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Architecture of past centuries.

From St. Petersburg, you can also go to Hogwarts.


History Skill

So I’m DMing my steampunk campaign when…

Me: You’re driving down the winding streets of the fabled clockwork city of New Albion. The chaotic twists don’t detract from-

Cleric, somewhat new: How old is that building?

Me, confused: It’s uh… Come again?

Cleric: That building, *physically pointing* how old is it? I want to use my history skill.

Me: *Pinching my brow* You’re not actually pointing at… Which building?

Cleric: Any of them. I just really want to use my history skill.

Me: Well you have to pick- OK. Well there’s Parliament, where you’re headed, there’s a ton of storefronts, there’s an ancient looking spire clock tower, a-

Cleric: That one! I uh, the clock tower!

Me: OK, roll.

Cleric: *rolls* I got a seven.

Me, trying not to sound exasperated: What’s your bonus?

Cleric: *ruffles through papers* It’s uh… Minus 1.

(everyone stares at each other for a while)

Me: Man it’s been there for at least… months.

Anyway we have a new running joke in the campaign.

Yes Sir Part 3

Yes Sir by evansrogerskitten

Part 3: Something Good

Professor Winchester and Reader get closer as their relationship develops.

Part 2  Series Masterlist  On AO3

Warnings: NSFW, Explicit, Smut, oral, fingering, public sex, unprotected sex. Feels, language, fluff, angst, mention of death of a parent. Severe spaghetti sauce harm. WC: 3460. Gifs aren’t mine.

A/N: This is for @just-another-busy-fangirl​‘s 1K Music Challenge - the song “Something Good” from Sound of Music. This is one of my all time fav movies. I think “Something Good” is one of the most romantic songs ever. I knew when I chose this song for the challenge that the fanfic that went with it had to be special. Hope you like it. 

Fall quarter arrived and I was scheduled for only one class with Professor Winchester. I was disappointed, but I was taking 18 hours of class plus working at the bar. Our designated Tuesdays and Thursdays hook up schedule happened few and far between. After 10 weeks of seeing each other every day it was difficult to adjust to. But I knew my time with John wasn’t a mistake.

One Wednesday afternoon I was standing in the hallway outside our classroom talking to a friend when she noticed Professor Winchester walking down the hallway towards us. She froze mid-sentence, staring up in wonder at her crush. I nonchalantly looked over at him as he stopped next to us.

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BBRae Week: Day 5

Casual Love vs Marriage

Yeah, both.

Friday nights were drinking nights.

No matter how busy their lives got, or how complicated, that was never likely to change, and it was something the group was rather vigilant on.

It had been a year that Kory and Richard were married, and the crew wanted to do something big for their best friends, to help celebrate when they got back from their anniversary getaway.

They’d made reservations at the couple’s favourite bar, invited everyone that had ever befriended them, and pooled in some hard-earned cash to buy out most the beer and liquor the place served.

Raven, Terra, and Karen had volunteered to show up early and put up a few decorations before anyone got there. Luckily, the original gang had spent so much time and money at this bar, that the owner had virtually no qualms with helping them out, especially when they’d often left him and his staff a generous tip by the end of every night.

It also helped that their presence, being former Teen Titans, drove in revenue and attention to the otherwise quiet establishment. It was always a full house any Friday the team decided to hit it up for their weekly drinking and socializing festivities.

“You know, it doesn’t look too shabby,” Victor had remarked when he’d stepped into the closed off area of the bar the girls had been decorating. His mechanical fingers rubbed at his chin as he contemplated the room around him.

“You say that like you almost expected it to look like shit,” Terra scoffed, folding her arms over her chest.

[but there’s more under the cut!]

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minion-of-the-east  asked:

Ask excitedly, "You know about that door?! What can you tell me about it?"

{[ASK]: [Excitedly]: [”You know about that door? What can you tell me about it?”]}

Now that Cal is on the same page, you decide to ask Gestalt about the door.

Gestalt looks uncomfortable.

All the ruins of the Sunken City… all of those lives lost, all of the destruction you and Cal had to walk through…

The key caused all of this?


What Should We Do Now?

Fic: Storage War

Based on a prompt by @kat-har. Archive post will follow shortly!

“You really don’t have to do this,” Phil said, hovering in the doorway.

