ancient roman bridge

ROMA-Castel Sant'Angelo-Primarily a medieval castle, while the lower part belongs to the era of ancient Rome-it was the tomb of Emperor Hadrian. The angels which are erected upon an ancient Roman bridge constructed in 136 A.D., were created by Bernini’s students. Incredible history!

Ancient Dental Bridge, about 500 b.c.e.

One of the first people to use dental bridges were the ancient Etruscans, an civilization that pre-dates the Roman Empire. Archeologists and historians have found that the Etruscans used dental bridges as long as 2,600 years ago. Their crowns were made of ivory, gold, bone and even human teeth. However, the Etruscans didn’t use dental bridges merely to replace missing teeth. For them, dental bridges were a mark of status.

Marce Ross

Remains of Trajan’s bridge in Romania (early 20th century photo)

Romans built a huge bridge over Danube between 103 and 105. Total lenght of the structure was over 1100 meters and it was supported by twenty colossal masonry pillars. At each end of the bridge there was also a  fort guarding the entrance into the bridge.

The bridge was designed by Apollodorus of Damascus.

source: Alexandru Antoniu, via Wikimedia Commons