ancient mirror

Silver, partially gilt mirror with repoussé decoration, depicting Leda and Zeus disguised as a swan.  Part of the Boscoreale Treasure.  Artist unknown; late 1st cent. BCE- early 1st cent. CE.  Found at Boscoreale, Italy; now in the Louvre.

Wanda and Pietro Maximoff && Southern Royalty AU

She hates that she’s the cliche of the Southern hick that sleeps with their brother but.. Can you really blame her? After their parents passed away Wanda and Pietro inherited everything; the houses, the cars, the money    the family secrets. Between their busy social lives and half-assing their rolls at the family company, it’s a wonder they haven’t been caught    yet.


Etruscan Bronze Mirror, 4th-3rd Century BC

Engraved with two nude male figures, the figure on the right standing wearing a helmet and mantle, leaning on a shield with his left hand and holding a spear in his right hand, and the figure on the left, a satyr wearing a fillet tied around his head, leaning on a thyrsus in his right hand and holding a bone in his left hand, with foliate decoration on either side and below,

Inside my heart, there is a shelter in decay and yet still covered with the leaves from the last Autumn ,some cracked ,some hurted by the dry wind which insists on pick them away …

Inside my heart, there is a hut grabbing still life with its last strengh to a meaning ,its dying power but standing ,still to the remainings of a lost time…

Inside my heart,there is a cabin of fragile dreams fading in every moment,every pulse,in every grain of dust which appears to wash away in circles unspeakable feelings …

Inside my heart ,there is a tiny roof sustained only by old branches which watched time being created twisting ,spinning ,giving air,water ,flowers ,grass painting them in luxurious colors of joy …

Inside my heart,there is an ancient palace with broken mirrors,harmed walls,cristals and gems shattered by a raging storm devastated its residents carried into a burst of flames …

Inside my heart, even tiny ,insignificant, humble ,full, there is a place like a fallen tent but so bright ,so deep searching for a place to rest over this beach…

So ,inside this falling place there is a delicated bosom surrounded by blossom cherries,flowers of yesterday and with my rising head capturing the only thing i learn :


not-so-whiny-pisces  asked:

does mercury actually hate being in pisces?? -from someone with mercury in pisces

mercury is in detriment and fall in pisces, but the magic of mercury is that mercury reflects its closest body, so it can express well really in pisces, because they both have that mirror mirror. the ancient teachings of astrology have always emphasised the spiritual relationship between gemini and pisces, look at the closesness of the 2 glyphs, they are more alike than any other pair, so mercury and pisces have a very reverent history 

Box Mirror with Jason and the Golden Fleece

Greek, Second half of the 4th century B.C., Bronze. Complete and in very good condition, minor cracks and small repairs. Surface covered with a beautiful, uniform green patina. Small fragments of the relief now lost. No visible traces of hinges or other closure systems.

This bronze piece is composed of a mirror and its lid. The outer part of the lid is decorated with a beautiful image in high relief, and concentric circles in low relief adorn the bottom of the mirror.

The scene was carved in low relief on a bronze plaque, and soldered to the mirror in ancient times already; however, like it is attested for many other contemporary mirrors, it might have first possibly belonged to another object.

It represents one of the great heroes of Greek mythology, Jason, famous for his role as the leader of the Argonauts and their quest for the Golden Fleece: according to the epic poem, in order to regain the throne of his father (Aeson, dispossessed by his half-brother Pelias), Jason left for Colchis (a region located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, centered on present-day western Georgia) with his companions; there, the king Aites (the Fleece was given to him by Phrixus) promised to give him the Fleece if he could perform three certain tasks. Jason succeeded in the challenges with the help of Medea (the daughter of Aites and Jason’s future wife), took the Fleece and went back to Thessaly, where he reacquired his father’s kingdom after killing his uncle, once again thanks to a trick by Medea.

Our relief, which illustrates an episode of this long legendary voyage, represents Jason standing as a young athlete, quickly moving to the left. Except for a cloak that flutters in the wind behind him, he is entirely nude. He is armed with a sword, hanging from his shoulder, and with a spear; as defensive weapons, he wears a helmet of the Attic type and a large, richly incised round shield. Between his feet lies the ram’s fleece, which, according to the myth, was guarded by a serpent/dragon, and that Jason is about to steal: the incised tree behind the arm of Jason would have represented the shrub in which the monster was hidden.

