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Twenty Centuries of Mexican Art (1940)

Curated by three of Mexico’s leading art historians along with the painter Miguel Covarrubias, “Twenty Centuries of Mexican Art” had originally been intended for a French museum, but was rerouted to New York due to the risk posed by shipping precious artworks by sea during World War II. This unparalleled exhibition featured some 5,000 examples of ancient, colonial, folk, and modern Mexican art. It filled the entire Museum and even extended into the courtyard, where MoMA staged an open-air Mexican market with stalls selling ceramics, leather goods, and other crafts, flanked by a series of giant pre-colonial statues. Perhaps the central attraction of this lush presentation was the presence of muralist José Clemente Orozco, who worked over a period of 10 days on the 9 x 18" fresco Dive Bomber and Tank as crowds watched. The exhibition has a lasting legacy at MoMA: among its holdings of Mexican modernism are works by 54 of the artists represented.

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[José Clemente Orozco with his fresco “Dive Bomber and Tank,” commissioned by MoMA during the exhibition “Twenty Centuries of Mexican Art,” May 15–September 30, 1940. Photographic Archive. The Museum of Modern Art Archives, New York.]

POZZUOLI-Macellum of the ancient Roman colony of Puteoli (markets.) This area has been affected by Bradyseism in which a volcanic magma chamber sits directly below. 1st-2nd century A.D.

Britannia and her Whole Family Making Lunch
  • Britannia: okay everyone, let's make the best lunch today! I'm starving!
  • England: how about we make scones-
  • America: how about we not? Let's make something more edible, yay!
  • England: shut up you idiot!
  • Britannia: Ire, honey, what would you like to make?
  • Ireland: well... how about something with potatoes?
  • North Ireland: yay, potatoes!
  • America: then we can at MEAT!!
  • Canada: ... can I make pancakes with ice cream for dessert?
  • Britannia: Of course, poppet~
  • Scotland: I'll make the sausages and meat.
  • Hong Kong: I'll just be watching from a safe distance over.... here.
  • Australia: Hey, Hong Kong, why are you holding your cell phone, and the cutting board as shield?
  • Hong Kong: I want to record family time...
  • New Zealand: Australia, help me cut the kiwis.
  • Australia: I thought you don't eat your national animal, New Zealand.
  • Hutt River: he meant the fruit, big brother.
  • Australia: ahhhhh.... Anyways, look what I found while driving to here, a KANGAROO!
  • Australia: .... yeah, so?
  • England: WE'RE GOING TO EAT THAT?!?!?
  • Britannia: Does it still have the fat and meat inside?
  • Australia: ... I think the meat is mixed with the oil from the car, but yeah, it still has meat.
  • Wy: There is no way I'M going to EAT a dead Kangaroo you crashed on the street!!!
  • Britannia: hmmmm... I think it's still edible though... if we wash the blood off, that is.
  • Wales: Mum, please think logically.
  • Molossia: erm... Hey you fuckers, I think the fucking oven is on fire.
  • America: we need to talk about your swearing- OH MY DEAR LORD, IT'S ON FIRE!!!
  • England: Someone get the fire hydrant, now!
  • Canada: ....where...?
  • Canada: OW! I'm not America!!
  • Wales: erm... everyone... I think something is moving...
  • England: is that.... the food...?
  • Everyone: ....?
  • Sealand: IT'S ALIVE!!!
  • Ireland: sorry, reflexes.
  • Britannia: Don't worry sweeties, I'll protect you from it!
  • England: mum, I don't think it will harm us- OH MY GOD, MOTHER!! DON'T USE AN AXE IN THE KITCHEN!!!
  • Ireland: someone call 911 or something!
  • America: 911 is only in my country.
  • England: kitchen....
  • Hong Kong: this is glorious, I can't, like, believe I'm getting this on tape!
  • America: OH MY GOD, IT GREW TEETH!!! GAHHHH!!!
  • New Zealand: THAT'S NOT GOING TO HELP, MUM!!
  • Hong Kong: ... good thing I have the ambulance, the fire department, the CIA, people of area 51, and China sensei on speed-dial... I wonder if I should upload this on youtube....

anonymous asked:

why compared to other europeans/americans do Italians know so much about roman-greek classics, mythology or art and philosophy in high school? are those mandatory subject to study bc I've heard you have different types of high school in Italy that sound like dystopian schools

lmao nope, classics are no obligation nor mandatory subject to study AT ALL in italy - history of philosophy is, but only for certain high schools. this made me laugh a lot (and with a lot of bitterness involved too) because i’m afraid it’s become quite the contrary here: classics and art studies in high school are slowly but inexorably disappearing.

