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So I Bought "The Tim Burton Encyclopedia" by Samuel J. Umland and guess what

It contains the FULL synopsis of Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian!! But don’t get too excited. It’s both good and bad news. The good news? This movie had elements that would have made the cartoon make sense and bridge the gap between the first movie and the series… almost. That’s where the bad news comes in. The ending of the film would have not completed the bridge and would have taken things in a totally opposite and unexpected way.

I’ll give you guys the full summary:

“Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian”

Title of a 126-page screenplay written by Jonathan Gems, based on an idea by Tim Burton, as a proposed sequel to “Beetlejuice”. The year is uncertain, but likely either 1990 or 1991. The story features several of the major characters from the original film- Charles and Delia Deetz, daughter Lydia, Otho, and of course the bio-exorcist, Beetlejuice- but not Barbara and Adam Maitland. As in the original film, Charles and Delia Deetz are the antagonists.

Lydia is now in college and is paying her first visit to the Hawaiian tropical island Kanooka, where Charles Deetz, still a real estate speculator as in the first film, is in the final stages of the construction of a posh resort and casino. A group of environmentally conscious beatniks are protesting against the building of the hotel, claiming that human activity will lead to the destruction of much of the island’s rare wildlife. As the story begins, their protests have been repeatedly ignored. In addition, the hotel is being built on the burial ground of an ancient Hawaiian kahuna, whose spirit has been disturbed.

Lydia finds herself drawn to the beatniks and begins to fall in love with one of them, a surfer named Kimo. She meets an elderly island holy man, Mr. Maui, who instructs her on how to use her psychic ability to summon waves from the ocean, a talent she is able to exploit, making her popular with the surfers. The protestors kidnap Charles Deetz in an effort to persuade him to cancel the hotel’s opening, but rather quickly, Kimo and his friends are arrested and thrown in jail. With the help of Mr. Maui, Lydia uses a spell enabling her to journey to the Afterlife (Neitherworld), where she hopes to find Beetlejuice and convince him to frighten the hotel’s guests off the island, as well as help to free Kimo and his friends.

Lydia is able to track down Beetlejuice in the Afterlife, who agrees to frighten off the developers if Lydia is able to obtain for him a license to scare. She does, and they return together to the island. After Beetlejuice springs her beatnik friends from jail, Lydia agrees to allow him three days to play on the beach before fulfilling his promise to chase off the developers. During the three days, all sorts of wild things happen, including a surfing tournament that Beetlejuice, predictably, wins by using magic.

As in the first film, Beetlejuice is strongly attracted to Lydia, and once he learns that she is in love with Kimo, he seeks to create a rift between them. He transforms a Joshua tree into a seductive woman whom he names “Cactus”, introducing her to Kimo. Subsequently, Beetlejuice drugs Lydia with a love potion, and she becomes besotted with him. Posing as a wealthy oil tycoon named Monty Exxon, Beetlejuice persuades the Deetzes to allow him to marry Lydia, the day of the marriage set to coincide with the gala opening of the hotel and casino. Eventually, Kimo figured out what Beetlejuice is up to and when he tries, unsuccessfully, to stop the wedding, Beetlejuice’s benign mother, Gala, appears.

She has Lydia drink the nectar of a flower, which reverses the love spell, and Lydia is restored to normal- wary of Beetlejuice. Frustrated, Beetlejuice goes into his terrifying mode, becoming a creature named Juicifer and wreaking havoc on the island, transforming automobiles into metal wolves, animating demonic looking tiki statues, conjuring forth dinosaur skeletons from the ground, returning life to a Neanderthal man, and summoning the Easter Island heads, revealed to be buried giants.

The terrified mob seeks refuge on a nearby volcano. Lydia comes to the rescue by summoning an enormous tidal wave that wipes the creatures off the island, along with everything else, including the hotel and casino. Enraged, Beetlejuice intends to murder Lydia, but in the nick of time, Otho chants “Beetlejuice” three times and sends him back to the Afterlife. At the conclusion, Lydia and Kimo are happily reconciled, the island is to become a nature reserve, and Beetlejuice, after accidentally drinking his own love potion, falls for the girl with whom he lives in the afterlife.

According to Jonathan Gems, both Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder agreed to star in the film provided Burton directed. However, Warner Bros. offered Burton complete artistic control over “Batman Returns”, making him such an incredible offer, according to Gems, “that he couldn’t turn it down.” Hence, “Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian” was shelved, and in the years since, Burton has shown little interest in returning to it.

