ancient aqueduct

when i learned how many early american settlers died from pooping in their own water supply, it led me down a wikipedia rabbit hole of the global history of sewage systems and listen, basically manhole covers and the architecture of “modern” waste management systems have been found dating back to the Bronze Age. Ancient Rome had the aqueducts, but Minoans had sewers and sanitation measures in 3200 BCE. Indus Valley civilization cities (what is now northeast Afghanistan and Pakistan) had sewer systems by 1700 BCE. Iran has crumbling remains of sewer systems that date back 2000 years BEFORE that. Europeans didn’t really get large scale sewage systems until the Industrial ages, in London- when filth and animals filled the urban streets. Before then, only royalty had flush toilets that emptied to a nearby stinking cesspool. America didn’t begin to standardize city-wide sewage systems until the 1940’s in New York. to me this bit of history feels like another strong bit of evidence for why Europeans and Americans can never, ever, ever pretend to be more enlightened. ever. because THEY WERE POOPING IN THEIR WATER SUPPLY FOR A THOUSAND YEARS. BEFORE THE INDUSTRIAL AGE, IN EARLY SETTLEMENTS AND CITIES THERE WAS POOP EVERYWHERE. POOP. EVERYWHERE. HUMAN AND ANIMAL POOP. 

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Wrong dorm room or mailman delivers sex toys Lara/Sam

Did the first one. 
Lara comes home from a long day and finds a stranger sleeping in her bed. 

Okay, so. 

There’s a half-naked girl in my bed. 

No wait, that’s probably not how I should start. There’s a half-naked girl passed out in my bed, and I’ve just gotten home from a long day at the central London Library studying up on the construction of ancient Greek aqueducts. 

Let me clarify further. I do not know this girl. I don’t have a dormmate and I certainly wasn’t expecting company. But here she is, curled up in my purple cotton sheets and drooling on my pillow; her clothing is strewn out all over the floor, socks and high-heels and pink shorts and a space shirt that had the words ‘BANG BANG’ written in a sloppy white lettering. 

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