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All this time we imagined that ancient sculpture was austere white marble. The truth is that all ancient sculpture was painted or gilded often in rather garish tones. This video shows the white marble sculptures as they are and then gradually restores the original colors. It is fascinating. (7 minutes)

The Ichor Group AU: Olympus

headquarters for The Ichor Group since its inception, it is named for the home of the ancient Greek gods; a skyscraper designed by Athena that distinguishes itself in the New York skyline; it has a rooftop garden that is often used for company parties and is available to all employees throughout the work day, and Demeter tends to it whenever she is in the city; a fleet of private jets and cars are always available to the board members and their families while they are in NYC; the board room itself is impossibly grandiose and kept in the most pristine conditions– Zeus insists on having the biggest chair


Ancient Greece AU

Diptych :  Eromenos!Will & Erastes!Hannibal

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for suntosirius & drinkbloodlikewine, who are writing it.

To A Year Better Than The Last | AO3

AN and dedications and stuff are at the bottom — enjoy your Percabeth fluff!

Annabeth sat in the back of the moving car, slightly out of breath, and attempted to reapply her lipstick. In front of her her mother was fussing over her own belongings, her bangles clinking as she searched in her sparkly handbag for her phone.
She placed her lipstick carefully back into her clutch and turned towards the window, ignoring the incessant noise of the jewellery adorning her mothers wrists.
She sighed as she watched the strangers outside of her window setting off for fun nights out — preparing to see in the new year with loved ones, hoping for a kiss at midnight, and definitely planning some new year’s resolution that would be forgotten sometime before the 5th.
She thought about her flatmate, Piper, and how excited she always got for New Year’s Eve. She cursed under her breath. If Piper knew that she was spending it with her mother, and spending it single of all things, she would have been horrified.
“I’m glad you could come,” Athena said.
“Me too.” I might as well be nice, Annabeth thought.
Her mother had been so thrilled when she had accepted the invitation. It might have been touching, if it weren’t for the constant presence of hidden motives when it came to her mother being nice.
Annabeth was just waiting for the big reveal. It was bound to come soon — she had been with her long enough already, and her mother had barely said a word.
“Did the new shoes fit?”
Ah, more small talk.
She stretched out one foot. The shoes were dainty, and decorated with an intricate pattern of silver olive branches. The heels made her legs look longer somehow — a real change from the sneakers she usually wore. Vaguely, she wished that she had painted her toenails. “Yes,” she said, “They’re lovely. Thank you.”
Her plane into New York had been late. So, instead of having time at home to get ready, she’d had to brazen her way into the airport toilets to change into her evening gown, before running back through the concourse, the length of her dress bunched up in her hand, and jumping into her mother’s waiting car.
“Annabeth, there’s something I need to talk to you about.”
Annabeth tensed. Here it was. She pulled her head up reluctantly — that voice never heralded anything good. “Yes?”
“There’s somebody at the party I would like for you to meet.”

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Trying to come up with a color scheme for Maggo’s ancient greek-flavor magical girl costume is REALLY HARD. The story in a nutshell: ancient greek myth monsters have been showing up in Maggo’s town and she is approached by Athena to be a Hero and get rid of them all.

Basically I’m trying for something that follows just enough rules to be mostly historically accurate, though I know the extra poof to the skirt is really inaccurate that is one point where I decided to just let myself have fun. She’s a modern girl and this story’s Athena isn’t TOTALLY clueless, after all. I also refuse to draw “greek key” designs, I have never been good at drawing them no no no please no. Her aegis is kind of a more mundane version of Athena’s, instead of the snake fringe and Medusa head it’s just a normal fringe and a symbol of Athena.

Anyway yeah I can’t choose at all haha orz hyperboreanhapocanthosaurus and other classics-interested types and heck anybody who wants, help me decide? What do you think?

13xshousukex13  asked:

Hi Hannah! It's a random question but what would be some things you would say to your 10 year old self?

  1. School will suck, and moving house away from your friends - but it gets so much better!
  2. Don’t take Ancient Greek for GCSE - do design tech instead, it goes well with your art exam
  3. Don’t stop exercising when you get to uni, you lazy sod!!
  4. Here’s a list of games and consoles you should get that you’re missing out on - you’ll regret not playing them later…
  5. Braces and glasses are a horrible combination - but hey! You get contacts AND awesome teeth later, don’t fret.
  6. Don’t bother playing the flute, you can learn drums or guitar at secondary school.