“It’s really fine, babe,” Clint said, pulling out another box and coughing at the cloud of dust that billowed off it.

“I promise I didn’t ask you here intending to pawn off all the work. Maybe you could take a break until I—”

“Phil. It’s fine. It might just as well have been me getting called in.” Clint smiled at him, hoping it was reassuring. “I came to help, I’m gonna help.” He waved a hand at the storage unit, piled high with the detritus of Phil’s childhood and teenage years. “Unless you’ve changed your mind about just throwing it all in a U-Haul and driving it to New York—”

“Ugh,” Phil said. “No. We’d end up storing it for another decade before we found the time to deal with it.”

“Then let me help you,” Clint said. Reaching out, he snagged Phil’s hand and pressed a kiss to his knuckles, scraped a little from where he’d barked his hand on the wall trying to get the rusted padlock open. “That’s what marriage is all about, right? For better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, for clearing out thirty-year-old storage units…”

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As we understand many of you are confused (but also amazed) by the Oh My Girls’s “Closer” MV  (B1A4′s rookie sister girl group if you don’t know) and here at K-POP TIMEOUT we have an explanation for you! I know it’s been a gazillion years since I last did one of this but this amazing MV has given me the nudge to move my lazy college ass for it.

[Updates have been made thanks to you awesome people in places where I named the wrong member. The theory still stands and I’m grateful to know my worries of mistaking a member due to styling is not unfounded.]

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A/N: This shouldn’t have taken as long to write as it did… curse my procrastinating soul to Hell. 

This is for the lovely @just-a-touch-of-sass-and-fandoms for her “Shit My Patients Say” challenge! My prompt was “My friends said I couldn’t do it so I had to prove them wrong”.

Thanks, yet again and always, to @imnoaingeal, my beloved writing-sister, for reading this over! ❤️

Warnings: Cussing, and that’s pretty much it… gosh, I have a foul mouth…

You must be… insane.

Insane. Absolutely insane.

You were - what - twenty-something?
Following through with a fucking triple-dog dare??

Props, Y/N. Props. 

You had a flashlight - good job.
You had some food - good ‘un.
You had a knapsack with other supplies - so proud of you.
You had mace - at least you’ll have a fighting chance.

“Ugh,” you groaned as you sat on the dusty, half-rotten floor of the abandoned and condemned mansion.

It was terrifying being here - but that may be the monophobia talking.
The house itself reminded you of both the Munster and Addams’ family houses mashed up into one hybrid.

And you loved antiques.
Which is what brought upon you this unpleasant spotlight.

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~ The Elephant Clock", Folio from a Book of the Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices by al-Jazari.
Calligrapher: Farrukh ibn `Abd al-Latif
Author: Badi’ al-Zaman ibn al-Razzaz al-Jazari (1136–1206)
Object Name: Folio from an illustrated manuscript
Date: dated A.H. 715/A.D. 1315
Geography: Made in Syria
Culture: Islamic
Medium: Ink, opaque watercolor, and gold on paper

Sun Signs: Colors

Aries: Red. The color of the leaves right before they fall. The color you paint your lips, your nails. The color of your Friday-night dress, or your tie. Roses, and strawberries, and large, hulking stop signs. The color of your vision when you’re outraged. The color of your lovers cheeks, when they blush. Curtains closing as the night comes to an end. The color of the car you want to drive. Chinese lanterns, and blazing campfires in the black night. The color that defines your personality, your physical body.

Taurus: Pale Blue and Mauve. Lips the color of powdery chalk on the sidewalk. Daisies, sea shells, and balls of yarn, strewn around the house. Thick, fluffy, over sized sweaters that you sink into when you’re nervous or cold or tired. Christmas ornaments, wall paint, furniture with thousands of twisting patterns. Cinderella’s ballgown, when the prince fell in love with her. Coils of rope, studded with amethyst. The colors that you use to paint your life with, using thick, thin, and soft brush-strokes.

Gemini: Yellow. Lemons, bananas, and rubber ducks. Sunflowers; the color of Belle’s dress, when she dances with the Beast. Rubber boots, and raincoats when the days are dreary. The brick road that leads the way to Oz. School buses, baby chicks, and blonde hair fanned all around your pillow. Post-it notes stuck all around the house in an attempt to keep your thoughts in order. Yellow warblers that sing at the crack of dawn. Caution tape, and the color of thick honey. The color that describes your outward expression towards the world.