When I initially read this, I figured that up until the love potion bit, it fit PERFECTLY with the cartoon and I was sooo excited. Then came the love potion and I CRIED to think that it was possible that my OTP might not be “real”.

I also have the summary for “Beetlejuice in Love”, but you all do NOT want to hear that story. >_>


The Onion House is an innovative home designed and hand-built by American architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, in Kona, Hawaii, for the McCormick family (of McCormick spice fame), in 1962-3.

It is an example of Organic Architecture, or Metaphoric architecture. The arched roof panels resemble a shell, or an onion, while the lava rock walls reference ancient Hawaiian temples, or heiau, which are found along the Kona coast. The roof panels are translucent like onion skin, transmitting sunlight into the house during the day and glowing at night. With no exterior walls, the outdoors are integrated with the living areas, separated only by screen or stained glass. A 70 foot pool wraps around the two main structures.

On Gender, LGBTQ, Māhū, Leʻaleʻa, and Homophobia

By Adam Keawe Manalo-Camp, author of “Pūlama: Cherishing Our Hawaiian Heritage

To understand culture, it is absolutely necessary to have a firm foundation in the Hawaiian language. The Hawaiian language is the door to a deeper understanding of Hawaiian culture. There is absolutely no way around that. If one ones to understand the world view of ancient Hawaiians, one must learn Hawaiian and leave aside preconceptions about Hawaiian culture, especially given that much of what we were taught in schools is not completely in agreement with what was being written about in Hawaiian language newspapers a century ago. This includes Kanaka Maoli or Hawaiians themselves who are learning their ancestral language.

It is also not only true of those learning the Hawaiian language, but of those learning any foreign language. When one learns language, one eventually learns aspects of the culture because one can not separate language from culture, social norms, class, gender and power structures. Culture, social structure, and history are all embedded in the grammar and terminology of any language.

In most Indo-European (i.e. Greek, English, Latin, French, etc) and Afro-Asiatic (i.e. Hebrew, Arabic, Ethiopian) languages, the social concept of binary gender (male and female genders) is re-enforced through the grammar. English linguistic convention, for example, has historically treated men as default and prototypical of the human species and for “God.” “He” is often used in laws and constitutions (i.e. the Hawaiian Constitution of 1864, the US Constitution, etc) to mean “a person.”

Gender pronouns also help to re-enforce cultural gender-appropriateness of certain professions and socio-religious concepts.

In looking at Hawaiian grammar, one will notice that “he,” “she,” and “it” were all the gender neutral pronoun, “o ʻia.” This is not only true of Hawaiian, but in every single Austronesian language. In Marquesan, to'ia can mean he, she, or it. In Tahitian, ōna or ‘oia means he, she, or it. Siya in Tagalog can me he, she, or it. Dia or ia in Bahasa Indonesia can mean he, she, and it. This is largely a remnant of what some like to call our “deep culture” or “cultural subconscious” from millenniums ago by our first maritime ancestors and that survived through our modern languages and still rests within our linguistic conventions and grammar.

The construction of Hawaiian grammar specifically in relation to gender pronouns shows clearly that Hawaiian, just like other Austronesian languages, did not have a construction of a binary gender, social and class system unlike Europeans or those in the Middle-East. They did not see humanity as being divided simply into two genders nor were binary gender roles re-enforced institutionally.

The view of most Pacific Islanders as is evident in early accounts and in their language grammars in fact shows a more polygender outlook.

In most pre-Christian and pre-Islamic Pacific societies, there were not simply “male” and “female” gender identities but several. For example, among the Bugis, gender identity was divided into five. In most Philippine and Polynesian societies, gender identities were divided into three: male, female, and a third gender. Since multiple identities seem to have always existed in most (if not all) Pacific Island societies and nations prior to colonialism, it makes sense why no personal pronoun defining gender (he / she) would be needed. This would also explain why in most Polynesian languages, inoa or names were also gender neutral. The Hawaiian name “Mahealani” for example can be either the name of a male or a female.

Certainly in most Pacific Island societies, including Hawaiian society, there were gender roles, but as mentioned, there were more than two genders identities.

We also know that in old Hawaiian society, which was a polyamorous society, both females and males kept multiple partners either of the same ('aikane) and / or of a different gender identity.

