ancient greek design


Using a specially designed laser, conservators have labored since 2011 to strip away the black grime that encrusted the statues.

Sculpted in the late fifth century B.C., the draped figures served as columns for the Erechtheion, one of the temples that stood on the Acropolis, the sacred rocky hill that rises 512 feet (156 meters) above the modern Greek capital.

The maidens, known as the Caryatids, stand more than seven and a half feet tall (2.3 meters). Originally, six of them held the roof of the Erechtheion’s south porch on their heads.


All this time we imagined that ancient sculpture was austere white marble. The truth is that all ancient sculpture was painted or gilded often in rather garish tones. This video shows the white marble sculptures as they are and then gradually restores the original colors. It is fascinating. (7 minutes)

The Ichor Group AU: Olympus

headquarters for The Ichor Group since its inception, it is named for the home of the ancient Greek gods; a skyscraper designed by Athena that distinguishes itself in the New York skyline; it has a rooftop garden that is often used for company parties and is available to all employees throughout the work day, and Demeter tends to it whenever she is in the city; a fleet of private jets and cars are always available to the board members and their families while they are in NYC; the board room itself is impossibly grandiose and kept in the most pristine conditions– Zeus insists on having the biggest chair