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Do you have any nice childhood memories? You have to have a least one that stands out and is happy.

‘’I remember the times when I was still a young nation with the mentality of a 9 years old.I was living with my Grandfather back then. The time when I went to school was the most pleasing…Since I was the younger brother , I didn’t know yet to fight so whenever a battle was coming , my brother and my Grandfather would go together and I’d remain alone with the roman villagers. Since I was the heir of  Remus(my grandfather),I was treated nicely..but I remember the first thing I learned to do myself. Crafting..the kids there would show me how to craft silly things such as baskets but they were really appealing to me because I did it myself.And they were also very nice..but humans don’t last long and lose innocence in time.People back then barely made it to 35 y/o due to wars. I guess that from there came my adoration for art.’’

Child MA!: 4/7

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Can I just do a quick play by play of this scene?

So we’ve got Atem, who just had a major show down with Thief King Bakura.

Atem summoned Osiris, but once he was struck, he had lost a lot of his power.

So then Yugi and the gang shows up, and Atem gains the power to summon Ra due to their love and bond.

Once Ra kicks ass, Atem gives Yugi this mesmerizing, heart felt look, and articulates his immense thanks.

And look….he’s reaching out to touch Yugi…just touch him, because his touch is his comfort…

And Yugi reciprocates and they’re both just staring into each others eyes…

And omg….


haha, though we can’t blame Honda. Atem is grateful for them all, but I just find it so sweet how Atem is so “blinded” by his love and respect for Yugi, that he completely forgot about thanking everyone else for their support too.

I never see this scene talked about, so I wanted to talk about it. 

Making Memories- A Doctor Strange FanFic (Intro)

Imagine being in the midst of your training at Kamar-Taj when Doctor Stephen Strange shows up. The Ancient One asks you to take him under your wing. You know you shouldn’t be attracted to someone as tragically flawed and arrogant as him, and yet by some sick twist of fate, you seem to be perfect for one another. How long can you really resist the attention he gives you?

Doctor Strange X Reader Romance


“We have a new student joining us today,” The Ancient One announces calmly at the end of meditation. “Everyone, this is Mister Stephen Strange,” she introduces.

A tall, slightly unkempt man steps forward and gives an awkward wave. “It’s Doctor Stephen Strange, actually,” he corrects. You can’t help but roll your eyes from the back row. Greeeat, you think to yourself. Another broken, pretentious jerk to avoid.

“Y/N,” The Ancient One calls, startling you. “A word please. The rest of you are free to go.”

With wide eyes, you obey, quickly scrambling to your feet from your cross-legged position on the floor. “Yes Master?” you step forward and inquire with respect.

“I’d like for Mister Strange to shadow you while he gets his bearings,” she explains. “Show him around. Answer any questions he might have to the best of your ability.”

You sneak a glance at the gentleman standing to your left. This should be fun, you think sarcastically, eyeing him up and down. The last thing you needed was some fragile skeptic looking to you for answers.

“I’ll do my best,” you say in the most convincing voice you can manage.

“Thank you, Y/N,” The Ancient One replies. “Oh, and- don’t let him give you too much trouble,” she adds discreetly with a hint of amusement in her expression.

You force a smile and nod. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

[A/N: Sorry it’s so short, but it is just an intro. The coming chapters will be much longer. More soon, I promise!]

The thoughts of Moses

When you look good
You feel good
And when you feel good
You do good

Growing up I thought
Those were wise words
From a wise man

Constantly staring into mirrors
To make sure the image
Everybody saw looked good
While feeling good as a result

But was I doing good ?

Join me on my trip down
Memory Lane to see if
We somehow find out.

My phone’s contact book was
Jam packed with mummiez
And adding to it seemed to be
The daily mission

One I was proud to brag about
Due to my stellar success rate

“Hey stranger”

Was a message I got
More frequently than
The numbers of soon to be
Strangers getting added
To the contact list

I guess it was only fitting
I called those women Israelites
And myself ?

You know where I’m going with this

Oh you got a man ?

Follow me babes

Join the Exodus
As I lead every other
Israelite that’s used the line
To a land flowing with
Goals and Poetic Flattery

Only I never had as much
Patience as my biblical

Don’t complain about
The distance of the

You’re more than welcome
To leave

Being bad and boujee
Doesn’t cement your
Place on my contact list
And neither do those

There’s plenty more
Fish in the sea

And I score so much
That I make Messi’s
Records look cute

I just wonder how long
It’ll take before you
Slide back into my DMs
With that

“Hey stranger”

Just be sure to
Send nudes

But that’s “Thee Old Me”

Needless to say that
My definition of

Was hopelessly blurred

Grab a shovel
And I’ll show you
Where to dig
If you’re hoping to
Find his remains

Feel good
Look good
And do good
My ass..