We also know that both female and male akua had kanawai akua, kanawai kapu or sacred laws which again underlines that Hawaiians were not a patriarchal society and had a polygender understanding. If Hawaiians had a cultural binary view of gender identity similar to the West, they would have restricted “unions” or partners, names and would had gender-specific personal pronouns.

With the introduction of Islam and Christianity, however, gender roles needed to be defined within the context of their own religious traditions.

In some cases, there was also a need to suppress female priestesses and māhū (bissu/asog/bayoguin) identities as often females and māhū were a link to pre-Christian / pre-Islamic traditions and undermined the new gender roles that were being implemented. Normally this suppression occurred through the imposition of the colonial language, through church, and through sodomy laws.

In many areas of Indonesia and the Philippines, this suppression did not normally happen through Islamic institutions (as some considered it adat or customary law) but later through imposed colonial laws, the colonial education system and more recently through the influence of Saudi Arabia.

The imposition of a binary gender world view in the Pacific by colonial or outside powers is extremely important in understanding traditional mana'o (thoughts) concerning third gender, māhū, and other gender identities and the origins of ho'okae māhū (homophobia).

Moana Concept Art

I came across the ‘making of’ video of Moana. This animation was a revolution for Disney, creating a story based on the Hawaiian ancient gods. The concept art i have included have developed not only the characters but the environment of the animation. Showing the characteristics of the ‘environmental characters’. I chose to include this set of concept art as i want to develop both the character and environment and want to use these examples to influence the style of the concept art. Starting with sketches and evolving into matte paintings.

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So I heard that you like Hunk? 😂 Got anymore hc for him?

HOOOOOO BOY. Okay it’s midnight I can’t sleep because the temperature is too damn cold for my poor Hawaiian bod so you’re gonna get a great rambling of head canons.
I love all the space fam. I love them so much, but having a character that is headcanon Hawaiian by lots of the fandom literally brings me so much joy. I screamed the first time I saw a post saying how hunk should be Hawaiian.
So after watching Moana and talking with Bri I was like, yeah. Hunk needs to do a honi okay. He needs to honi with Lance after they have a rough battle and just need to reassure each other. Wait I should explain what a honi is. So we (Polynesians but I’m going specifically from the Hawaiian version) believe that when a child is born its first breath is the breath of life or hā. And it’s basically your soul. It’s your mana or the power you have within you. So every time you breathe out you are breathing out bits of your soul and power. When you die that last breath is your soul leaving your body. So to be alive is to have hā. Lol fun side note that I LOVE because Hawaiians are salty and amazing. The term for foreigner in Hawaiian is haole, so you look at the etymology of the word and you get “ha” and “ole” now our word for no is “a'ole” so basically the word for foreigner, aka captain Cook and his ship of std ridden white demons, literally translates to without the breathe of life aka SOULLESS. Yesssssss you go ancient Hawaiians, I know you all died from STDs but I appreciate your saltiness.
Anywho, very side tracked. So the way you great people is by touching foreheads and placing your noses on the sides of each other (it kind of looks like you’re going in for a kiss tbh). And what you do is you both breathe out then breathe in together. Exchanging the breathe of life and essentially exchanging bits of your mana. (MANA is really hard to translate for midnight me, maybe I’ll figure it out when I look at this at a not tired time)

So basically I want hunk and Lance to do that. AND I WANT HUNK AND SHAY TO DO THAT. Because they are literally rocks. You don’t understand. Hawaiians value the land so much. And so do these people. WAIT I figured out a way to explain MANA. So you know how allura gives some of her life force to the balmera? It’s like that! So a honi is like that but wayyyyyyy less extreme.
Okay so hunk is like, yes I identify with these weird rock people I want to protect them. Which tbh is why he was so insistent in the first place, he was probably like. THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO MY PEOPLE. And they didn’t have a gigantic robot Lions to save them, but I Do! So yeah hunk REALLY likes the balmerans because they are essentially the earth itself and they know what MANA is, so when he sees shay next he just unwittingly goes in for a honi. And shes a bit startled but goes with it because they also have their own energy exchange greeting. And it’s great and he teaches it to the balmerans.

