ancient map

Venturing on to the salt flat was a mistake. Brea was determined to cross the glassy expanse (which her ancient map had asserted was a lake) but by the time the moon rose over the dead sea there was still no break in the horizon. And yet, something finally did protrude from the featureless landscape. Glittering with salt in the moonlight, the bleached bones of some massive creature loomed ghostly from a world long lost to the ages. With no dry land to rest on for miles, girl and dinosaur scaled the mighty skull and made camp between the stars.

Unusual variant edition of Bunting’s map of Asia in the shape of the mythical winged horse Pegasus. The horse is drawn fairly realistically, with a good deal of imagination required to view the map. The head represents Asia Minor with the brains in Armenian Highlands. The wings portray Central Asia and Siberia. The Caspian Sea appears horizontally between the wings and the saddle. Persia is delineated on the horse blanket with the forelegs forming Arabia. The hind legs represent the Indian and Malay Peninsulas. 

The map is among the earliest representations of a land mass in the form of an animal (or human).

An 1898 reconstruction of Pomponius Melas view of the World (circa 43 AD).

Pomponius is unique among ancient geographers in that, after dividing the earth into five zones, of which two only were habitable, he asserts the existence of antichthones, people inhabiting the southern temperate zone inaccessible to the folk of the northern temperate regions due to the unbearable heat of the intervening torrid belt. On the divisions and boundaries of Europe, Asia and Africa, he repeats Eratosthenes; like all classical geographers from Alexander the Great (except Ptolemy) he regards the Caspian Sea as an inlet of the Northern Ocean, corresponding to the Persian (Persian Gulf) and Arabian (Red Sea) gulfs on the south

Some doodles of my new OC. A VERY spiritual Jedi named Jeresan Noor. He see people enveloped in shimmering light that gets stronger the stronger they are in the force. He has heard a Calling song in the force since he was a child that will turn out to be an ancient map.

He was a part of the Temple Guard, but the Calling he’s heard since his youngling years was getting too distracting that Cin Drallig sent him out to follow it.

He was killed at the Jedi Temple during the attack by Darth Vader and the 501st.