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Menu #7: Tteokbokki

This is the quintessential Korean street snack made from chewy rice cake cooked in a broth of fermented chilli paste, spring onion, sugar and some recipes include anchovies. The dish is often be accompanied with fish cakes and a hard boiled egg. There are now many variations, including fried rice sticks on skewers.

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March 11, 2017 - Brown Booby (Sula leucogaster)

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Found in tropical oceans around the world, these boobies nest on cliffs of rocky islands or on flat coral atolls. They eat squid and fish, particularly flying fish and anchovies, often fishing in areas where their smaller prey is driven to the surface by large predators and around fishing boats. Sometimes diving at prey from as high as 50 feet (15 meters), they also pluck food from the water’s surface, or steal from other seabirds. They nest on the ground in colonies, building mounds of branches, bones, grass, trash, and other materials. Pairs often remain together for multiple years and frequently reuse their nest sites. Both parents incubate, using the webbing of their large feet to warm the eggs. Reaching breeding age at around four or five, they can live for over 25 years.

All About Minkes

Minke Whales are one of the smallest baleen whales (second to the Pygmy Right Whale). They are classified into two separate species by the hemisphere they reside in- Northern Minke Whale or Common Minke Whale (Balaenoptera acutorostrata) and Southern Minke Whale or Antarctic Minke Whale (Balaenoptera bonaerensis). The type we see in California is the Common or Northern Minke Whale.

Adult males reach an average length of 23′ and females 26′ (for baleen whales, females are often larger than males). Reported maximum lengths for Minkes are 32-35′! Both sexes typically weigh 4–5 tons at adult size.

Coloration of Minke whales is a mix of grays, whites and blacks; with darker shades on their back and lighter shades on their bellies. The most distinguishing mark for the species is the white band that spans horizontally across their black flippers.

The diet of a Minke whale includes crustaceans (krill), plankton (copepods), and small schooling fish (anchovies, herring, mackerel, etc.).  Minke whales typically live for 30–50 years; in some cases they may live for up to 60 years!

Larger whales usually surface gradually; surfacing with their head and blowholes first, then their back and then their dorsal fin and lastly, their flukes.  Since they are small, the blow of a Minke is usually not visible and their surfacing is very brief: their blowholes and dorsal fin break the surface close to the same time. 

In Southern California, Minkes are seen just about year-round. A few of them are shy; they surface a few times and quietly slip away. On the other hand, some of them are incredibly curious and active. Some of them have approached our vessels to take a look at the passengers on board

and some of them even breach!

Photos/footage by Naturalists Mark Tyson and Craig DeWitt.

Mermaid AU 16

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7/ Part 8/ Part 9/ Part 10/ Part 11 /Part 12/Part 13/Part 14/ Part 15/ Part 16/ Part 17 / Part 18/ Part 19/ Part 20/ Part 21/ Part 22/ Part 23/ Part 24/ Part 25/ Part 26/ Part 27/ Part 28/ Part 29    

“Did Fury adopt you?” One of the much younger mermaids asked Tony. She stared up at him with wide curious eyes.

This was not the first time he’d been asked that question since he’d arrived at the pod’s nest. Originally the mer-kids had kept their distance at his arrival, which had been just fine with Tony. He’d never dealt with younger kids before, and he wasn’t so sure he knew how to interact with them. Plus, as loathe as he was to admit weakness, he was a nervous wreck. Fury had introduced him to few other elders and then had basically sent him off to… Play? Eat? What did merfolk do all day?

For the kids the answer was play. They swam around screaming and hollering at each other as they gave chase.

When they weren’t staring at Tony that is.

Of course, now that they had gotten used to seeing Tony, they were a lot braver and were asking him questions.

“Well?” The small mermaid asked.

“No one is adopting me.”

The girl cocked her head. “So are you someone’s mate?”

Tony blushed.

Suddenly Steve was there and laughing as he pulled the girl away from Tony. “Come on, you don’t want to talk to boring old Tony.”