Also other HC. So we call everyone older than us uncle and aunty. And everyone our age or younger like our cousin. So basically allura and coran thinks he has a HUGE family because wow so many relations. But literally every time he talks about someone he uses one of those terms. And is rather confused as to what he should call allura. Because she’s their age but not???? And one time Coran hears hunk talking with an alien about his cool uncle who is a mechanic and royal advisor and has the silkiest mustache out there thanks to his nuvil tonic and Coran is just so touched he goes and makes hunk a special meal and hunk bless his soul eats it all because Coran is so excited that he has earned the title of uncle and just yes excited Coran and hunk. Also hunk probs knows the most history out of everyone just because almost all Hawaiians know all of recorded Hawaiian history on top of the us and world history we need to learn in schools. So he and coran talk about the interesting histories of the places they know about.
Hmmm what other things, oh those Danny packs he wears are the right size to fit a musubi… Just saying. He probably made his own in the garrison and would store one in his pocket for when he got hungry.
OH also Hawaiians are hella susceptible to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc. So hunk is probably already pre diabetic. He’s just really hoping that he’s getting the right sorts of foods because hello he is in space how is going to deal with this what does he do, do they have insulin??? Do aliens even know what diabetes is, etc etc.
Also he and Lance managed to convince Coran to make the castle slightly more humid and both of them are loving it.
OH and of course he is the most loving to his lion. He keeps the connection open to yellow all the time and will constantly tell yellow cool things he sees or finds out even if yellow doesn’t really talk to him at first. When all the lion’s have bonded with hunks and they can all hear him he still does the thing telling them about what he’s doing and how he found a neat rock that looks like it actually might not be a rock? And while yellow is very enthusiastically talking with hunk about it the other Lions are pretty quiet. So hunk is like, would you like me to stop? And they’re just like, no of course not. It’s just the first time we have ever really been able to explore these world’s we protect (oh no I made myself sad). So hunk starts organizing bonding trips with all the Lions where they go and just look around the planets after the works saving is done because yeah know cats are rather curious and you haven’t really lived until you’ve seen a 50ft tall giant robot cat bat a rubbery tree back and forth between it’s paws

My love, take your time

A. Ham x fem!reader

Requested by anon:

Super angsty Alexander x reader where she gets deadly sick and he feels useless just like he did with his mother? And he just starts hating on himself and all his mistakes? Maybe post Reynolds Pamphlet and she forgives him then dies? 

I changed it a little bit, but still angsty. Kinda short too. :(

(I was listening to Tears of an angel, and Deep in the ancient Hawaiian rain forest, which definitely adds to the angst. I swear that first song is enough to make me cry, so…)

Warnings: angst, illness, death, overall sadness

Words: 1,187

I’m so sorry for how long this took to write, I’m not the best with angst. Not too happy with how this turned out, but…


It started in the summer. One of the hottest days so far. You were exhausted, and the heat and mosquitoes weren’t helping. You felt a jab on your neck, you slapped the spot, a little blob of blood on the palm of your hand. You fanned yourself, heat becoming overwhelming.

It was a week before something changed. You found yourself in dizzy spells, headaches, and none of your gowns felt right. After a few days, you became very fatigued, almost to tired to get up from bed. You knew something was wrong, but you didn’t want to bother Alexander. He was already under so much stress, he didn’t need to worry about you as well.

You sat in your bed, waiting for him. He didn’t come. He must still be working. You went to your husbands office to bid him goodnight.

“Alexander? You knocked lightly on the slightly opened door.

“Yes dear,” he said, not looking up from his writing. You walked in resting a hand on his shoulder. He looked up at you.

“I only wished to say goodnight.” You said, planting a light kiss on his forehead.

“I’ll be with you soon, dear.” He said lightly kissing your knuckles. You nodded yore head, leaving him to his work.

A sudden wave of nausea hit you. Your head spun, and your tripped over you feet. Everything spun and faded out of clarity.


Alexander looked up from his writing. A thud from the hallway drew him away.

“Darling?” He called out. No answer. He stood up, concern spreading over his face. “Y/n, dear?” 

He got no response, and overwhelming wave of fear washing over him. Alex moved quickly from his office, running down the hallway. Y/n laid face down on the floor, her night grown sprawled around her.

“Dear, y/n, wake up.” He knelt down on the ground, gently flipping her body upwards. Y/n’s pulse was weak, beads of sweat forming on her forehead. He picked her up, rushing back to their bed. He laid her down. She was barely breathing. Maybe her corset was too tight. As quickly as he could, Alex began to undo the laces of y/n dress, ripping off the fabric. Too many layers, the thought sarcastically ran through his mind, as he tried to unlace to the ribbons of his wife’s corset.

