Another anecdote from Greek class: 

Apparently there’s an episode in the Bible where Jesus asks Peter “Do you love me?” using a form of the verb ἀγαπάω, which means ‘love’ but in like the cosmic, religious sense of the word. And Peter says yes but he uses the word φιλέω, which is also ‘love’ but in a much more general casual way, so basically Jesus Christ Son of God asks Peter if he loves him and Peter says, “Yeah, as a friend.”

relict-hominid  asked:

re: chromophobia... of course these chromophobes idolized a Greek/Roman past full of cool white marble.... which we've since discovered was actually a gaudily painted riot of color!


Yes, all those aloof, “pure” white statues from Ancient Greece?

They actually looked like this:

Vinzenz Brinkmann, much to the apparent chagrin of Westerners everywhere, used ultraviolet light to reveal the original paint schemes of these statues that the millennia had washed away.

And to underscore the Chromophobia?

Check out this graphic that i09 made for their leading image for this story:

You can check out a video here to learn more about the methods used to discover the original paint schemes of these statues and reliefs.

ancient greek masterpost!

I’ve been collecting resources to aid in teaching yourself ancient greek for about a year now, and here they all are!

Where to Start:


Grammar, Guides and Practice:


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