Maturity is a decision

And one that needs to
Constantly be made
On the daily

Simply because
Perfection isn’t
So easily attainable

Looking juicy don’t
Mean you got
The sauce

So the way I see it
I’ve got some
Decisions to make.

Throw down my stalf
And let the snakes
Devour each other

Or train a Joshua
And make sure
He’s well equipped
To carry on
Where I left off

See I’m a former
Egyptian prince of sorts

So the wilderness
Isn’t where I
Truly belong

But to re-cross
The Red Sea means
That I’ll have to be strong

I close my eyes
And picture the pyramids
While knowing that I belong
At the very top of them

The Pharaoh’s gone

I made sure of that
Last time I crossed
The sea

No need to grab a shovel
He’s to busy swimming
With the fishes

So everybody better see
A new successor in me
Now all I need to do
Is find my Queen

Someone with a mind
As nourishment filled
And fertile as the banks
Of the River Nile

Skin as smooth, evenly toned
And melanin enriched as
Those very same sands
That belong to the river

Which brings life to the people
Of my land

And smile as mesmerising,
Brightly colour filled,
Image enhancing
And breath taking
As the sun setting
Behind the pyramids

I belong at the
Very top of

Buts what’s a Queen
Without a King ?

Am I truly ready to carry
Such a heavy mantle ?

There were words I once l
Considered to be wise

Thinking back

The only reason
Why I shunned them
Was because I went
About them the wrong way

It was a three part equation
That I couldn’t really balance
Because I got so caught up
Living life

Instead of focusing on
What matters most

Seems like my life thus far
Has simply been about
Solving for y

Why don’t things go
Right for me whenever
I try to have something real
With somebody special

Why does everyone else
Get to happy ?

Why am I constantly
Second guessing myself
When people that know who
I truly am behind my vesade

Always look up to me ?
And come to me for advice ??

Why ? Why ? Why ?

I need solve this equation
And quick

My subjects are going to need
A King they won’t constantly
Feel the need to second guess

And my Nubian Queen
Will need a King that’s
Gonna be her shelter in
The midst of ragging

I think I’ve got it

I’ve been here swimming
In my thoughts

While trying to
Make hast and find
A solution to y

And in doing so
I’ve come to the
Realisation that the
Thing I’ve been lacking
Is the answer

y equals patience

I was never ready
For anything serious
And those who are
Happy were

Simply because They
Had the formula sheet I never

Patience is what I needed
When planning out
My next move

I’ve turn myself into
A master at slowing
Down time whenever
I chose to help my
Inner circle solve a
Problem they kept
Getting stuck on

From time to time
I’d stop it

Little did I know
That in doing so
All I was essentially

Was substituting
In patience

- Lwethu Domingos Poswa


middle-earth meme: five locations [2/5] caras galadhon

“…it seemed to him (Frodo) that he had stepped over a bridge of time into a corner of the Elder Days, and was now walking in a world that was no more. In Rivendell there was a memory of ancient things; in Lórien the ancient things still lived on in the waking world. Evil had been seen and heard there, sorrow had been known; the Elves feared and distrusted the world outside: wolves were howling on the wood’s borders: but on the land of Lórien no shadow lay.“  (The Fellowship of the Ring, p. 458)

John Roddam Spencer Stanhope, The Waters of Lethe by the Plains of Elysium (c. 1880)

* * *

To Mnemosyne, or the Goddess of Memory
The fumigation from Frankinscense.

“The consort I invoke of Jove divine,
Source of the holy, sweetly-speaking Nine;
Free from th’ oblivion of the fallen mind,
By whom the soul with intellect is join’d:
Reason’s increase, and thought to thee belong,
All-powerful, pleasant, vigilant, and strong:
‘Tis thine, to waken from lethargic rest
All thoughts deposited within the breast;
And nought neglecting, vigorous to excite
The mental eye from dark oblivion’s night.
Come, blessed power, thy mystic’s mem'ry wake
To holy rites, and Lethe’s fetters break.”

The Hymns of Orpheus, transl. Thomas Taylor