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Something Clever

Strifesodos soulmate au: Cloud has the entirety of Loveless written on his back.

Because why would I need sleep?

They were almost artistic, the words down his back.

Cloud hadn’t noticed when they’d appeared, tiny lines fading in one by one, in a near perfect script, neatly paragraphed along his shoulder blade. At ten years old Cloud had little interest in his back and had just reached the age of being appalled by the very notion of his mother wandering in on him changing and half dressed, and so with the only mirror available to him high and small above the bathroom sink he couldn’t say when the words began to darken. It was only when he got hurt playing on the trails outside of town that he clambered up onto the little counter to inspect the damage, hoping to not have to let his mother know what he’d been up to, that he saw it.

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Four Weddings and a Blizzard: Chapter 2

Written for Day 3 of the Jonsa 2017 Summer Challenge hosted by @jonsa-creatives.  I chose the “Fixations” theme.

“I never did get that girl’s fixation with flannel,” groused Jon Snow.

Sansa Stark grinned.  “Come on, Jon,” she teased.  “You’re from Wisconsin.  Surely you understand the whole state’s fixated on flannel?”

Jon Snow rolled his eyes at her, and Sansa caught his lips turning upward for a fraction of a second before they reverted to their customary frown.

“Right,” he replied, “but she’s a lot more fixated than 99.9 percent of the state.”  He gestured in the general direction of the lake for emphasis, as if the water itself would turn to flannel on cue.

Sansa grinned again.  Her sister Arya had married Gendry Waters that afternoon on a plot of wooded land they owned in the forests of northern Wisconsin.  It was the last day of August, and a hint of autumn had colored the breeze that had ruffled the bride’s hair into her groom’s face as they had spoken their vows under a white wicker arch in front of the lake.  Gendry had outfitted his groomsmen, including Jon, in blue jeans and gray plaid flannel shirts at the behest of the bride, who had in turn chosen gray flannel shirtdresses for Sansa and the other bridesmaids.  Arya herself had worn an enormous gray-and-blue plaid flannel sash over her plain linen wedding gown and tied a matching strip around her bouquet.  The bridesmaids’ bouquets had been tied with strips of blue flannel, and the entire bridal party had spent the hours before the ceremony draping flannel cloths over the tables inside the white vinyl reception tent and tying pieces of flannel around Mason jars full of sunflowers.

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here, there, and everywhere

i want her everywhere and if she’s beside me i know i need never care … | 3,500 words | rated T

day five of rucas fic week ( future ) | aka 3 times riley and lucas moved in together and one time they didn’t

“Oh, come on, you have to take this with you.”

Riley hops off Lucas’s bed, photo in her fingers as she wanders over to him. They’ve been cooped up in his bedroom for more than a couple of hours, meticulously going through all of his things to decide which items he’s going to put in her room for the remainder of their time in the city. Sure, college is calling their names and they may be thousands of miles apart in just a few months, but while he’s here he’s going to be spending far more time at her place than anywhere else.

Offering him a drawer in her bedroom and practically inviting him to move in seemed a little crazy when she first thought about it, but in the end she’s glad she did. It feels right, and she knows it’s not like his parents are likely to care much. She has to wonder if his father will even notice he’s gone.

On the other hand, she does worry about how she’s going to top it as far as birthday gifts. But she’ll consider it a challenge.

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Google continues to expand the range of its Street View project. The company launched imagery from the ancient rock-cut city of Petra, in Jordan (and one of the seven wonders of the world, depending on which list you’re looking at), as well as imagery from 30 other historical sites in the country.

Go explore here. 

I just… wanted to draw children. Lorna Dane with a trail of children.

It’s a headcanon of mine that the kids would follow their awesome Auntie Lorna around; she’s that really cool teenager in the family when the kids were growing up. TJ and Luna want to be as pretty and majestic as her while the twins think she’s a major badass.


imagine how weird it must be to be taylor like you could just be scrolling through someones account and find this old photo of you from 1994 that you forgot even existed and the only copy of that photo was on an ancient camera so you have no living idea on how that photo made its way onto the internet.

Hey! sorry for the late reply but ill see what ive got!

Cait can actually braid real well? like sometimes you’ll catch her braiding pipers hair, and her own of course. She sometimes tries to braid curies but its kinda short. Although she isnt too /gentle/ while braiding.

Hes retrofitted with an internal boiler, not only as a backup for mr.handy fuel, but hes also basically a giant adorable kettle. Got mutfruit leaves? Bam. you got tea. Found prewar coffee? Whamo. you got coffee. Although I wouldn’t put in any milk you run across….

