well. What a game.

It looks like the Magus has earned your love, quite the fun game I must say.

Stir yourselves and welcome yourself back into the actual reality.

They opened their eyes, welcomed by the bitter cold and the same position as they were in Chise’s mind.

Before them standing, was the djin. Ashen Eye’s grin was both malicious and amused. Beside him both Ethan and Stella by his side but fading in and out of reality.

“Stella- Ethan!” Chise ran towards them, but the djin threw her back into the Magus’s arms.

A mere Parlor trick to get what the queen had wanted.

“What?” Chise looked at the Djin in confusion, but behind her, she could feel the anger emanating of her teacher’s form.

“We were tricked, Chise. We were manipulated. All of it was an illusion.” With those words, Chise felt tears flowing down her cheeks.

“Chise… I’m sorry.” Elias held her close, “These games, to toy with Chis-“

A gust of whirling wind appeared as an image of the queen of Fae was produced. “Forgive me my beloved child, but your heart, plagued with doubt of how your bride was to stay. At least you now know that her love is pure and that she sees you for who you are on the inside and out.” She looked to the huddled redhead with fondness, “We say may things in jest or guilt, but this child- her heart now belongs to you. Treat it well and keep it safe.”

My game is finished. I have no longer have business to attend to.

With that both the gust of wind and the Djin vanished into nothingness. The time was still of winter, and the cold became a house of complete silence. Elias looked to his apprentice; his chest was riveting with a type of giddiness he could not place, seeing Chise have her arms open wide. “Would you please come here?”

The Halfing obeyed, kneeling to the object of his questionable sensations. Chise softly punched his shoulder and gave him a brief, but stern look before placing a small innocent kiss upon his skull.

“You have so much more to learn!” she huffed, but there was a change in her expression was similar to how the queen looked upon Chise moments ago. But for some unexplainable reason made his very bones warm.

“Please continue to teach me everything you know, Chise.”

“Unexpected romance” Ahkmenrah fanfic. Part 2/?

AN: I would like to thank for all the likes on the first part! I would like to apologies for making this fic a bit award and making you guys wait for an actual romantic interaction between the pairing but I promise that will happen in chapter three. I would appreciate if i get your thoughts on this :3

Fanfiction: Unexpected Romance
Fandom: Night at the Museum
Pairing: Ahkmenrah/Original Character(Reader)
Rating: suitable for all ages
Word count: 1038

- - - - -

“So the tablet does what?” You continued to question a man in a dark blue uniform that was standing in front of you. He continued to play with his flash light, swirling it in between his fingers. “I am aware this is new and confusing” he said with a sigh” but what I am telling you is the truth. Ahkmenrah’s tablet light up the moment the sun goes down and all of the exhibits become alive, some of them talk, some don’t, I am not sure how to explain the huts and the cavemen but, that is basically it…” The man sighed continuing to explain to you in details what is happening.

“So um, Leroy “– “No Larry” He corrected and gave you a glance. “Right sorry..But let me get this straight. That man is Ahkmenrah? The Egyptian pharaoh?” You asked and rushed back towards the Egyptian exhibit, avoiding the jackals and standing still in front of the pharaoh. You were speechless. Never in your life have you thought that you could be blessed by meeting a 5000 years old pharaoh, that has experienced ancient Egyptian ways of living, working, praying – wow.

Despite the fact that you had rushed in there quickly you had no clue how to act. I think the most important thing is to show your respect? So you have, while gently and slowly bowing down, getting on your knees. “I apologies, I was not aware you were a pharaoh, I am so sorry” You said and bowed your head. Ahkmenrah approached to you and patted your head. “I am pretty young and I don’t even rule anymore.. Your respect is wonderful but please stand up you’re making me uncomfortable.” Once hearing his words you stood up instantly, nibbling on the inside of your cheek. Damn all you have done since you came here is showing of your anxiety.

“So um, I was wondering since the moment I heard you spoke. You speak English…?” You mumbled trying not to sound disrespectful.

“Oh I went to Cambridge University” he said

“Oh you went to, the Cambridge University?”

“Well I was there on display in the Egyptology department. My sarcophagus wasn’t locked, I could go out. So I thought; hey why not use this spare time and study the language so I can understand what people are trying to say when I can hear.”

You were fascinated. This man, not only is he extremely attractive but also intelligent.. /No __ you cannot crush on people on your workplace. That is absolutely the last thing you need. You need to stay strictly professional/ You thought to yourself trying to distract your eyes of his incredibly toned body. “Um where are my manners. My name is ___ and I am new here. I am an archaeologist but my specialty is ancient Egypt, the time you were born.  I was fascinated about this since I was really young.. Do you think, would it be weird, if you had helped me in my research? I am currently working on your tablet and I am extremely in love with you, I mean it. I am in love with the artefacts” You sighed deeply. There we go I have ruined absolutely everything with my silly brain.

The toned boy had chuckled silently to himself before motioning you to sit down with him on the stairs close to his sarcophagus. So you agreed and sat down next to him. “I have seen you, when I woke up and removed the sheets of my face. I could see love and fascination in your eyes. I do not recall seeing anyone like that. I believe you when you say that you are in love with this. And of course with that goes that I am willing to help you. as much as you need. But then again if you ever do research on me be carefully, there bones are really old” He said with a chuckle and held his chest.

You nodded in an agreement with a wide smile. Not thinking on the consequences you gave the pharaoh a gentle hug whilst closing your eyes. “You have no idea how grateful I am. Thank you so so much Ahkmenrah.” You kept hugging him as a wide smile spread across his face. “My pleasure..” the brown haired boy said before breaking the hug. “So what do you usually do here, I mean during the night whilst you’re awake?” The moment you finished your question, extremely loud music could be heard from the main hall of the museum. Ahkmenrah had quickly responded to your question with a smile and stood up, offering you a hand. “Come on let me show you what happens” Without any hesitation you held his hand and stood up, following him to the main hall.

Now allow me to describe you this interesting scene. You could see the masked civil war warriors playing football with the Huns. Tiny little humans from ancient Rome along with the cowboys were standing on the main desk and play.. cat videos on the computer? A freaking giant dinosaur skeleton was chasing around, what looks like a piece of his tail? “Does this happen.. every single night?” You questioned the pharaoh. The confusion on your face was evident. He laughed yet again, nodding his head. “Yes this does happen every single night. Come follow and join at the DJ desk.”

The desk was wooden, brown, pretty big and old. But on the top there was a professional DJ equipment with a shit tone of records. He turned on the player and placed a pink record labelled with ‘Pink Punk’ and pressed play. Now this was pretty impressing. You have never witnessed something like this. Ahkmenrah held both of your hands looking at you. “You are really lovely. I must admit I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night. And if I am not mistaken…Your shift has ended twenty minutes ago. I believe you’ve worked hard. You deserve to rest.”  Now his actions made you stutter! What were those colorful clouds playing with your insides, especially the are inside your stomach. If he continues treating you like this you will seriously fall for him. But you mustn’t allow yourself…

Want to Date an Egyptian God?

A forthcoming Japanese mobile dating game will allow that.  The game entitled Egykoi! Egypt Kami to Koishi yo~ (Egy-love! Egyptian Gods and Love) lets the the players take control of a young heroine whose love is competed for by Horus, Anubis, and a lesser known Egyptian god named Medjed who is popular in Japanese pop culture and memes.

Yes…. This exist.