Cancer: Sea Green and Silver. The color of the moon and the stars, against a black hole sky. Sea glass washed up on the shore. Rings, turtles, and handcuffs that bind you. Sea foam sitting on the sand, abandoned ships lurking in deep waters. Forks, knives, spoons, and dimes. Hand-crafted necklaces worn like religious crosses. Silver dishes and ancient clocks; bottles colored by the sea, filled with love letters and lost fancies. The colors that leave you sighing with comfort and adventure and small death everyday.

Leo: Gold and Orange. The color of the sun, burning in the sky during the summertime. Expensive jewelry, keys to a treasure chest, the encasing of the lipstick that you keep in your purse. Eggs from the golden goose in Jack and the Beanstalk. Pumpkins, goldfish, Fanta orange soda-pop. Lions, tigers, and the gold finch. Licking carrot-cake batter off of your fingers. The color you would use to describe your lovers heart. The sunset when the day is over. The colors that tint your vision of the world, making things seem always brighter.

Virgo: Navy Blue and Gray. Buttons, faded jeans, and concrete. Owls, singing in the trees during the wintertime. Dolphins, breaking the clean waves of the ocean lining. Government uniforms and duct tape; sailor hats accompanied with mysterious smiles. Suits that make you feel powerfully impeccable. Loose flannels tied around your waist, when the days are too hot and the nights are too cold. The color weaved into flags that adds durability. The colors that help you to observe, in order to make life perfect.

Libra: Blue and Lavender. Fields of flowers in the gardens of the elderly, or tucked behind the ear of a teenager. Wreaths, flower crowns, and marbles that roll across the floor into unknown crevices. Palms, covered in glitter; gummy bears, and dream catchers. Finger-painted blue jays sitting casually on pedestals. Lavender plants, and hand-painted purple chili peppers. The sky when there are no clouds out in the early morning. The colors that bring you peace, even when the world would take it away from you.

Scorpio: Crimson, Burgundy, and Maroon. Wine, being poured into a glass. When your eyes roll back into your head. Blood, dripping onto bathroom tiles after an accident. Pomegranates, cardinals, and cherries. Maple trees; the color the moon turns when God is angry. Cheap hair-dye, and expensive fabric that gets torn into pieces. The colors of desire, of want, of lust. The shawl you wrap around your shoulders; the bow you put in your child's hair. The colors that defines your passionate highs and lows, your disbelief at life.

Sagittarius: Purple. Eggplants, violas, bed sheets dipped in paint. Grapes, blackberries, food coloring that stains your hands. Bruises on your knees and elbows from living too roughly. The color of the galaxy, with the stars in front of it. Lollipops, and dark nights and early mornings. Glitter thrown into the air during an incredible party. The color of the suspenders that you grab seductively. Your skin under the black lights, the color of your high heels. The color that makes you feel incredibly awake, incredibly alive.

Capricorn: Dark Green and Brown. The colors of the forest; the color of dirt, and trees, and life. Emeralds, tea, roots, and vines. Copper; the colors of your lover’s eyes, bold and earthy and incredibly natural. The color of a snake, wrapping around your throat in a deadly choker. Watermelon, coconuts, and dark chocolate. Pennies; the color of the wood on a piano. The color of the desk you work at, with a bowl of green M&M’s sitting at the center. The colors that keep you steady and faithful, and keep your feet on the ground.

Aquarius: Electric Blue. The color of the sky during a storm in the nighttime. The color of a European man’s eyes, when he looks at you. The color of lightning, beneath the white. Wild geraniums, television screens, blue hydrangea. The color of the pen ink that stains your hands, after writing down life on notebook paper. The lights on the stages of concerts. Dramatic eye-shadow, bold, winged eyeliner. The color that highlights the insanity of your eyes, your outlandish mind.  

Pisces: Pale Green and Turquoise. The colors of the ocean, deep and shallow and larger than life. Swimming pools during the springtime, the colors of his eyes surrounded by dark, wet lashes. Mermaid tails, peacock feathers, blue cotton-candy. Pears, the leaves on daffodils, four leaf clovers that you make childlike wishes on. Fresh plants newly blooming, the color of your fingertips in the winter. The colors that let you breathe, and help you observe the world through a million perspectives.