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Etruscan Bronze Mirror, 4th-3rd Century BC

Engraved with two nude male figures, the figure on the right standing wearing a helmet and mantle, leaning on a shield with his left hand and holding a spear in his right hand, and the figure on the left, a satyr wearing a fillet tied around his head, leaning on a thyrsus in his right hand and holding a bone in his left hand, with foliate decoration on either side and below,

Silver, partially gilt mirror with repoussé decoration, depicting Leda and Zeus disguised as a swan.  Part of the Boscoreale Treasure.  Artist unknown; late 1st cent. BCE- early 1st cent. CE.  Found at Boscoreale, Italy; now in the Louvre.

~Mirror Back.
Date: 7th–10th century
Geography: Mexico, Mesoamerica, Veracruz
Culture: Veracruz
Medium: Slate

The scrolls and interlaces that frame this stone plaque are characteristic of the art of Veracruz. Possibly a back support for a mirror, the plaque has a drilled hole (for suspension?) at its top edge. Such mirrors served as costume elements connoting the high rank or authority of the wearer. They perhaps served a ceremonial function as well. The image depicts the profile of a young man with a small bead beneath his nose that may refer to speech. A net cap with a prominent knot is over the hair, a large earflare with a tooth- or claw-shaped pendant adorns the ear, and a three-tiered beaded collar is around the neck. Along the jaw line, protruding out from his chin, there is a scroll resembling a beard, the extension of which pictorially balances the nose of the figure. The lively, free-flowing scrollwork at the edge of the plaque contrasts with the rigid geometric elements of the image. This combined with the slight incline of the figure and the asymmetry of the design imbue the carved surface with dynamism, creating a visually compelling composition.

Box Mirror with Jason and the Golden Fleece

Greek, Second half of the 4th century B.C., Bronze. Complete and in very good condition, minor cracks and small repairs. Surface covered with a beautiful, uniform green patina. Small fragments of the relief now lost. No visible traces of hinges or other closure systems.

This bronze piece is composed of a mirror and its lid. The outer part of the lid is decorated with a beautiful image in high relief, and concentric circles in low relief adorn the bottom of the mirror.

The scene was carved in low relief on a bronze plaque, and soldered to the mirror in ancient times already; however, like it is attested for many other contemporary mirrors, it might have first possibly belonged to another object.

It represents one of the great heroes of Greek mythology, Jason, famous for his role as the leader of the Argonauts and their quest for the Golden Fleece: according to the epic poem, in order to regain the throne of his father (Aeson, dispossessed by his half-brother Pelias), Jason left for Colchis (a region located on the eastern coast of the Black Sea, centered on present-day western Georgia) with his companions; there, the king Aites (the Fleece was given to him by Phrixus) promised to give him the Fleece if he could perform three certain tasks. Jason succeeded in the challenges with the help of Medea (the daughter of Aites and Jason’s future wife), took the Fleece and went back to Thessaly, where he reacquired his father’s kingdom after killing his uncle, once again thanks to a trick by Medea.

Our relief, which illustrates an episode of this long legendary voyage, represents Jason standing as a young athlete, quickly moving to the left. Except for a cloak that flutters in the wind behind him, he is entirely nude. He is armed with a sword, hanging from his shoulder, and with a spear; as defensive weapons, he wears a helmet of the Attic type and a large, richly incised round shield. Between his feet lies the ram’s fleece, which, according to the myth, was guarded by a serpent/dragon, and that Jason is about to steal: the incised tree behind the arm of Jason would have represented the shrub in which the monster was hidden.

This mirror is of excellent technical and artistic quality: the composition of the scene is well-balanced, and the workmanship is neat and accurate. Chronologically, this object belongs to the second half of the 4th century B.C. It can easily be related to other bronze reliefs of this period, which decorated other mirrors, situlae, helmets’ cheek guards, large vases, etc.

Source: Phoenix Ancient Art

The Sky’s Mirror for Lokigodof

Sky was hunting gods. The Norsemen traders had been talking for a few months now, saying that their gods had returned to the Earth. They said that Odin had brought two sons, one a great warrior, the other a master of seidr, Norse magic. He had seen the magic practiced by some of their women, and it was real enough, if minor compared to what the Awakened could do, but he didn’t believe in their gods—he was not longer sure if he believed in his own—and certainly didn’t trust anyone claiming to be one.

That wasn’t what he was hunting this morning, though. It was cool in the dawn light, mist running along the ground between the trees, and he was simply hunting for dinner. But his eyes were sharp, and he knew this forest well. It didn’t take him long to see something out of place, a figure, just visible, half hidden behind a tree. Whatever sort of being this was, magic swirled thickly around him, not Awakened magic…perhaps it did have a similarity to seidr.

