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The Time Traveler

I met her in the early morning by chance

When the sun was still not awake.

She looked over the ruins of ancient stones

Breathing as if it was the last breath she’d take

I timidly sat beside her to see what she saw

Carefully and softly with the moves I’d make

Trying not to disturb her silent meditation

I put my hand on hers with no hesitation.

With one touch of our hands

I felt the entire world slip away

I closed my eyes and suddenly I could see

She saw the world of tomorrow and yesterday

But she did not pause for what would come and had come to pass

Everything not in this moment began to fade

My hand on hers; her hand in mine

She was breathing for this one moment in time.

When my hand finally lifted from hers and I opened my eyes

I was not where I once had been.

I was no longer among the ruins of stones

But I was glancing at the greatness of man.

I watched as the ruins came to life

As they died and came to life again.

Time did not stop as history pressed on

Before my next breath the moment was gone.

I reached for her hand to bring me back

But I was alone on this journey through time.

I doubted she was ever with me at all

Was she the dream in my own mind?

Now alone, I’m lost in the infinity of time

Is the present so hard to find?

I take another breath and I close my eyes once again

To imagine the ruins where this all began.

I did not meet her in the early morning by chance

Before the sun was awake.

I was alone in the ruins this time

Perhaps for her I will wait.

© 2007