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Sun & Moon Superstitions


  • To move in a circle against the motion of the Sun (counter-clockwise) will invite the powers of darkness into your life.
  • If you sweep dust in the direction of the Sun you are destined to never be wed.
  • The Greeks regarded the sun as an all-seeing eye, and believed that no deed escaped its detection.
  • The appearance of three suns, it is said, denotes war. It is claimed that they are only visible at sunrise, and differ in size.
  • The head of the bed must never be placed toward the rising sun, since it will cause the sleeper to rise with a bad headache, and even insanity may result.
  • In Germany it is the custom on St. John’s Day for hunters to fire at the sun, believing that they will thereby become flawless hunters.
  • For the sun to shine upon a bride is a good omen.
  • The Mexicans say when it rains, and the sun is shining, a she-wolf is bringing forth her offspring, or a liar is paying his debts.
  • If the sun shines while it rains, the witches are baking cakes.
  • When the sun does not shine, all treasures buried in the earth are open.
  • To dream you see the sun shine, shows accumulation of riches and enjoying posts of honour in the state, also success to the lover.
  • To dream you see the sun rise, promises fidelity in your sweetheart, and good news from friends.
  • To dream you see the sun set, shows infidelity in your sweetheart, and disagreeable news. To tradesmen, loss of business.
  • When the sun sets on a cloudy day, the following day will be a stormy one.
  • In the Scotch Highlands they still “make the deazil” around those whom they wish well of. This superstition consists in walking three times around the person according to the course of the sun. To circle in the opposite direction or “withershins,” is productive of evil, and brings bad luck.


  • The full moon is good to start a new job, and to finish old business.
  • Cucumbers, radishes, turnips, leeks, lilies, horseradish, saffron, and other plants, are said to increase during the fullness of the moon; but onions, on the contrary, are much larger and are better nourished during the decline.
  • The moon seen over the right shoulder brings good luck, the moon seen over the left shoulder, brings bad luck.
  • Being poor when in presence of a new moon was thought to bring bad luck. Having a few silver coins cancelled this out.
  • If a girl is curious about whether or not she will wed, she should hold a silk handkerchief up in front of the moon. The number of moons that she sees represents the number of months until her wedding day.
  • The full moon gives a very favorable energy for divination. If you keep a moonstone in the mouth during the night of a full moon, you have the power to see what awaits you in the future.
  • Children born on a full moon night are said to become very healthy and strong.
  • Sick people should not look at the full moon because in this way, they will delay their healing.
  • Deaths occur most often when the tide is going out, and births occur when the tide is coming in.
  • At first sight of the new moon, flip a silver coin and make a wish.
  • In Roman times, to have a healthy baby, women wore silver crescent moons on their shoes.
  • Charms and amulets in the shape of a crescent moon, are used to protect you from the evil eye, witchcraft, and bring you wealth. The crescent should always point to the left, representing the moon’s first quarter, when things prosper and grow.
  • You will be caught if you try to commit robbery on the third day of a full moon.
  • It is said that “When the New Moon holds the Old Moon in its Arms”, meaning that a ring is seen circling the New Moon, ships will be lost at sea.
  • Pointing at the moon is unlucky.

Anubis Aesthetic

Like many ancient Egyptian deities, Anubis assumed different roles in various contexts. Depicted as a protector of graves as early as the First Dynasty (c. 3100 – c. 2890 BC), Anubis was also an embalmer. One of his prominent roles was as a god who ushered souls into the afterlife. He attended the weighing scale during the “Weighing of the Heart,” in which it was determined whether a soul would be allowed to enter the realm of the dead. Despite being one of the most ancient and “one of the most frequently depicted and mentioned gods” in the Egyptian pantheon, Anubis played almost no role in Egyptian myths. Anubis was depicted in black, a color that symbolized both rebirth and the discoloration of the corpse after embalming. His female counterpart is Anput. His daughter is the serpent goddess Kebechet.