Nearly silent, he nocked an arrow on his bow, before taking a moment to look at this strange man’s Fate. He blinked the sight away quickly. He didn’t know what disturbed him more, that this being had a sad, heavy fate ahead of him, or that he could see a line directly between the man and himself. It didn’t matter. Sky didn’t trust anything with this kind of power. Perhaps the line was a bowstring.

He drew his bow taut, and loosed the arrow.


Do not separate the woman and man. True power isn’t defined by having the illusion of greater value or influence over another being. Separation is the embodiment of false external beliefs. Connection is the understanding of spirit within all things. Separation expels the balance of spirit within us. The root of a being is the connection to earth without attachment or separation. Give a man the life of a woman and he becomes her. Give a woman the life of a man and she becomes him. She continues her quest to true strength in vulnerability as he continues his quest for the same power in the same sensitivity. It isn’t the strength of the sex or physical aspect of a human being but the awareness of the individual. Fully give power to the spirit within to release the idea of separation. Then, duality in who you truly are versus who and how you were told to be can be released.
—  Restoring the balance of ancient love

…“The great hindrance to success in this is that the conscious field is usually crowded with the conditions, happenings, and impressions of our own physical, emotional, and mental selves. There is no opportunity for the prevailing conditions in another self to be reflected in the mirror of consciousness. We cannot really understand others in this way, for the Light of the soul, which alone can rightly interpret, is not permitted to shine through us and reveal in others what we need to know to help them. To be still and silence the many voices of the personal self is the only sure way in which the many voices of other lives can be heard by us and known.”…

Raymund Andrea
The Empathy Mirror - BromanceLover3280 - Shadowhunters (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 5/?
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Relationships: Magnus Bane/Alec Lightwood, Jocelyn Fairchild/Luke Garroway, Maryse Lightwood/Robert Lightwood
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Additional Tags: Fluff and Angst, Magical Artifacts, Moments of self harm, some - Freeform, Physical Abuse, and, Emotional/Psychological Abuse

The Shadowhunter gang ends up in a basement where an ancient mirror is found. It has the ability to know the gulity’s every secret and every sin. As for the victims, it can give them justice, vengeance to those who have caused them harm. When Alec finds it, he and the others are drawn in and everyone learns exactly what Alec has gone throughout his life and just how strong he is.

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Purple, green, white, grey. :~)

Purple: 10 facts about my room 

1. My room at home is painted gray

2. It has a view of the beach and the water and my parents’ back garden. It’s very beautiful.

3. It’s furnished with antiques from the family- my grandmother’s desk, my great-great grandmother’s chair, an ancient bureau and mirror, and soon my great grandmother’s four-poster bed (as soon as I get around to refinishing it).

4. I’ve framed several maps from the mid-1800s and hung them in the room, along with old family photos and my great-grandfather’s high school diploma. 

5. It has a pretty big closet, which is so nice!

6. It’s right next to @herrwiegenstein‘s room, so we can talk on either side of the wall. 

7. My room also is right next to the bathroom @herrwiegenstein and I share, which is fine, except if you flush the toilet in the middle of the night it can wake me up.

8. The one downside is that there is a serious lack of electric outlets in the room. I chalk this up partly to when the house was built, but in general it’s still a bit puzzling.

9. I’ve never slept in such a comfortable bed. There is no bed like the one in your childhood bedroom- the bedding is always so fluffy, and crisp, and just….yes…..

10. It’s one of the coldest rooms in the house, because it faces the water and isn’t protected by the trees like the other side of the house. When the wind blows out of the north it is incredibly loud in my room, and the outer wall will be cold to the touch. 

Green: 8 facts about appearance

1. I have incredibly blue eyes (and I can’t see worth shit without my contacts)

2. I have a slight hump on my back. It’s not super noticeable, because I have long hair and always wear it down, so the hump is covered by it, but I’m very self-conscious of it.

3. I used to have a GREAT ass. Then I discovered food.

4. I used to be skinny. Alas, then I discovered food.

5. My fingernails are always a mess- I do too much with my hands. Refinishing furniture, cooking, washing dishes, helping in the garden- it wreaks havoc on them.

6. I’m just barely five feet tall. Dani Pedrosa is taller than me.

7. I have a lump on the back of my head where I cracked it open ice-skating. My hair covers it but sometimes I reach back and feel it when I’m stressed.

8. I’m super pale and sunburn easily. I also have freckles, which I’m not thrilled about.

White: 3 facts about my personality

1. I’m a pessimist. I can chalk that up to a diagnosis of hereditary bipolar depression.

2. I have a good sense of humor and live to make people laugh.

3. I’m generally an extrovert. 

Grey: 2 facts about my favorite things

1. It smells like motor oil and dust inside. 

2. Even when going 25 mph, it sounds like a jet taking off. 

Thank you, my dear! 

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