ancient dream

Polytheist, pagan and witchy asks

1. How long have you been worshiping?
2. Do you have a deity that is particularly close to you?
3. Whats your favorite tale about your Gods?
4. Do you keep an altar?
5. Do you consider yourself an Oracle?
6. What brought you to your current path?
7. Do you believe in past lives?
8. Do you think plants, animals or stones have spirits?
9. What do you think your afterlife will look like?
10.Who’s your favorite divine power couple?
11. Do you listen to devotional music?
12. What are your views on virginity? Is it worth anything spiritually?
13. What deity do you turn to most in times of trouble?
14. What are your views on dreams? Have they anything to do with divinity or the future?
15. Do you prefer to party and celebrate or quietly observe holidays?
16. Which deity do you find has the biggest sense of humor?
17. What made you choose your religion over any others?
18. Do you have any food or drink that is spiritually important?
19. Do you have any numbers that are spiritually important?
20. Do you believe in fairies, nymphs or nature spirits?

So in dusken insomnia news:

Finally fell asleep at maybe 4 am last night, as per insomnia-usual for some goddamn reason. Had a dream my mom showed up and was like arranging blankets around me (which felt real, I thought my ass was awake) and I asked her why she was here and she said “to get you ready for them” and I was like what and she was like “they’re coming for you”

And when I expressed concern she was like “Oh don’t worry they’ve been coming to you since you were a little girl”

And then my ass woke up