basically, italian high schools follow the philosophy of what we call “indirizzo” which in english i would translate with something like “direction”. different high schools types have different studies “directions”, which usually should meet the student personal inclinations - even tho there are obligatory subjects that are the same for each one, like math for example. ln other words, certain high schools are more focused on arts, others on the scientific subjects, others on music and so on and you can pick the one you like the most.

it sounds great the way i’ve just described it, i know, but the ugly truth is that only certain types of high schools are really “valid” (the most difficult ones, to be more specific) and the other types, which really sound amazing like the “liceo artistico” (arts high school) or the “liceo di scienze umane” (human sciences high school) have really become just the gathering centre of every dumbass who has no intention to study anything at all, ever. the consequence is, they are now considered really low-standard, stupid-people high schools, with not even valid teachers. of course there are exceptions, but this is becoming the general reality.

the only two high schools types that are still highly considered in italy are the “liceo scientifico” (scientific high school) and the “liceo classico” (classics lyceum), of which the “liceo classico” is considered the highest-standart, genius-people school in italy - because it’s the most difficult. everything is focused on the classics, especially ancient greek grammar and translation.

now, i went to the liceo classico myself, the very same one umberto eco attended, which has always had a really terrific reputation, like a really A+ school which demanded blood from its students. and i have to say while i went there it was still pretty much like that, even if rich people’s kids were the priority and had better grades even tho they were totally idiots, but that’s the liceo classico as it’s always been. the power of money and all that. it’s a rich people kind of school too.

but now everything is changing, the result of all this selection and demanding behavior is that no one is attending the liceo classico as an high school type anymore. nowadays a really tough school with tough rules and ancient kind of behaviors is endured really poorly by the new generations, which have generally really zero love or interest for the classics. for example, even six years ago i was the only one in my class who went to the liceo classico because actually loved the classics - all my classmates were put there by force by their families, because that was the “best school” you can be going to. but my generations was like, “ok i have to endure this pain but i’ll try”, now the new liceo classico’s kids are like “no way, fuck this shit”. and the number of registrations have drastically dropped and all the standards and all the selections and all the A+ teaching dropped with them. my high school now is unrecognizable. they don’t even translate greek anymore. they study badly half of the things i used to study. and everyone here believes in ten years the liceo classico as a type of high school will eventually disappear.

it’s really sad.

especially because, to answer your first question, i think the reason italian people “compared to other europeans/americans” know so much about greek/roman classics it’s because we actually are the greeks’ and romans’ heirs, just as much as modern greeks are. it’s in our culture, in our blood, classics are not just merely subjects to us, they are our roots. don’t forget italy wasn’t only the homeland of the roman empire, but just as much as the ancient greeks’ colonies, the Μεγάλη Ἑλλάς, the Great Greece. we have ancient greek ruins here, temples, myths, stories, even words - even our language is a classics result. and then, consider too that rome itself inherited everything, morally and culturally and philosophically descended if you want, from the ancient greek world. so we are so fucking deeply connected to the classics that to completely explain to you how much i should probably write you several encyclopedias and still it wouldn’t be enough. my father used to tell me greek myths as bedtime stories, ok? the classics are a matter of cultural inheritance for italian people, in my opinion. that’s why i totally can’t get the way the liceo classico was and still is handled here. it will disappear. and it really sounds like desecration to me.

The discovery of a singular moth prompts a journey to Tanah-Chook, a tomb-colony with ancient roots. Assist an Ebullient Undertaker in her final duties. Investigate what befell the Third City’s revolutionaries. And learn the fiercest complaint of the dead.

All Things Must End is the second story in the Season of Ruins, and was written by Olivia Wood and designed by Caolain Porter. This season, experience three stories involving the cities that fell before London. You can begin each from the Season of Ruins: Tormented Dreams card.

At the end of the season, players who have completed all three will take a step further, unlocking bonus content concerning the Manager of the Royal Bethlehem Hotel, and the thing that has taken roost in his oldest dreams.

Editing and QA: Chris Gardner, Cash Decuir and James Chew.

Art by Toby Cook.


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A Brief History of Cinnamon

In ancient times, the origins of cinnamon were a mystery to the Western world, and Arab merchants wanted to keep it that way. To hike up the price, they spun an elaborate tale, claiming that giant birds collected cinnamon sticks from far-off lands and used them to build nests on cliffs. To get the precious sticks, traders laid out massive chunks of ox meat, which the birds grabbed and carried to their nests. But because the slabs were so large, the nests would collapse, allowing the clever merchants to collect their prize.