“But why is he here?” She whined even as she allowed herself to pulled away from the source of her intrigue.

Soon three other mer-kids were surrounding them and clinging to Steve as they demanded Steve’s attention. Steve was all smiles as he invented a game for them right on the spot.

Tony sighed in relief.

He looked around and spotted Natasha holding some sort of crab and speaking to a cluster of kids who listened to her with rapt attention. Not far off Sam and a few kids were messing around in a seaweed patch and enjoying themselves.

Tony noted that Sam would occasionally glance in his direction then at Steve.Tony couldn’t quite figure out why Sam was doing that, but he found he didn’t care. He was too busy sulking on his large rock.

Plus, he stomach had been growling for what felt like hours.

Tony startled when he felt something brush up behind him.

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Neko Atsume Vocabulary, Pt. 1: Shopping #1-20

For all of you who love these adorable kitties:)
More vocabulary lists to come!

1) 買い物 ( かいもの ) - shopping

2) 高級かりかり ( こうきゅうかりかり ) - Luxury Crisp  “Frisky Bitz”*

3) 猫缶 ( ねこかん ) - canned cat food “Ritzy Bitz”

4) かつおぶし猫缶 ( かつおぶしねこかん ) - Bonito canned cat food “Bonito Bitz”*

5) 高級マグロ猫缶 ( こうきゅうマグロねこかん ) - Luxury Tuna canned cat food “Deluxe Tuna Bitz”*

6) お刺身 ( おさしみ ) - Sashimi 

7) にぼし交換 ( にぼしこうかん ) - Anchovy Exchange “Fish Exchange”*

8) 金にぼし交換 ( きんにぼしこうかん ) - Gold Anchovy Exchange “Gold Fish Exchange”*

9) 野球ボール ( やきゅうボール ) - Baseball ball

10) ゴムボール( 赤 ) ( あか ) - Rubber ball (Red)

11) ゴムボール( 黄 ) ( き ) - Rubber ball (Yellow)

12) ゴムボール( 青 ) ( あお ) - Rubber ball (Blue)

13) スイカ玉 ( スイカたま ) - Watermelon Ball

14) ピンポン球 ( ピンポンきゅう ) - Ping Pong Ball

15) サッカーボール - Soccer ball

16) もっちりボール - Springy/Puffy ball  “Stress-reliever”*

17) 毛糸玉 ( けいとだま ) - Ball of yarn

18) カプセル玉 ( カプセルだま ) - Capsule ball “Toy Capsule”*

19) 手まり / まり ( てまり / まり ) - Handball/ Temari ball “Temari ball”*

20) ケーキ箱 ( ケーキばこ ) - Cake box

*I’ve included the English version’s translations along with my own. Please let me know if I’ve translated anything incorrectly!*

Pt. 2 (#21-40) | Pt. 3 (#41-60)


福福屋 八丁堀店@八丁堀2丁目

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Translation | Yes/No #1 Super Junior has many great members but the most outstanding visual is me, Eunhyuk style!

KI: wait members. We have to predict what he answered. He would definitely choose this (yes)
SW: But I don’t think Eunhyuk-ee is arrogant
SD: I think the ‘most’ part is wrong?
HC: It doesn’t matter what we think, right? Guessing how he answered? I don’t really wanna answer this.
RW(while walking to no side, trying to confuse hj): This side is ‘yes’ right?
KH: If he says ‘yes’, this side is correct
SW(clueless that KHRW are trying to trick HJ): No, if he says ‘no’, we’re correct.
KH: ..Ai.. Really.. (judging siwon)
HJ: My answer is… No!
SW: I believed in you ㅋㅋㅋ
HJ: I’m just being honest. I make jokes when I say, I’m handsome and cool.. the handsomest member is Siwon, and I think I’m after him
SD: What
SW: you’re more handsome than Ryeowook-ssi?
KI: Wait. Eunhyuk-ah, who do you think are below you
HJ: I’m below Siwon-ee, so (everybody else) is below me