(Ancient) Egyptian Superstitions

  • Sweet smelling perfume was believed to attract good spirits, and strong foul odours such as garlic was believed to ward off evil spirits.
  • The Egyptians believed that the ear was a particularly vulnerable organ; allowing demons to easily enter to capture the soul; thus earrings had to be carefully designed in order to disallow malevolent spirits to enter the body.
  • When babies were born they would not be bathed for 2 weeks, in order to deflect the evil eye.
  • Leaving shoes upside down was said to bring forth bad luck.
  • The colour turquoise is said to ward off the evil eye.
  • Do not open and close scissors through empty air for one could be cutting or disturbing the spirits, and once again one could face bad luck.
  • The Egyptians believed that the number 13 brings good fortune.
  • Suddenly awaking someone caused a high risk of their soul to escape their body.
  • If women wanted to create a delectable meal, they would throw salt over their shoulders beforehand. 
  • If a black cat crosses one’s path it will bring bad luck.
  • If a couple wanted good luck in their marriage, the bride would be pinched by all the female attendants on the wedding day. 
  • The belief that a cat had nine lives goes back to Ancient Egypt.

Name: Faoladh, Conroicht

Area of Origin: Ireland

The Faoladh is a non-hostile werewolf found in ancient Irish folklore, believed to protect children and stand guard over wounded men. Prior to the late 1700s when they were eradicated from the country, wolves were widely seen in Ireland, and were prominently featured in their mythology and folklore. Tales were told of saints having the power to curse men and women, turning them into wolves for certain periods of time as punishment for unjust deeds or showing signs of what they perceived as disrespect. The Faoladh are particularly prevalent in the folklore of Ossory, a medieval Irish kingdom; now present day County Kilkenny.

where the lines overlap (m)

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jimin x reader red strings of fate soulmates! au

8.8k words

rated m for dirty talk, creampie kink, idk i just wanted to write a jimin soulmate au but whoops my finger slipped?? :/

recommended music: where the lines overlap by paramore! it’s my favourite paramore song EVER :)

Summary: there’s an ancient Chinese folklore of the red strings of fate that connect one person to another. These two people connected by the red thread are destined lovers, and the magical, invisible thread may tangle or stretch, but it will never sever. You’ve never believed in these mystical threads of fate like everyone else, but one day you suddenly gain the ability to see the threads connecting the people around you.

The door slams shut, jolting you out of your peaceful reverie. If it had been anyone else, you’d be beyond annoyed to be interrupted while doing your weekly readings, but not when it’s him. The person in question knocks gently on your door before peeking his head in, strands of his bleached dove gray hair spilling over into his eyes, and you can’t help but smile at the sight of him.

“Hey, I got dinner on the way back,” Jimin’s cheeks round out into a smile that reaches all the way to the crinkles at the corners of his eyes. Every time he comes home he’s constantly sweaty and worn out, but it’s part and parcel of the life he chose as a dance major.

Tossing aside your notes, you follow him out into the small dining area of your shared apartment, still in your sweats. When he makes a move to sit at the table, you give him a playful swat on his chest.

“Shouldn’t you wash up first? If I’d known you were this gross, I wouldn’t have agreed to room with you two years ago,” you pretend to wrinkle your nose at his sweaty form, all while ignoring the way his shirt is moulded to his chest.

“Says the one still in her sweatpants. Looks like someone isn’t that hungry tonight,” Jimin smirks back, reaching across the table to grab the box of takeout that you were in the midst of opening. “I could totally do with those extra calories after Hoseok hyung cracked down on us today…”

“I’m just kidding Chim,” you hastily snatch back the takeout box just as he opens the lid of it, the delicious smell of hot noodles and fried pork slices wafting into the air. “Oh my god this smells so good, I’ve been starving all day!”

“Wait, Jinwoo didn’t come by? It’s your free day right? I thought he usually comes by to hang out in the afternoons,” Jimin pauses in his chewing to study your expression carefully, but you’re too busy inhaling mouthfuls of stir fried noodles.

“Jinwoo oppa said he was busy today,” you say around a mouthful of vegetables and noodles. “He has that huge midterm coming up next week, so I told him he should stay home and study.”

Jimin looks like he’s about to say something snide about your boyfriend of nearly 6 months, so you stuff a large piece of meat into his mouth instead.

“Yes I know, he was busy last week and the week before that too, but we’ve been dating for a while so we don’t need to see each other so often. We’re over that honeymoon stage already.” You say in a dismissive tone, focusing on chasing the remaining few strands of noodles around with your chopsticks and avoiding his gaze.

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Just how fit are cheerleaders? What fighting styles might suit them best, given the muscles they use the most? Any weapon suggestions? I'm doing some research, but i'm not understanding it. I always understand your blog, though! My character will be fighting monsters larger than her, if that helps any. Thank you in advance! You're the best!