Something bizarre caught his attention as he removed the many layers of clothing from y/n. Red spots on her chest poked out from underneath her last layer. Overcome with worry, he pulled off the undershirt from her body. Small red dots scattered over her stomach and breasts. Her body had lost weight, her frame now fragile and weak. A broken sob passed Alexander’s lips. Something was very wrong with the woman he loved more than life. And he hadn’t noticed until it was too late.


There’s not much…pneumonia…very weak…typhoid fever…not a lot of time.”

Unusual voices broke you from the empty dream. You head was spinning, and the world around felt cold. A terrible pain stabbed at your chest. Everything hurt. Your body shook, cold chills filling you. You let out a fit of heavy coughs. A wet rag was dabbed across your forehead.

“Y/n? Darling?” Alex. You tried to open your eyes as much as you could.

“I’m here, my love.” You saw him, and it felt like an arrow had pierced your heart. He sat next to you on the bad, eyes brimmed with red, hand shaking.

A tear fell from his eye.

 You lifted your hand to his face, thumbing away his tears. He leaned into your touch, holding your hand on his cheek.

“Please don’t cry.” Your voice was strained and weak. He looked into your eyes, more tears falling down his face. He seemed to crumple and fall apart, your heart breaking.

You did your best to sit up, and leaned on Alexander’s shoulder. You wiped away the tears that continued to run down his face. He held you close, his breathing ragged.

“You must promise me to get better.” He mumbled into your hair. “Please, hold on. I love you so much.”

He kissed the crown of your head, rocking back and forth, holding you close.


You woke up in your husbands arms. He held you to his chest as tightly as you could, never wanting to let go. You felt safe in his embrace. Warm. Like nothing could hurt you.

Your body ached, though. You lungs burned, and your muscles weak. You throat was burning, and any time you breathed, it truly felt like your last. Coughs racked through your chest, waking up the man next to you. Alex immediately shot up, asking if you were okay. You nodded your head, still trying to clear your sore throat. He gently rubbed your shoulders. You collapsed into his arms.

“It hurts.” You cried into his shirt. “I want it to go away.”

You felt him shake, and you knew he was starting to cry as well. He felt helpless. He held you tighter, afraid at any moment you would be gone.


Weeks passed, and your condition worsened. There was nothing the doctors could do. All you could do was hope for a miracle as your health rapidly faded away. You knew though, that deep down, nothing could save you. You took a deep breath. 

“Alexander…My love…” You called out, eyes still closed. You felt the bed dip slightly under your husbands weight. He held your hand gently. You looked up at him meeting his eyes. His eyes no longer sparkled with passion, instead taken over by a storm of grief and vulnerability. Dark circles were clear under his eyes. He hadn’t slept much, nightmares taking over his dreams, and the fear of losing you consumed every waking moment.

“My dear, what is it?” He said, voice wavering. You moved ever so slightly to lay in his arms facing up at him.

“Alexander…my only Alexander. I love you more than anything in this life.” Your voice came out in a whisper. He nodded his head, a melancholy smile taking his face. Your heart ached, and you were beginning to feel the world around you fade in and out. You continued. “Do you remember our wedding day?”

“Of course.” A tear slipped down his cheek as he spoke. “Lafayette got so drunk he couldn’t stand.”

You giggled, the atmosphere lightening a bit.

“You looked so beautiful when you walked down the aisle.” Alex kissed your forehead softly. “The most gorgeous, brilliant, beautiful woman that I had ever seen.”

“I remember your wedding vows took so long, my uncle almost fell asleep.” You whispered. You eyes locked with his, looking into the deep brown color, almost like searching for answers. “But they were so beautiful…”

You felt your life start to slip away, like sand though finger tips.

“I love you…so much.”

He held you as close as possible, cries of despair escaping his mouth. He could feel your heartbeat fade away to nothing. Tears cascaded down his face. He could feel everything falling apart. You were gone.

But he couldn’t let go.

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59, 64 & 87!

59: what’s your favorite myth?
In Hawaii there is this myth about Night Marchers that are the ghosts of ancient Hawaiian warriors. They come out and march and chant at night after sunset and just before the sun rises. I think it’s my favorite because I remember being on the beach at night when I was in middle school with my friends and we always thought we could hear them, and we’d always freak out.  