/HJ turns around to look at them/

SW: I believed in you ㅋㅋㅋ
HJ: What is this side? the good side?
SM: This side is the ‘yes’
KI: We are the ones who thought you are the most handsome
HC: we thought ‘you’re the only one’
DH: We thought that you’re the only one who can show a great visual like that in our team
HC: Who else would there be
DH: I’m disappointed in you

Yes/No #2 Who is the most powerful (has most authority) member in Super Junior? It is me, Ryeowook

HC: Ya, (he will hold onto this) for an year (standing at Yes side) Ryeowook-ee makes my food. I cannot eat without him.
RW: There are two dorms, and in one, I am in charge of making the food.
HJ: If we’re talking about that (as the standard)
KI: Ryeowook-ah, you have the loudest voice in the team
HJ: what’s the standard of ‘authority’
SD: (Goes to No side) We can still eat without him. We can just order food. Order delivered food. Make ramen.


RW: The most powerful member in Super Junior is… Eunhyuk! (so my answer is) No.
DH: Love for Eunhyuk
SW: His love for Eunhyuk. Ai~ boring boring~
DH: Ah it must be nice for Ryeowook-ee~ must be nice for Eunhyuk-ee~
HC: It’s like the saying “The rabbit pretending to be a king while the tiger is out” Aren’t you overusing your power while Leeteuk is out? ㅋㅋ
HJ: Don’t return, Leeteuk~ ㅋㅋㅋ

Yes/No #3 There is a member that I think has gotten more handsome while I was gone for army.

HJ: Not just ‘become more handsome’ but ‘more handsome than hyung’ right?
SD: What if the member was originally more handsome than hyung?
HJ: I want to know hyung’s standards first
HC: Firstly, I didn’t have a member that I thought was more handsome than me. You can make your decision by that standard.
KI: Sorry, but is this a 몽둥이 (club/stick you hit people with)? Can I hit him with this?

HC: 1 2 3 YES. Kangin Kangin! Because!
RW: Kangin-ee hyung~
HC: To be honest, if there is Kangin, Siwon, and Donghae.. Siwon-ee has gotten too greasy, Donghae was originally handsome, and Kangin-ee has become handsome after losing weight
KI: /unbuttons a button from his shirt and starts posing/
HJ: What is that!? What is that!? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Yes/No #4 out of Super Junior members, I am most dignified/elegant

/Everyone stands on No/
SW: Yes
Members: WHAT?
SD: what are you doing!?
KH: Saying such nonsense.
SW: I think I am most elegant
KH: A person should know to be humble
HC: What are you doing, Siwon-ah
HJ: I know you are elegant, but I didn’t know you’d be the one to say that
SD: We..
SM: I didn’t know you’d be the one to do that
HJ: We knew you are elegant, but we thought you’d say ‘no’
SD: The moment you said ‘yes’ is when you lost your elegance
SW: I knew they’d stand at the Noㅋㅋㅋ

Yes/No #5

/Donghae’s turn/
SD: What
HC: Donghae always does his best at cosplaying too
KI: But (what he cosplay as) isn’t what he thought up, he’s just does it because someone told him to
HC: His ‘participation’ is enough

DH: In Super Junior..
EH: susususuper jrjrjn
DH: Q. In Super Junior, there is a member that does many aegyos and easily feels lonely more than me…. Yes…
Members: ??
SW: Why is he talking to himself?
DH: You guys, move please… Starting now! YES!
SD: Who?
DH: I think.. Kangin-ee hyung.
SW: Yes, I thought of him too.
RW: Lonely~
SW: I thought of him~
KI: I’m not lonely~ ㅋㅋ

Yes/No #6 My aegyo is the best in Super Junior, but recently, there is a member that’s threatening my position.