Cheerleading is a sport, especially in the nationally competitive range. It’s like combining dancing with gymnastics except as a choreographed team event. It’s a grueling sport with athletes who are in pretty incredible condition, and like similar sports runs the risk of serious blowouts in the joints which will result in semi-permanent to permanent injury.

When you’re setting up a cheerleading character, the most important thing to remember is that cheerleading is a team sport. This is a character who is better at working with and relying on others than going it alone. The other thing to remember is that they’re athletes. These are driven, competitive, hardworking, and intense personality types when it comes to their sport. These are the girls who ditch their boyfriends for practice (if they have them), and sacrifice their off hours to being the best they can be. Like any athlete training for the pinnacle of they’re sacrificing a lot of personal/life time to be the best they can be. Netflix has the reality show: Cheer Squad, which may help you some. Bring It On is, of course, a classic.

Remember, this is a character who is used to working in a team when under pressure and has a social outlet. They won’t transfer well to working alone, and you’re going to need to either address this or remember to create their cheer buddies. If you want a similar kind of athlete whose sports background primary gears them for working solo when out on in competition then you want a gymnast.

This is part of the real life dynamic where Buffy the Vampire Slayer really lies to you, because if you went with the cheerleader background you’d end up with twenty girls fighting monsters rather than just one. Only one might have superpowers, but you can bet your bottom dollar the others would be ride or die. For the Sisterhood!

So, what does this net you for starting them as a martial artist/monster hunter? It cuts out a lot of the ancillary issues.

We’ve got someone who is: courageous, fearless, a high achiever, nicely conditioned, flexible, with an athletic history which means she’ll breeze through endurance training and the vast majority of basic physical conditioning has been taken care of. She’s got a running start.

You can push her a lot harder in basic training than you can your average recruit who starts with zip. She’s got more control over her body, so she’ll adapt faster. Cheer is just far enough off the basic combat move set that the two shouldn’t conflict too badly when it comes to her currently conditioned reflexes. Coming out of a background in choreography, she’s going to need some retraining for her timing and gets more comfortable with free flowing chaos.

If you wanted a character with parkour for a background, then this is one which can be adapted fairly quickly.

Monster Hunting:

So, you’ve got a big decision to make on the Urban Fantasy front for how this character is going to go about fighting monsters and solving crime. So, I’ll break it down by some of the big supernatural shows.

The “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” - The Buffy modus is essentially fisticuffs. You get a superpowered heroine whose essential means of fighting monsters is punching them out. There are a few other weapons here and there like crossbows, axes, and swords, but guns are persona non grata. You get magic from the support characters and someone else does the research.

In the end, Buffy’s approach to the supernatural is fairly limited on the combat front with the interesting bits happening in other parts of the narrative like the character’s personal relationships. If you want a pure human approaching the supernatural from a combat perspective then Buffy is not right for you.

The “Supernatural” - The Winchester brothers… aren’t quite human, but close enough. This model is The X-Files and Urban Fantasy Private Investigator. Your character is more of a Jack of All Trades. They need to be able to do it all: research, fighting with a primary focus on guns, and investigation (especially in the early seasons). This is “determine what the monster is and figure out how to kill it” mode with the occasional problem that can’t be solved. 

The “Charmed” - Magic is the solution. This is where the primary solution to defeating the monsters is through magic. Magic is the weapon, and the focus, and normal weapons are mostly useless.

Unless they’ve got some sort of special, mystical weapon or a setting clear on its rules, a character who hunts monsters needs a fairly wide array of skills because the ancient monsters of myth, folklore, and fairy tales often require diverse solutions that are all fairly specific.

The decisions between guns or not, the level of technology your character will be using/relying on, their skill at researching and hunting down hidden truths in forgotten folklore, and their flexibility with alternative solutions are all on the table. Whether your setting has a “barrier” between the mundane and supernatural world is also a big decision as that will affect what level of strangeness your character can get away with.

When looking at a “standard” weapon for the character to carry, you want one that will fit a wide variety of situations or the ones the character is most likely to encounter.


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The Jorogumo is a mythical creature from Japanese folklore whose name translates as ‘prostitute spider’. 

The legend comes from the Erdo period and era ruled by shoguns that lasted from 1603 to 1868. When a spider lives for 400 years it gains the ability to grow to the size of a cow and can shape-shift into an attractive young lady. One typical trick it would play to catch a meal would be to transform into an empty inn, house or shrine. Part of it would become an attractive young lady playing on a Biwa and singing beautifully to attract its victim. Some would lure the person in to eat cake and drink sake. She would then get close to her victim and cover his feet in deadly silk from which there was no escape. She like most spiders would then devour him at her own leisure.