And Europeans believed the story! For hundreds of years, they thought that giant birds were the only known source of cinnamon sticks! That is, until the late 1400s when the Portuguese found the real source of cinnamon—lush groves in Sri Lanka. Once they’d figured it out, the Portuguese struck a deal with the Sri Lankans to monopolize the trade and built a fort there to protect their assets. They were displaced by the Dutch in 1658, who were subsequently displaced by the Brits in 1796. But by then, the trees had been exported worldwide, so there was little need to fight over Sri Lanka, a tiny island nation far from Portugal or the Netherlands or Britain.


This is an excerpt from my post: KIEVAN RUS: PART 2 – DYING LIGHT IN A DARK AGE.

After defeating and subjugating the Volga Bulgars (Turkish Muslims) in 985 CE, the Bulgars sent envoys to Vladimir (986 CE) which told him: “Though you are a wise and prudent prince, you have no religion. Adopt our faith, and revere Mahomet” (Primary Chronicle). Out of curiosity he inquired about their religion. Although the Muslim envoys expressed that the prophet “Mahomet will give each man 70 fair women” (P.C.), the need for circumcision and abstinence from pork and wine was too much of a penalty in his eyes: “Drinking is the joy of the Russes. We cannot exist without that pleasure” (P.C.).

The next envoys to speak with him were Catholic Germans (Holy Roman Empire) sent by the Pope, the Pope’s message was that “Your country is like our country, but your faith is not as ours. For our faith is the light. We worship God, who has made heaven and earth, the stars, the moon, and every creature, while your gods are only wood” (P.C.). Inquiring about them Vladimir was told that they practiced “Fasting according to one’s strength. But whatever one eats or drinks is all to the glory of God, as our teacher Paul has said” (P.C.). Vladimir dismissed them stating that “Then Vladimir answered, “Depart hence; our fathers accepted no such principle” (P.C.).

The third to arrive were envoys from the Jewish Khazar Khaganate (Turkish steppe nomads) who replied that they required circumcision, observing the Sabbath, and abstinence from pork and hare. When Vladimir asked them about where their holy city of Jerusalem was they responded that “God was angry at our forefathers and scattered us among the gentiles (“non-Jews”, “heathens”, “pagans”) on account of our sins. Our land was then given to Christians” (P.C.) Vladimir responded that “How can you hope to teach others while you yourselves are cast out and scattered abroad by the hand of God? If God loved you and your faith, you would not be thus dispersed in foreign lands. Do you expect us to accept that fate also?” (P.C.).

^ Ivan Eggink’s painting represents Vladimir listening to the Orthodox priests, while the papal envoy stands aside in discontent.

The fourth and final sent was a Byzantine Greek scholar on behalf of Orthodox Christianity then arrived and spoke harshly about each religion. The Greek scholar then went on artfully preaching and lecturing to Vladimir about the bible, their faith, life after death and judgement day. The Greek scholar told the prince that “If you desire to take your place upon the right with the just, then accept baptism” (P.C.). The Greek scholar won him over but Vladimir wanted to continue learning about these faith before deciding so he gave the scholar many gifts then dismissed him.

The next year (987 CE) Vladimir sent ten “good and wise men” to investigate these religions further within their own domains since no man speaks negatively of their own faith when trying to convert another into it. They were not impressed until they went off towards Tsargrad (Constantinople) which left them in awe. Before Vladimir, his retainers and the elders, the envoys spoke:

Then we went to Greece, and the Greeks led us to the edifices where they worship their God, and we knew not whether we were in heaven or on earth. For on earth there is no such splendor or such beauty, and we are at a loss how to describe it. We only know that God dwells there among men, and their service is fairer than the ceremonies of other nations. For we cannot forget that beauty” – Primary Chronicle.

Vladimir’s boyars added that:

If the Greek faith were evil, it would not have been adopted by your grandmother Olga, who was wiser than all other men.” – Primary Chronicle.

Some see this simply as a tale intended to explain their religious origins while elevating Orthodox Christianity and insulting the other religions. In retrospect the decision to convert to any religion had a very strategically impact. As trade with the Muslim world had declined, the nearest Jewish realm (Khazars) had greatly weakened and the Catholic world seemed a distant thought which paled in comparison to the aid that the Orthodox Byzantines could provide them. 

The Orthodox Byzantines were the main trade partner that the Rus relied upon; they were rich, boasted powerful armies and by aligning oneself with the Byzantines the Rus would be on better terms with the Turkish steppe nomads. Another advantage granted was that Vladimir would have greater power and authority than he had previously as he would then be seen as a semi-holy figure given the right to rule by the heavens, no longer would he be referred to as Kniaz (“prince”) but Veliki Kniaz (“great prince”) instead. Truly, the Byzantines were the greatest choice available to the Rus at the time so the choice to convert to Orthodox Christianity was simple.

