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Urartian Bronze Belt with Winged & Double-Headed Hybrid Creatures, 8th-6th Century BC

This bronze belt bears the strange images of winged sphinx-like and siren-like creatures with the heads of humans, horses, lions and other creatures. Some have the tail of a fish or bird while others have a ram’s head on the tail.


Heya guyz. this time i brought some fan gem babble!

some of you may have seen her on my past posts, but anyway, this is “Ammonite”. she was one of my first fan gem i made and one of my beloved one and now i wanna share my own story and stuff w/ you guys! :>

So, unlike other gems, she is naturally emerged from Earth very long time ago, even before the Homeworld’s colonizing attempt. She was formed from a crystallized remains of an ancient sea dwelling creature and out of extremely low chance she gained self-consciousness and emerged.

She was found by a research team sent by Homeworld before colonization. At first she was very wild, agile and sensitive like a wild animal but after Yellow Diamond took her in and used her as a personal attack dog to hunt down rogue gems she act more like a very skilled hunter. But still very wild compare to other gems, also sometimes she even act like a predator.

Initially, Yellow Diamond’s plan was to replicate Ammonite for massive army of feral warriors but due to her origin, it was very hard to reproduce Ammonite to the point where it’s too much inefficient. So, to dispose odd one, Yellow Diamond sent Ammonite on a suicide mission after another. However, to Ammonite, Yellow Diamond was the master who gave her a reason for her existence after so many centuries living like an animal, so she did everything she can to pleases her by succeeding her tasks.

Eventually, Ammonite find herself on Earth on a mission to destroy a group of rogue gems and retrieve a Rose Quartz. Ammonite put up a good fight against Crystal Gems, but eventually she was defeated and this is when Ammonite found out she was abandoned by Yellow Diamond. Cast out after all her work and devotion just because she was old and odd, Ammonite was in deep distraught and once again found herself without purpose of existence. That is until Steven try he’s best to comfort her and convince her that she can find her place on Earth somehow. So, she try her best to find her place after leaving Earth so many ages ago.

Her weapon is Atlatl(Spear Thrower). Spear and Atlatl itself can be used separately as a Short Spear and a Club. Her spear can also Detonate on impact and she knows lot of tricks about traps.

As you can see, she is kind of intense person to begin with but as she slowly opens herself to others you can see her being a considerate, caring person. She is just kinda edgy around unfamiliar people. Also, when it comes to a conflict, she’s kinda lean to physical force rather than conversation and peaceful method because she just can’t understand the need of unnecessary effort  when there’s an easy way to produce same result. this is one of the issue that Steven works on with her, and as the time goes she gets around… slowly.

Currently she’s living on Mask Island among trees and ocean. She love being around nature because she find it more comfy and being home. Occasionally, Steven and Connie visits her, and Connie loves to learn about wild surviving skills from Ammonite. At first Ammonite was little bit uncomfortable about Connie but she quickly found her quite likeable.

Also she is quite familiar with eating food from the first place, because that was what she did back on Old Earth. But she is unfamiliar with sweet, salty kinda modern foods so every time Steven introduce her to new foods, it’s quite an adventure to her. 

Lastly, well… she does Haka dances and being close friend with one of Watermelon Stevens.. she eats bugs..?

Humans Are Weird

On the whole Humans are Weird thing.

If we take the accumulation of many of the Earth is Space Australia and Humans Are Space Orcs / Doc Brown / Hold My Beer Crazy / Obsessive Pack Bonders to it’s logical conclusion in terms of *the other aliens*, then it made me realise something.

Earth would be terrifyingly biodiverse to most of them.

Because they’re not as robust as us.  They’re more risk-averse.  They don’t pack bond like we do.

Aliens that evolved from prey animals wipe out most of the predators on their planet as soon as they’re able to, and heavily cull most of the non-sapient prey species that they don’t tame for labour or leather or other materials.  Predator-based aliens breed a select few species for sport and food, and mostly get rid of the rest.  Insects that bite or sting or are poisonous or don’t directly benefit them by maintaining their crops or the crops their food eats get wiped out, as do toxic and non-beneficial plants.  Forests are replaced by orchards, woodlands by farms and meadows by intricate little gardens, at least for the alien species with a sense of aesthetics.

Oh, there’s sometimes a period of some unease or upheaval once the realities of ecosystems are made known to them, but you’d be amazed how easy it is to bioengineer a species of tame, non-stinging multi-purpose pollinator.  And once all the other animals are whittled down to only the ones useful for the materials or food they produce, you can manage their numbers and food needs quite easily.

Some of the more daring alien species maintain zoos of select numbers of the more visually interesting wild creatures, carefully bred to maintain genetic diversity even at staggeringly low population levels.  Some of the more aggressive ones keep museums decked with the articulated skeletons of the more exciting animals they “conquered”. 

Hive aliens have the worst worlds.  There are some planets where the original biodiversity has been whittled down to nothing more than a half dozen varieties of fungi.

Humans might pack-bond readily with other aliens, but they almost never settle on worlds already established by other species, and rarely form terraforming teams with other species - at least not after the first time, when they saw what the other aliens thought of as terraforming. 

Meanwhile, aliens are terrified and horrified at the idea of settling on a human-settled world.  Don’t you know?  Humans managed to successfully wipe out wild boar, wolves and bears from some areas, only to *intentionally reintroduce those massively dangerous creatures* a couple centuries later!  Humans discovered the ancient remains of creatures with teeth larger than they were, and spent several centuries post-spaceflight trying eagerly to set up zoo worlds with genetically restored versions of them *for entertainment purposes*.  Humans have even dedicated entire small moons and planetoids to “conservation space” and do not replace the flora and fauna of newly colonised worlds with their own native species.


Fun Fact Friday!

If not for giant sloths, we might not have avocados to enjoy today.

Prehistoric ground sloths first appeared around 35 million years ago. Dozens of species lived across North, Central and South America, alongside other ancient creatures like mastodons and giant armadillos. Some ground sloths, like the megalonychid, were cat-sized, but many were massive. The Megalonyx weighed about a ton, and that was small compared to megatherium, which could reach six metric tons, as much as an elephant. They ambled through the forests and savannas using their strong arms and sharp claws to uproot plants and climb trees, grazing on grasses, leaves, and prehistoric avocados. Smaller animals couldn’t swallow the avocado’s huge seed, but the sloths could,and they spread avocado trees far and wide.

Can we get a ‘thank you giant sloths!’?

From the TED-Ed Lesson Why are sloths so slow? - Kenny Coogan

Animation by Anton Bogaty

#76- Wing Kink (Destiel)

Requested by @sevenbillionpeoplebabe for my kink list (master list here).

Word Count: 1100ish

Warning: wing kink, smut

A/N: Enjoy! XOXO

“Hello, Dean.”

Dean trembles at the sounds of Cas’ voice.

He’ll never admit it out loud, and he’s grateful that Cas never mentions it when he gets like this. It makes him feel too open, too visible, when he gets in these moods, and he isn’t sure he could handle his present state being acknowledged. But he can’t help it and can’t stop it.

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