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Ancient Mysteries and Allegories

Top Image:

Symbolism of the Select Master degree in the York Rite. It features a sun as the source of divine intellectual light shining down through the nine arches in the vault illuminating the Tetragrammaton on a golden plate. The engraving is from Cryptic Masonry: A Manual of the Council, by Albert Mackey, 1867.

Bottom Image: Human ribcage and portion of spinal column

The basic story of the rebuilding of the temple of Solomon or the rediscovery of lost wisdom or knowledge that has been hidden, is one that is found in many ancient mystery schools. No matter what the basic form that the story may take, the end result is always the same; the recovery of lost knowledge, the Lost Word or Name of God in the form of the Tetragrammaton.  This Lost Word, Name, or knowledge is always found in “the center” of “some” chamber after a seeker of some type has made the effort to either find it. In the image at the top, the discovery of the Tetragrammaton is found after the seeker has made their way downwards through 9 separate vaults or arches AND the Sun which is Directly Above has shone it’s light straight down through the 9 arches and into the center of the chamber below, illuminating the Tetragrammaton which sits on golden plates on an alter of some kind, or in some stories, the Ark of the Covenant itself. 

The top graphic shows the importance of being able to understand the symbolism inherent in many types of mystery systems. The degrees of initiation speak almost exclusively in allegories.  However, when one takes the time to meditate upon what a story such as the one above means, one can begin to see parallels between the sun, our own enlightenment, and our minds being opened; a deep secret that is buried at the center of our own being; energy in the form of light that flows through the arches, and our spines (Kundalini?); the earth/mountain in which the arches or vaults are located, and our own earthen/physical bodies.

The ancient mysteries have much to teach those who have the courage to seek, the patience to learn, and the discipline and strength to persevere.


Every single one of you…. Isn’t life such a wonderful learning game? I mean we live where the main structure of society does anything it can to make sure that we don’t realize how powerful we are and that we are already master creators.. But when we wake up, we realize we can truly create anything. And when consciousness is magnified (Groups of people focusing on the same thing) on anything that resonates with love, It becomes bigger in the sense of a higher realm of vibrations. Get a clue and educate yourself.. and by educate yourself, I mean “Know thyself” There is a reason those very words were put on the front of the buildings of the Ancient Mystery Schools.