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smth that annoys me to no end about shipping deancas is when others say you are crazy for shipping it or insane for seeing it. like I don't care at all if not everyone ships or likes it but to say that there isn't something there, is just??

Oh yes, it’s annoying, but I do get why for the anti-people this is their favorite card to play. :p

Because it’s a male/male couple, it’s much easier to say ‘hey, you are insane for seeing this on that particular show that isn’t about Da Gays’ and end it there, than to acknowledge and argue about all of the actual evidence that has been on the actual show in order to try and debunk it. 

So many romantic tropes have been used for Dean and Cas during the past seven seasons (even paralleled with actual canon couples on the show); I’ve lost count. (Still, for some of the most blatant examples and details including proof, go to this post -> Click! )

The funny thing is though, the longer the show runs, the harder it’ll get for the antis to play that card and make it believable. The world has changed, television has changed, life now is not the same as it was 10 years ago when Supernatural was fresh and new.

Back then, a same sex relationship between two characters (especially main characters, let alone them being bisexual on top of it) on network television was nothing but a hopeless dream. Right now, shows like for example ‘How To Get Away With Murder’ and ‘The 100′ prove that it’s far from impossible even on certain networks, and that it’s actually way more realistic to have diversity than to feverishly keep all the main characters white and straight. 

No matter how you twist it, currently on Supernatural, technically no one has a more potentially interesting romantic story line with Dean than Cas does, and no one has a more potentially interesting romantic story line with Cas than Dean does. 

We live in a day and age where certain groups of people (think they) can still get away with the ancient ‘you’re crazy, they’re not gay’ excuse (thus ignoring the fact that Cas is technically a gender-less celestial being to begin with and that bisexual is a legit sexual orientation), and as long as that ‘easy way out’ is there in some form, they will obviously take it and use it. 

But thankfully more and more shows, movies, and people in general are starting to see that love is love, and that a great love story or awesome chemistry shouldn’t be ignored because it isn’t ‘the standard’. 

So bottom line: Just because some people are either still stuck in the stone age, or are blinded by hate and want to hold on to the old times, that doesn’t change the fact that your ship has more than enough foundation to be a romance, in Destiel’s case even more so than basically any of the other ‘canon’ ships that have been on that same show. 

Which means that the point is moot, really. :p Are you insane for shipping them? No more than others are insane for still being convinced that everyone in this entire world is straight, or either don’t believe that but play that card because it’s the easy way out when it comes to LGTB+ ships that they dislike. 

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What are some of your favorite (or least favorite) misconceptions about vikings? Like what common thoughts or opinions bother you the most?


I still hear people refer to the Vikings as an ancient culture.  Or the Viking period as “ancient times.”  And I don’t know if this stems from people’s not knowing when the ancient period ends, from their not knowing when the Viking period begins, their not knowing both, or their going on the fact that the Vikings in the HTTYD books are contemporary to the Romans.  Or maybe people just don’t care.  But I care.

Because the Vikings are not an ancient people.  They happened a good three centuries after the ancient period ended. 

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