However, the Byzantine Empire was in dire straits as they were plagued by enemies and conflicts both foreign and domestic. Vladimir captured the rebel Byzantine city of Korsun (ancient Greek colony of Chersonesus) in the lower Crimean Peninsula and told the Byzantines that he would return it in exchange for the Byzantine Emperor Basil II’s sister’s hand in marriage (Anna Porphyrogenita). There are accounts that state Vladimir also aided the Byzantine Emperor against his enemies by, in the winter of 989 CE, sending a fleet of six-thousand Rusians to help Byzantine Emperor Basil II against rebels, usurpers and pretenders.

^ ‘The Baptism of Vladimir’ by Viktor Vasnetsov.

Upon his return to Kiev, Vladimir began his attempt to destroy and stamp out paganism in Kievan Rus. He ordered all pagan shrines, alters and idols destroyed with the latter being dragged towards and discarded into nearby rivers. He then went on to the city of Korsun with priests and his Byzantine princess, there a multitude of peoples greeted them and went into the waters where they were baptized. Pagan centers of worship were dismantled and replaced with Christian ones. Vladimir also “took the children of the best families, and sent them for instruction in book-learning” (P.C.).

In 989 CE, Vladimir ordered the building of a grand basilica (Desyatinnaya; Church of the Blessed Virgin of the Tithe) dedicated to the Virgin Mary within the capital city of Kiev, this church constructed by Greek artisans (completed in 996 CE) and was served by Khersonian priests. Vladimir’s grandmother Olga’s remains were reburied within this church as well as his own and that of his Byzantine princess Anna after their death. Vladimir even had the poor and beggars visit his palace to receive food, drink and valuable skins. The weak and sick that were unable to visit didn’t miss out as Vladimir had wagons taken throughout the city which were loaded with bread, meat, fish, fruits, mead and kvass.

These desecrations of pagan sites and pressure to convert did not sit well with the Rusians which is apparent by the numerous riots that arose. One of the greatest arose from Novgorod, the second most important Rusian city, but these riots were quickly quelled, pagan places of worship were destroyed and the city was forced to convert to Orthodox Christianity. 

In the year 6497 [989] Vladimir was baptized, and all Russian land [as well]. And [they] appointed a metropolitan [to serve] in Kiev, and an archbishop – in Novgorod”. 

And the archbishop Joachim the Korsunian came over to Novgorod, and destroyed the altars, chopped down the idol of Perun, and ordered it to be dragged into Volhov, tying [it] with ropes, dragging [it] on dirt, beating [it] with sticks, and [Joachim the Korsunian] ordered everyone not to accept it [the idol] anywhere [i.e. not to pull it ashore]”. – Novgorod First Chronicle.

^ ‘The Baptism of Kievans’ by Klavdiy Lebedev.

If there are any errors please privately inbox me so I can update it. As always, if you’d like to read or learn about any specific historical subjects just let me know what they are and I will take note of them.

See Also:

  • KIEVAN RUS: PART 1 – NORTHERN ENIGMA OF THE MIDDLE AGES: In this post I will be covering the early portion of the medieval realm known as Kievan Rus (pronounced ‘Roos’); a multiethnic and cultural realm incorporating the Norse, Slavs, Turks, Balts and Finno-Ugrians. A realm centered around the many rivers that were riddled throughout its domains and led them to the riches of the Byzantine Empire, Silverland (Islamic Middle East) and the Baltic Sea. The culture, battle tactics and armaments of the ancient Slavs are addressed as well as the Druzhina (personal bodyguards and standing army). Also mentioned are some of the conflicts the Rus had with one another, the Greeks (Byzantine Empire), Bulgarians and Turkish steppe nomads. 
  • KIEVAN RUS: PART 2 – DYING LIGHT IN A DARK AGE: In this post I will cover some of the civil wars, wars of succession and familicide that plagued Kievan Rus; their peak under leaders like Vladimir the Great (who unified the Rus and made Orthodox Christianity their official religion) and Yaroslav the Wise (while Europe was in a dark age, he made Kievan Rus a beacon of knowledge, literacy, trade and faith); Kievan Rus’ shattering into various feuding states, their clash against the Mongols and their rarely spoken of religion. The Chernye Klobuki (Turkish mercenaries) and the Varangian Guard (Norse, Slavic, Germanic, etc.) are also noted; the latter were warriors employed by the Byzantine Empire to act as the Emperor’s trusted personal guard and on occasion they acted as pirate hunters, policemen, jailers, prison guards, torturers and interrogators.

