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The signs as ancient cultures

Aries: Spartans: Emphasis on war, justice, equality, humble living, and strength.

Taurus: Byzantines: Emphasis on fortifications, diplomacy, entertainment, tradition, unity, music, and riches. Appreciated art and beauty.

Gemini: Mauryans: Emphasis on diplomacy, strategy, subterfuge, and radical change. Both peaceful and warring. Oscillation between peace and dissonance.

Cancer: Persians: Emphasis on mercy, tolerance, acceptance, generosity, family, gentleness, reform, and improvement of life. Vibrant and underappreciated.

Leo: Egyptians: Emphasis on art, extravagance, preservation, wealth, power, mythology, and majesty. Legendary and romanticized.

Virgo: Babylonians: Emphasis on simplicity but quality, realistic art, the pursuit of mathematics, science, and medicine, literature. Influential and a paradigm. (Birthplace of the zodiac)

Libra: Athenians: Emphasis on intellectual expansion, art, music, science, democracy, and beauty. Philosophical and refined.

Scorpio: Vikings: Emphasis on strength, strict system of justice, ruthlessness, close bonds, and adventure (and consumption of psychedelics). Territorial and possessive, but lively and enchanting.

Sagittarius: Zhou: Emphasis on philosophy, spiritual matters, benevolence, wisdom. Decisive but merciful, dis-unified.

Capricorn: Romans: Emphasis on dignity, solemnity, logic, and tradition. Defensive and powerful. Awe-inspiring and long-lasting. Revered.

Aquarius: Mayans: Emphasis on ingenuity, science, exploration, revolutionary ideas, art, and architecture. Mysterious but prominent.

Pisces: Easter Island: Emphasis on mystery, enigmas, mythology, music, art, creativity, and expression. Isolated and fascinating.


Ancient Civilizations: Lost and Found Entry by Yigit Koroglu

Artist commentary: “Character concepts i made for Artstation’s “Ancient Civilizations” challenge. It was a really fun contest and timing was essential.
I chose Sumerian Civilization as my subject and picked demons gods and demigods from that civilization and reimagined them.”

Why are black cats traditionally a witch’s familiar?

I did some of my own research so hopefully this is right. Feel free to correct any historical inaccuracies or add your own knowledge.

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- Cats were once worshiped across ancient civilizations, especially Ancient Egypt. They were a symbol of multiple goddesses.

- Once Rome became Christian, all Pagan practices went out the window.

- At the beginning of the agricultural age people started bringing cats with them wherever they migrated because they were so good at keeping mice at bay. Since people were storing grain this was especially important. 

- Kittens were even given to newlywed couples as a housewarming gift to bring good luck.

- When men went to war and women became widows, they were often left with just their cats for company. Hence the “lonely woman with cats” stereotype.

- These widowed old women who lived alone were also the most likely to be accused of witchcraft and burned at stake.

- A Pope in medieval times declared that cats were satanic and many cats were burned alive. This was a huge mistake on the part of humans as the mice and rat population consequently skyrocketed, leading to the Black Plague. 

- Black cats, with their unusually dark fur and yellow eyes were thought to be the familiars of witches, even being able to transform into humans and do evil deeds.

Overall, black cats and witches share a very similar history. Once revered in the Ancient times only to become ostracized once Christianity took hold of the world. Black cats were once a symbol of multiple Goddesses- something that the patriarchy of the church hated. They shared the same fate of being burned for suspicion of being ungodly and Pagan. But in reality, black cats and women, whether witches or not, were all too often each others only companions.

Today, there is much confusion about black cats. Whether or not they are good or bad luck varies country by country. Because of this old superstition, they are the least likely to be adopted in animal shelters even though they make some of the best companions. As someone with the most affectionate, silly, funny, and playful black cat, I highly recommend adopting one. They need you and we need them.

I recently organized and catalogued all unread UFO, NDE, paranormal, ancient civilization, and miscellaneous non-fiction and fiction material. The top shelf is all small paperback books related to the UFO phenomenon, while the next two shelves are a mix of larger UFO, ancient civilization, paranormal and physics books. The fourth shelf contains miscellaneous health and alternative, NDE, and various non-fiction books. The bottom contains mostly Isaac Asimov and two large UFO books. There’s another bookshelf next to this one containing all read books and magazines and some comic books I haven’t read yet. So, don’t worry, I’ve got lots of information to share with all of you in future posts. 😜

Murlac by Aleksandar Mihajlovic

Artist commentary: “1/5 Heroes done for Artstation Challenge “Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found - Character Design”. Story: Murlac was the son of Ham, also known as “Heart of the tribe” and “Hawk”. he was another hero with an unfortunate childhood. To win back the throne that was rightfully his, Murlac was sent to capture the Silver Sabers. With the help of Gods and Silver Sabers, he could then turn anyone he wished to dust. He set out with a band of the greatest heroes the world has ever known—the Hortax—and had a series of epic adventures.”

Horlac - Hunter by Aleksandar Mihajlovic

Artist commentary: “Done for Artstation Challenge “Ancient Civilizations: Lost & Found - Character Design”. Story: Horlac, also recognized as “God of Hunt”, is a hero in tribe legion, credited for creating humanity and the invention of hunting, hunting weapon, fishing and cooking.His favorite invention and weapon was crossbow, he used this weapon specially for creatures and villains, and it was one of very rare weapons that could defeat villains.”