<p>JashiWeek : Timeless Tuesday

Reposted with better quality pictures

This is really embarrassing Timeless Tuesday on a Friday, 😥but what was I thinking I could do a comic in a day. After the last samurai jack comic I posted before the finale less just say I was So OVERWHELMED by the amount of likes and reblogs from that little comic 😭from the bottom of my heart thank you.

Now.. this was an idea I had for a while during the 5th season for an epilogue I think a majority of us like to think that Ashi and her sisters sill be reborn again in the new time line long after jack has passed away. So what if one day there just so happens to be a exhibition on ancient Japan and a Morden day Ashi drags her sisters to it, but something catches her eye a old painting depicting the defeat of a ancient evil (according to folklore) by an emperor with no name.

Page 2:
Ashi: thanks for coming guys I know this isnt your sort of thing

Sister: well it was either this or shopping with mom.

Another sister: hah!

Ashi can’t explain it but she feels drawn to it and a certain samurai pays her a visit, happy to see his precious Ashi has had. Chance to live a peaceful life 😢and now I made myself cry

I fully intend to put Wednesday and Thursday up however I think after this I think’ll keep it simple

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Luxray folklore please?

For a while, people believed all Luxray were male and all Pyroar were female. Male Pyroar supposedly only occurred after a Pyroar produced seven cubs with Luxray, making them both rare to find and lucky to own. They were still considered a separate species than Pyroar, though.

Dream Telepathy & Sharing

Dream Telepathy

It is the ability to communicate telepathically with another person while one is dreaming. The first person in modern times to document telepathic dreaming was Sigmund Freud in 1921.

There is a theory that telepathic dreaming can be controlled and done through out of body experiences; for some say that when one dreams, their soul leaves their body and into the “dream world” where all the visions ensue. When in this state, visualising a location can lead to instant O.B.E. (or astral projection) travel, note that this is only for the soul and mind, and is not a physical teleportation.

To communicate with another person during the telepathic dream, another recipient must metaphysically travel as well, to receive actual communication rather than one created by an (uncontrolled) received dream.

In other words, it could be described as a shared lucid dream.

However, this can be potentially (spiritually) dangerous if not correctly done. There may very well be other entities during the travelling that one may meet (such as demons, angels, the dead, etc), and if one loses control of their imagination and the unconscious within the dream world, it can cause a mishandling of expectations; i.e. if one expects an entity (for example another spirit) to be malevolent, then it will be malevolent; the manifested desires would become corrupt. 

Another theory states that there is a “privatedimension, such as personal dreams, and a “publicdimension, which is the dream plane, where one may purposefully take control of their dreams (lucid dreaming, O.B.E., etc). To telepathically communicate with another person, one would have to form a semi-private dimension which is only visitable by confirmed recipients; rather than other entities being able to enter.

Dream Sharing

It is the process of documenting or discussing both night and day dreams with others. One of the primary purposes of sharing dreams is dream interpretation

The sharing of dreams dates back at least as far as 4000-3000 BC in permanent form on clay tablets. In ancient Egypt, dreams were among the items recorded in the form of hieroglyphics. In ancient Egyptian culture dream sharing had a religious context as priests doubled as dream interpreters.

Those whose dreams were especially vivid or significant were thought to be blessed and were given special status in these ancient societies. Likewise, people who were able to interpret dreams were thought to receive these gifts directly from the gods, and they enjoyed a special status in society as well.

The respect for dreams changed radically early in the 19th century, and dreams in that era were often dismissed as reactions to anxiety, outside noises, and indigestion. During this period of time, dreams were thought to have no meaning at all, and interest in dream interpretation all but evaporated. This all changed, however, with the arrival of Sigmund Freud later in the 19th century. Freud stunned the world of psychiatry by stressing the importance of dreams, and he revived the once dead art of dream interpretation.

This is based on the nokken, nokk, or neck (they have a lot of names), water spirits in ancient scandinavian folklore. They usually take on the form of a long-haired young man, and that of a ‘brook horse’, an impressive white horse that lures unwitting victims on its back so it can leap into the water and drown them. Usually considered malevolent spirits, there are a few tales that depict them as playful and harmless; it’s also said that the nokk will teach you their secrets of music if you use the right method of supplication.