#EmeraldTablets by @DonnyArcade feat @thereallayziebone. The history of the tablets translated in the following pages is strange and beyond the belief of modern scientists. Their antiquity is stupendous, dating back some 36,000 years B.C. The writer is Thoth, an Atlantean Priest-King, who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of the mother country. He was the builder of the Great Pyramid of Giza, erroneously attributed to Cheops. In it he incorporated his knowledge of the ancient wisdom and also securely secreted records and instruments of ancient Atlantis. The ten are divided into thirteen parts for the sake of convenience. The last two are so great and far-reaching in their import that at present it is forbidden to release them to the world at large. However, in those contained herein are secrets which will prove of inestimable value to the serious student. They should be read, not once, but 100 times for only thus can the true meaning be revealed. A casual reading will give glimpses of beauty, but more intensive study will open avenues of wisdom to the seeker. They consist of twelve tablets of emerald green, formed from a substance created through alchemical transmutation.They are imperishable, resistant to all elements and substances. In effect, the atomic and cellular structure is fixed, no change ever taking place. In this respect, they violate the material law of ionization. Upon them are engraved characters in the ancient Atlantean language: characters which respond to attuned thought waves, releasing the associated mental vibration in the mind of the reader. The wisdom contained therein is the foundation of the ancient mysteries. And for the one who reads with open eyes and mind, his wisdom shall be increased 100 fold. Man’s search for understanding of the laws which regulate his life has been unending, yet always just beyond the veil which shields the higher planes from material man’s vision the truth has existed, ready to be assimilated bythose who enlarge their vision by turning inward, not outward, in their search. Read. Believe or not, but read. And the vibration found therein will awaken a response in your soul. @4biddenknowledge

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Ancient Greek writers and thinkers, like Herodotus and Xenophon, who lived under the Persian Empire knew that the opposition to slavery, religious tolerance, a humanitarian concern for the welfare of all peoples, and a Cosmopolitan openness to learning from other cultures were Persian ideals. They were grounded in the worship of Wisdom preached by Zarathustra and became state policy under Cyrus and Darius. This tradition survived the vicissitudes of centuries of history, influencing Roman Europe through Mithraism and guiding the statecraft of Khosrow Anoushiravan – one of the late great Persian Emperors in the century before the Arab-Muslim Conquest of Iran. There is an agenda to erasing this heritage: it allows de-colonial theorists to claim that only non-white people can be colonized, and to demonize white colonialism by excluding the benevolent Persian Empire from the history of the white world. Iran’s glorious history – that of Rumi’s folk – puts the lie to their claim that Caucasian superiority in science, technology, and the arts always came at the expense of exploited non-white peoples.

-Jason Reza Jorjani


Ancient Worlds - BBC Two 

Episode 5 “The Republic of Virtue”

Selinunte (the ancient Selinus of the Greeks), on the southern coast of Sicily, Italy, was a notable Greek city. 

Ancient Selinus was founded by Doric Greek colonists from Sicily’s Megara Hyblea between 650 and 630 BC and it was destroyed in 409 BC. It was one of the most progressive Greek cities in Sicily, second in importance only to Syracuse, and famous throughout Magna Graecia.

In 409 most of Sicily’s other Greek cities were in decline after years of fighting, with their armies weak and disorganized. Among these were Agrigento (Akragas) and Syracuse, Selinunte’s allies. This opened an opportunity for Carthage, who controlled parts of western Sicily and had a great interest in the island. The Carthaginians sent over a vast army and after a nine-day siege Selinunte was taken and most of the defenders put to the sword while the majority of the remaining citizens were taken into slavery. Although the city was repopulated somewhat by the Carthiginians, it never achieved its former beauty, power or prestige. Before the close of the first Punic War with Rome in 250 BC, the Carthaginians removed all the inhabitants of Selinunte to Lilybaeum and destroyed the city. It seems certain that it was never rebuilt.

The Greek archaeological site of Selinunte contains several temples centered on an acropolis.


Archaeological site of Selinunte, province of Trapani, Sicily, Italy

The signs as Steven Universe locations

Aries: Sand Fortress, Sky Spire

Taurus: Garnet’s room, Geode

Gemini: The Kindergarden, Ice Cavern

Cancer: Pearls room, The Beach

Leo: The Desert, Roses Secret Armory

Virgo: The Temple, Roses Fountain

Libra: The Communication Hub, Pyramid Temple

Sagittarius: Gem Battlefield, The big donut

Scorpio: Amethysts room, Ancient Sky Arena

Capricorn: Ancient Gem Colony ship, Lions Dimension (Lions mane)

Aquarius: The Galaxy Warp, Facet Five

Pisces: Mask Island, Sea Shrine

Trouble Is My Middle Name (Leonard McCoy Imagine)

Originally posted by blackdogs-world

“Young Kirk, do you read?” The voice of your older brother came over your transmitter, and you rolled your eyes at his referral of you as the “Young Kirk”. Typical Jim.