64: what color is the sky where you are right now?
Very, very blue

87: what are some movies you think everyone should watch at least once in their lives?
I’m not a big history person, but I think everyone should watch The Boy in the Striped Pajamas because that movie is so heartbreaking, but it is also so important to acknowledge that things like that did happen, and I know that just studying about WWII and Nazi Germany did not do the same things to me that watching that movie did. Also, McFarland USA, Coach Carter, and Freedom Writers are great movies that show the important roles that coaches and teachers can play in students lives. 

~ ASK AWAY // hella cute asks ~

Here’s the next batch of my Alolan form Pokemon! This time, I designed Alolan forms of Gastly, Haunter and Gengar. All three would probably be Ghost/Fire.

I originally started with Gengar and worked backwards. I was unsure of how it could adapt to the region, so I researched Hawaii and remembered they have Tikis! This seemed like a great design concept to me, as they have spiritual ties that Gengar’s ghost typing obviously matches.

Whilst Gastly was the last one I completed, it heavily influenced the other two. I started off by trying to add the Tiki statue, but since Gastly itself is quite small and doesn’t have much room to add Tiki inspired design features, I decided to give him a Torch/Drum/Statue/Podium object that he would be be bound too. Gastly now becomes the flame above the podium and changes colour to an orange-pink shade. This gave the idea of adding the fire type.

When it evolves into Haunter, it’s body combines with the podium making it now appear as a ghostly Tiki statue. I retained the fire of Gastly by now making it emerge from a hole on Haunter’s head, which doubles up as a crown of sorts. Tribal patterns also appear on Haunter’s face to enhance the Tiki vibe.

Evolving into Gengar doesn’t change much, only continuing the appearance of it’s previous form but of course with Gengar’s body shape. Alolan Gengar has even more tribal patterns and a bigger crown.

However, since I started from Gengar and worked backwards, they originally didn’t have flames emerging from the crowns on their head. Because of this, I was going to make the line a dual Ghost/Fighting type. This is because the idea of Tiki statues would link to ancient Hawaiian soldiers, obviously related to fighting. But as I got to Gastly I realised that there wasn’t any other way I could integrate a Tiki design with him, so I had to make him a spiritual flame that was bound to the Tiki Statue/Podium like a torch. Then, I went back and added the flames onto Haunter and Gengar. Because of this design choice, all three are Ghost/Fire, but they would definitely have access to a variety of fighting moves, namely special ones such as aura sphere, focus blast, and vacuum wave.

Overall, the explanation for the adaptations this evolution line has undergone is that they arrived to the islands hundreds of years ago when there was a much bigger emphasis on spiritual and cultural rituals. To blend in with this, Gastly would often take part in ceremonies by acting as torches for the Alolan people (using will-o-wisp). After a long time of repeatedly using fire type moves, Gastly eventually gained the fire type in favour of it’s poison type. Because of the closeness they had with their podium, they eventually became bound to it, and as it evolved it would merge with it to mimic the Tiki statues it saw. The Alolan people then applied tribal markings to Haunter and Gengar, which over time became natural.

I’m not sure about the abilities they would have, but I think sticking to levitate like the regular forms would work just fine.

I really enjoyed making these guys, they’re definitely much better than the Alolan Diglett and Dugtrio I made previously. Let me know what you think! As always, drawings and sprites of this is awesome and greatly appreciated :D


team ‘GET DUNKED ON’ is at it again lol

@railroad-blues ‘s Avery, @biggreenfeet ‘s Preacher, @megan-mayhem ‘s Cashmere, Cory, and Toby all being a huge pain in Mercy’s ass, as per ancient Hawaiian family tradition ;D

@quardellten‘s base, ty ty ;u; 


In the Ganbarizing game, you’ll be able to use the Santa Claus Ghost Eyecon to transform into Santa Claus Soul. This Eyecon comes exclusively with the Ghost Christmas cake. 

Transform into the orange-hooded Special Self Soul by using the Special Self Ghost Eyecon. The Special Eyecon will come with the special edition of Kamen Rider Ghost’s OP album. The Kamehameha Ghost Eyecon will let you transform Ghost into Kamehameha Soul, a form based off of the Ancient Hawaiian king and warrior. The Kamehameha Eyecon will be sold exclusively at Toei Hero World.

Pay no attention to the cardboard pinball game. Instead, look at more images from the Ikkyu DVD. It looks like everyone is getting into the spirit of things and dressing up.