While alone in the Vault she programed her terminal to be compatable with Pong, Chess, and Checkers. Synopsis of the story. She is literally the best at Pong, chess, and checkers. Even better than Maccready. Literally don’t even try against this woman.

While he seems a no nonsense kinda guy, he actually really enjoys bandanas. like this dude will stare at himself in the mirror wearing Dogmeats bandanas. who even knows. (hes also hydra)

He legitimately owns a pair of shudder shades. and wears them quite frequently. /on top/ of his normal sunglasses. this guys pockets are full of shades.

Dogmeats fur is legit long enough that you could gather the fur behind his head and braid it. like into full blown fishtail braids. Trust me Cait has done it. Several times.

(im not so confident on this but roll with me) He likes alcohol, but really not too much. Like at all. He’ll have a beer every once and a while for an occassion. or to kick back with Sole, but it’s so not worth the hunt for them he thinks.

He actually found one of those ancient single use cameras a while back, and he really likes to stop and admire the view and snap a quick shot with what limited film he has.

He has memories of old Nick liking spaghetti and it rips him apart inside because spaghetti literally looks so good but alas no taste buds.

She gets HUGE writers block sometimes and ends up slumping around the Diamond City commons and making periodic “EugH” noises.

He secretely thinks that baby Mirelurks are kinda cute. Theyre extremely annoying and deadly still but CUTE

He won’t really admit it much but he likes it when Sole has their radio on loud. He finds that he shoots a bit straighter with the swing on; it’s kinda calming and comforting.

He taps alot. Like hes real fidgitty. Especially when a song comes on thst he knows real well. He’ll tap to the beat on the barrel of his gun, and he’ll hum alot as well.

1. Suho (Cerca Trova)

| Part 2 –>

Short: Suho is your boyfriend, you live together, and he has some powers you’ve learnt about. But there’s another secret he’s keeping, and it’ll change everything.

Type: ANGST, a little bit of fluff, violence
Words: 8175
Main Characters: Reader, Suho, exo members
Pairings: Reader X Suho
Warnings: ANGST (lots of it), blood, mentions of kidnapping, character death.
A/N: Hey this is the first part of this series, I’ve worked really hard on it so please tell me what you think. I’ll try to answers any questions you might have I love interacting with my readers :3 Enjoy but please read the warnings!


Your pov

Marseille 10:10

Rays of sunlight beating down on your face woke you, and you rolled over to find the other side of your bed empty. Cold.
“Suho?” you mumbled, rubbing your eyes, yawning. When you finally managed to open your straining eyes the room was empty. He wasn’t there. He never left the bed without kissing you. A frown appeared on your face. “Suho?” you called again, sitting up.
The covers fell from your shoulders, leaving you cold and bare. One of his discarded sweaters on the floor would have to do for now. It was soft on the inside, reaching the top of your thighs. His clothes were actually quite a good fit on you.
The little worry you had seeped away when you found his camera still sitting on the nightstand. He never went anywhere without it, never. It was old, and a little beat up. One of those ancient polaroid cameras. Sometimes you thought the chord had literally grown attached to his neck, the way he always carried it around. It was something you grew to love, like every other little thing about him.
His warm smile, his soft snores, his passion for photography, his stupid jokes. But also his secrets, his seclusion, and his past. Even though you didn’t know all of it yet. It had been a few months since you found out, about his powers.

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No listen I try to not get involved with actor drama bc I don’t personally know them, but Rowan is literally 14 years old. She’s barely a year older than my baby cousin, who just today was so overcome with a storm of hormones she almost cried when we ran out of French fries, legitimately questioned if there was a way to sue the sea for retribution of hurting another cousin, tried to punch her 12 year old brother when he made a period joke, took 90 selfies on an “ancient camera” (IT WAS DIGITAL) and asked if there was anyway she could get them on her phone, and no one had the heart to tell her to stop with the camera bc she was giggling so much and that’s the most solid positive emotion Ms. Pouty has shown in a month. SHE IS A LITTLE KID. ROWAN BLANCHARD IS VERY MATURE AND TALL AND WELL INFORMED ABOUT SOCIAL ISSUES, BUT SHE IS LITERALLY A CHILD.  Even if she’s not as close to everyone as she lets on??? Literally who fucking cares??? Even if every rumor is true she is still just a little kid trying to figure life out while dealing with constantly being in a spotlight. You don’t get to attack her and say anything to make her cry. Why would you get off on a 14 year old little kid crying. You don’t know her personally, she’s literally never done anything asshole-ish publicly or to any of her fans, leave her alone???? Let kids live???? Like oh my God I fucking remember being 14 it’s literally the worst and if I was in her spot I would’ve had a breakdown by this point. Leave her alone.