This mirror is of excellent technical and artistic quality: the composition of the scene is well-balanced, and the workmanship is neat and accurate. Chronologically, this object belongs to the second half of the 4th century B.C. It can easily be related to other bronze reliefs of this period, which decorated other mirrors, situlae, helmets’ cheek guards, large vases, etc.

Source: Phoenix Ancient Art

  • aries: the wild child who gets kicks out of killing monsters, the one who'll scream ”COME AND GET ME, ASSHOLES” with a loaded machine gun in each hand
  • taurus: literally the only one in the group who thinks trying out demonic rituals in a dark forest is a bad idea
  • gemini: ”you’re not scared of ghosts, are you? come on, give me the flashlight, i’m not scared, lol. this was a great idea, spending a night in an abandoned mental hospital, just you an- wait holy shit what was that? did you hear that? it sounded like a scream…. HAHAHAHA GOTCHA!!!!! i’m just fucking with you i'm hilarious you should've seen you face”
  • cancer: always screaming and hyperventilating, is haunted by bad luck (cell phone rings when hiding in a cupboard) but manages to survive because of good looks & romantic side story
  • leo: the popular hot-shot who walks in first and says ”see! nothing’s here” but doesn’t realize the ugly ass ghoul is right behind their back
  • virgo: kinda tired of it all, like, when the monster’s all hovering over them they're just like ”aw fuck, i really wanted to go to college”
  • libra: the hot chick who everyone thought was dumb as fuck but in fact is a damn genius and really really good at fighting
  • scorpio: the silent kid in the group who everyone ignores and makes fun of but in the end it turns out that he/she was the evil mastermind behind it all
  • sagittarius: ”look at this guys, i found this old box in the cellar with dozens of old photos of dead children, we should check it out. and i bought this ouija board from an old lady and i also tried to summon a few demons yesterday. then i found a room in an abandoned house with 100 old porcelain dolls! it’s so cool let's go there and film everything with our cell phones! i also noticed some weird inscriptions behind this ancient mirror and omg you know what we should do? play spirit in the glass IN THE HOUSE SOMEONE DIED!”
  • capricorn: probably the survivor, because this guy is super practical and pragmatic but is also super awkward and people love awkward protagonists who become heroes in the end so yeah, here’s your harry potter
  • aquarius: the ultimate good guy, the brave champion who voluntarily sacrifices themselves in order to save the others
  • pisces: they are literally cruising on their insanely good luck throughout the whole movie, like, they didn’t even notice that a zombie walked behind them for like 10 minutes but then fell into a ditch because they were listening to loud music and didn’t look over their shoulder
The Sky’s Mirror for Lokigodof

Sky was hunting gods. The Norsemen traders had been talking for a few months now, saying that their gods had returned to the Earth. They said that Odin had brought two sons, one a great warrior, the other a master of seidr, Norse magic. He had seen the magic practiced by some of their women, and it was real enough, if minor compared to what the Awakened could do, but he didn’t believe in their gods—he was not longer sure if he believed in his own—and certainly didn’t trust anyone claiming to be one.

That wasn’t what he was hunting this morning, though. It was cool in the dawn light, mist running along the ground between the trees, and he was simply hunting for dinner. But his eyes were sharp, and he knew this forest well. It didn’t take him long to see something out of place, a figure, just visible, half hidden behind a tree. Whatever sort of being this was, magic swirled thickly around him, not Awakened magic…perhaps it did have a similarity to seidr.

Nearly silent, he nocked an arrow on his bow, before taking a moment to look at this strange man’s Fate. He blinked the sight away quickly. He didn’t know what disturbed him more, that this being had a sad, heavy fate ahead of him, or that he could see a line directly between the man and himself. It didn’t matter. Sky didn’t trust anything with this kind of power. Perhaps the line was a bowstring.

He drew his bow taut, and loosed the arrow.