“Yeah, I read. But I swear to God, Jim, if you don’t stop referring to me as “Young Kirk”, I’m gonna tear you a new one when I get back,” You replied to the transmitter. Back on board the Enterprise, most of the bridge crew that was listening chuckled at your feisty attitude. You were the only one who could talk to the Captain that way without dire consequences. Jim swallowed a bit nervously, knowing that your threats were often to be taken literally, before letting out and awkward chuckle, “Alright, I’m sorry (Y/N). Just focus on the mission, I want my baby sister to get back safely so our mother doesn’t kill me for putting you in danger.” 

You rolled your eyes before replying, “Last time I checked, I volunteered for this because, first of all, I WANTED to, and second, I don’t need you telling me what to do.” You were on a nearby planetoid, currently exploring a bit of uncharted territory and taking samples of different exotic flora as well as samples of the ground to see what it was composed of. Of course, when you volunteered, there were quite a few people who thought it too dangerous for somebody as young as you, but most of them were a bit too scared to voice their thoughts. Except for one.

“(Y/N), have you lost your mind?!” Leonard “Bones” McCoy had exclaimed, clearly disapproving of your decision. Bones was your closest friend on the Enterprise, which surprised almost everybody including Jim; you and Bones were polar opposites. You were spirited, outgoing, optimistic and loved taking chances whenever the opportunity presented itself, kind of like your brother. Bones, however, was pessimistic, cynical and was overly cautious when making decisions. Yet, somehow, you had cracked the Chief Medical Officer’s hard shell and had gotten to know him and the two of you became great friends. But the thing was, recently, you had realized that your feelings for Bones were WAY more than friendly. 

“No more than usual,” you had replied with a giant grin on your face, causing Bones to give an annoyed huff as he walked after you, “(Y/N), this is an unknown planetoid. We’re talking about all kinds of unknown anomalies and diseases that could kill you in hundreds of different, gruesome ways, diseases we’ve never heard or treated before and therefore have no way of curing!” “I know! Isn’t it amazing?!” You exclaimed happily, chuckling quietly to yourself because you knew how badly this was rubbing him the wrong way. 

You were right, it did rub him the wrong way. Because immediately after you said that, you felt a heavy hand on your shoulder before you were spun around and face-to-face with Bones. Except, instead of his typical annoyed expression, you saw true worry and……..was that fear? “(Y/N), please, I’m begging you. Don’t do this,” Bones said quietly, his voice filled with many different emotions, “I-I can’t lose you.” Your eyes widened at this, and you felt your heart practically melting in your chest at his words. You looked up at him, before gently cupping his cheek with your hand, “Bones……don’t worry. I’ll be alright. And even if something happens, I’ll have you to help me. Right?” At this, Bones cleared his throat before nodding his head, “Yeah. Yeah, I’ll be there.” You smiled up at him before taking his hands in yours and squeezing them comfortingly, “That’s what I like to hear. It’ll be fine.”

After that, you and Bones no longer brought up the subject, and so, here you were. On the planetoid, in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a phaser, a warp beacon, and a bunch of trinkets you could use in case you needed a quick escape or a makeshift weapon. Meanwhile, Bones had joined the others on the bridge, and had taken a seat, shifting nervously every few seconds as he watched your vital signs on the screen along with listening to your transmissions. His heart was pounding violently in his chest as he kept his eyes glued to the screen; at any second, your heartbeat monitor would show the flatline, and in an instant, he would lose you. Sure, you may have been Jim’s little sister, but to Bones, you were so much more. You were a friend, his best friend, his other half. As reluctant as he had been to admit it to himself, after what happened the last time he had done so, he was in love with you. And Jim clearly knew, because every time Bones spoke to you, Jim would smirk at him or wink, as if encouraging him to make a move.

“Bones, you alright?” Jim’s voice suddenly snapped Bones back to reality, and he looked up at the Captain before shrugging, “I’m not looking forward to maybe ending up having to put pieces of your sister back together.” At this, Jim gave a bit of a small smile, “Neither am I, Bones. But you know (Y/N).” “Yeah. I know (Y/N),” Bones sighed, looking back at the screen where your vitals were displayed. Jim watched his friend carefully; he knew that Bones felt something for you that was clearly stronger than friendship. And he knew that you returned those feelings. If it were anybody else, Jim probably would’ve been way less accepting of the developing relationship, but deep down he was glad that you fell for Bones. Jim knew Bones would take good care of you if either of you actually built up the courage to tell the other about their feelings. 

You were continuing to tread carefully through what looked like a forest, you phaser at the ready to stun anything that attempted to come near or attack you. However, suddenly, you realized that the sound of crunching branches and leaves underfoot had disappeared, and was replaced by what sounded like shoes on tiles. You looked down slowly to see exactly that; a path of tiles, leading down a path under a canopy of trees to what looked very much like an old temple. You switched your transmitter back on, “Jim? I think I’ve found something.” At the sound of your voice, Bones shot straight out of the chair, his eyes still trained on your picture on the screen; a simple headshot that was used as your identification picture alongside your vitals. “What’s up, (Y/N)?” Jim replied, leaning forward in his Captain’s chair curiously. You breathed out slowly as you approached the building, “It looks like a temple. I think it’s abandoned.”

“Captain, your sister’s reports could be very valid. Based off of the knowledge we have already accumulated over the years about this planetoid suggests that an ancient colony once resided there and had built many such houses of worship. This could very well be one of them,” Spock spoke up from his station, standing up before walking over to the Captain. Jim turned to look at him, “Are there any dangers?” At this, Spock cocked his head slightly to one side, remaining quiet for a couple moments as he pondered the possibilities, “Well, that ancient colony might have been protective of their ideals and spiritual values. It is very possible that they installed traps or something of the sort, meant to either entrap or end the life of any intruders.”  

Right at that moment, you had stepped foot inside the temple. However, before you could even take a second step, there was a loud series of noises, and the opening to the temple sealed itself, trapping you inside. Unknowingly, as you tried to open the door, you had switched on your transmitter. Everybody on the bridge could suddenly hear you pounding on the door, trying frantically to get out. Then, from behind you came a loud blast, and there was suddenly a searing pain going through your shoulder. You let out a scream as you dropped down, clutching your shoulder; you had been shot. “Freaking traps!” you muttered, hissing in pain as you quickly got to your feet and started to use your trinkets to hoist yourself upwards off the floor. Meanwhile, on the bridge, Bones stood up and raced over, his heart pounding frantically in his chest, your scream echoing in his mind, “What did she mean, “traps”? What’s happening, Jim?!” 

Jim spun around, his eyes wide and his face pale, “She set off some of the booby traps that were rigged in the temple. She’s trying to get out now.” With that, he turned to his head navigator, “Chekov! Can we beam her back?” “No, Keptin! She needs to turn on her varp beacon in order for us to be able to beam her back. She also needs to get out of ze temple, or else eet vill be impossible!” Chekov replied, frantically typing away at his station as he tried to do whatever he could. Bones looked at Jim with a look that screamed despair, and Jim quickly contacted you, “(Y/N)! You need to get out of there! We can’t beam you back if you’re still in there and you need to activate your beacon!” 

“I’m already ahead of you. Being shot isn’t fun, Jim!” You groaned in reply, attempting to swing towards a window you had spotted. You threw your heaviest trinket, which shattered the window and offered you a way out. You began to swing more aggressively, and when you had just enough momentum, you let go, letting out a yell as you soared out the window. However, your momentum carried you a bit too far and you ended up slipping off the ledge, 30 feet up off the ground. You managed to grab onto the ledge with one hand, and you let out a scream as you dangled helplessly. You struggled to hang onto the ledge, while your other hand went straight for your warp beacon. You managed to press the button, sending off the signal to the Enterprise to beam you up. 

“There it eez, Keptin! The signal!” Chekov exclaimed, causing Jim to stand up, “Let’s get her back on this ship!” Bones started to sprint towards the warp bay, knowing that you were gonna need medical assistance. He was feeling scared, relieved, and angry that you had volunteered to do something so dangerous. As he ran into the warp bay, he saw you appearing on the platform; your whole left shoulder was drenched in blood, and your face was covered in cuts and bruises from when you flew out the window and made contact with the ledge. You were breathing heavily, and you gave a small smile as you spotted Bones, “See? Told you I’d make it back!”

At this, Bones felt like he was going to explode; you nearly died and here you were, cracking jokes? “I knew it! I knew you were going to get into trouble!” Bones grumbled as he ran over, picking you up by scooping you into his arms, bridal style. You gave a quiet chuckle, “I’m a Kirk, Bones. Trouble is my middle name.” If he hadn’t been so angry about the whole situation, Bones probably would’ve laughed. But instead, he took you to the infirmary. Jim, who had joined you and Bones moments after your arrival, followed along, just making sure his little sister was okay. 

“Well, (Y/N), looks like you’ve officially earned your title as a Kirk,” Jim chuckled quietly as you lay on one of the beds in the Med bay. You smiled back up at him, “Yeah, but you’re still the King. King of the troublemakers.” At that, Jim just reached down and ruffled your hair as any big brother would and one corner of his lips turned upwards in a half-smile, “Yeah. Yeah, you bet I am. But you did well. I’m proud of you sis.” “Good to hear,” you replied, before letting out a loud yawn, “Oh man, I’m exhausted.”

“Well, you’re not going to sleep yet. I’ve got quite a lot of things to say to you first,” an angry voice suddenly spoke up from not long ways off. You looked over to see a brooding Bones standing nearby, his face looking absolutely thunderous and dark. He was mad. VERY mad. “Uh oh, your boyfriend is pissed,” you heard Jim hiss under his breath, and your face flushed bright red as you snapped back, “Shut it, Jim.” At this, your brother walked past Bones as the two of them swapped places, trying not to make eye contact as if that would trigger an attack from Bones.

As soon as the Chief Medical Officer sat on the edge of your bed, a sudden feeling of shame and guilt began building in your chest, and your face now flamed with those feelings rather than of embarrassment. In that moment, you could no longer look your best friend, your crush, in the eyes. You no longer felt worthy. A few moments of extreme tension passed between the both of you before Bones finally spoke up. However, even worse than shouting, he was dead quiet and calm.

“What were you thinking? You could’ve gotten yourself killed, (Y/N), killed. Not just injured,” he scolded, his mouth in a tight line and his posture stiff. You had never seen him like this before. You tried to diffuse him before he exploded, “Bones, don’t worry, I just-”

Wrong move. With that, he began shouting, “Don’t worry?! DON’T WORRY? (Y/N), how the hell do you expect me not to worry?! I was the one who had to dig a thousand-year-old bullet out of your shoulder! It was this close to rupturing a major artery and you would’ve bled to death! How could you be so reckless?! Just cause Jim is-”

“Hey!” Jim interrupted, looking rather insulted, but Bones ignored him as he continued scolding you like a child, “Just cause Jim is reckless doesn’t mean you have to be too! Did you even stop to think what you were doing?! Did you-”

“Oh my God, Bones! Stop treating me like a child! I made my own decision and now I suffered the consequences. So what?! I’m an adult and I can do whatever I wish, Bones! You understand?!” You suddenly snapped back, getting annoyed and having enough of him scolding you. You sat up in bed, ignoring both Jim’s and Bones’s protestations and staring Bones down, “So don’t you scold me! I’m not your pet that you can order around! Understood?”

Bones sat there stunned for a second before opening his mouth to reply. However, before he even got the chance to get a single word out, Jim just exclaimed, “Oh my God, would the two of you just kiss already?! The sexual tension is killing me!” 

That shut you both up. Both you and Bones turned to stare at Jim, who was now smirking victoriously. You felt your face turning bright red again, and in your peripheral vision you saw that Bones was just as red as you were. For a few seconds, you were all silent until you quietly said, “James Tiberius Kirk, you better get the hell out of here in the next ten seconds or I’m gonna get my ass out of this bed and hunt you down until I’ve got you and then I’m gonna reveal some of your deepest, darkest secrets over a ship-wide channel.” With that, Jim’s eyes widened and he practically bolted for the door and all but vanished from the Medbay, leaving you and Bones alone.

“So, um……….w-what did he mean by that?” Bones stuttered out, his face deep red as he glanced at you, no longer angry. You sighed and turned to look him in the eyes, “Well, guess the cat’s out of the bag now. Leonard, I’ve had feelings for you that are way more than friendly for quite some time. I get it though if you don’t like me back, but if that’s the case, then all I ask is that we still maintain our friendship because I don’t think I’d be able to live with you pushing me away becau-”

Bones cut you off halfway by leaning forwards and pressing his lips to yours, effectively both shutting your rambling up and getting his feelings across. You returned the kiss after being stunned for a few seconds, your mind in overdrive; was this seriously happening?! After a couple more moments, Bones pulled away from you with a bit of a crooked smile on his face, “Dammit (Y/N), you’re too cute as is, but it’s really too much to handle sometimes when you ramble like that. And I think it’s safe to say I like you too, (Y/N). Way more than a friend.” 

You turned bright red before smiling sheepishly up at him, “Point taken. Anyway, am I still gonna get scolded about this mission?” “Oh you bet you are,” Bones replied, chuckling when you began to pout but he just leaned forward and kissed your forehead lightly, “But sleep now, sweetheart. You need to rest after that, and then we’ll move on from there, okay?”

“Okay” you replied, smiling up at him as your eyes drifted shut, your heart overwhelmed by the fact that your crush liked you back. Maybe today wasn’t as bad a day as you thought.