KI: the question is wrong. It should be “My butt is the best in Super Junior”
HC: “There is a butt that’s threatening my butt’s position”
KH: “I am worrying about my butt growing bigger”
HC: Because I’m back /shakes butt/ my butt. If you say aegyo, it’s Kim Heechul
KI: no, it’s Sungmin
RW: Sungmin-ee hyung, look at the camera and show (aegyo)
HC: Good
SD: So we can see how good he is
SM: I cannot ㅋㅋ
KI: Try try
Members: 1 2 3
SM: Bbuing bbuing
HC: No good. People change; I have changed too

SM: No. There isn’t anyone~
EH: Heechul-ee hyung is very cute! /Heechul starts doing aegyos/ Look at that! He’s very cute!… I will now… Give up. I think I have gotten every one of them wrong.
SM: All?
EH: I’m answering them seriously but I’m getting them wrong. ㅋㅋ

Yes/No #7: I am the visual of Super Junior

KI: Shindong-ssi, are you going to be serious or funny?
SD: Serious
HC: Funny or-
SD: If I say (yes) I am the visual, that means I am thinking myself as one of the top 3
DH: Shindong-ssi, there’s something hyung said yesterday
SD: Something I said?
DH: In the car
EH: Why would you talk about that now?

SD: Answer! … NO!
EH: That-
SD: I said by ‘visual’, it should be members in top 3
EH: You are in the top 3!
SD: And you are near the bottomㅋㅋㅋ
EH: Siwon-ee, me, hyung! Us three (are the top 3)!!

Yes/No #8 I think of myself as the strongest man in Super Junior, but there’s actually someone stronger

DH: Kangin-ssi, by strength or overall?
RW: Mental?
HC: By mental, Kangin-ee is the weakest.
KI: I was the weakest (by mental), but I have become strong
HC: In the time of 2 years..
HJ: Just by physical strength? Stamina?
KI: But stamina has many types too. Fine stamina
RW: This is hard.
HC: The one that will be called by Kangin will be (considered) the (strongest) ㅋㅋㅋ
RW: Does he have to tell us (which member)?
HC: He has to

KI: Yes!
SD: Really?
HC: Who?
KI: you guys added lots of factors.
HC: Who is stronger in stamina?
KI: In stamina, I think
DH: Masi?
KI: Sungmin-ee… Sungmin-ee, Eunhyuk-ee, and Donghae.
HC: What about me?
KI: hyung, you don’t have many physical movements. Siwon-ee, I think has weakened from schedules.
HC: He (Eunhyuk) really isn’t (stronger)!
KI: Anchovy, fish, and butt (works out) regularly.

Yes/No #9: I feel relieved that I am Super Junior’s maknae

EH: Relieved?
SM: But he sometimes feel, “Ah, If only I was a hyung!”
HC: He acts like a hyung even if he’s not one.
KI: Kyuhyun-ah, you define the word.
EH: What do you mean by ‘relieved’
HC: Like I have many responsibilities as the eldest… though it may not look like it ㅋㅋ
EH: Relieved that you aren’t a hyung? or relieved that you aren’t a maknae of another group?
KH: I won’t think of other groups
HC: I wonder if he thinks it’s good or bad (that he’s a maknae) when he thinks of Teuk-ee..

KH: No.
SW: ALL 100%! Everyone got it right!!
KH: How did you all know?
SW: We know all your thoughts!! You’re one that wants to have us in your palms
KH: I answered no because if I was a hyung, I would have taken care of the members well, treated them cutely…
/Members start complaining/
KH: but because I am a maknae, I have to force myself to do aegyos. Many times I have to do that
/Members complain again/
SD: What aegyos ?
SW: I’m glad you aren’t a hyung
SD: Do you know what ‘aegyo’ means?
SM: I’m relieved that he’s a maknae.

Yes/No #10:
They decided to ask one more question. Since Siwon got the most correct, they had Siwon answer.

Q. I have seriously thought of getting a plastic surgery

SW: I will answer this honestly. Very honestly.

/Members don’t stand anywhere, but signal the staffs to say that they are ready/

KI: really?
/members all leaving the room/
KI: a plastic surgery!

SW: You’re(Kyuhyun) the only one left. ㅋㅋ It has been Super Junior (bow)


Spotted Shag (Stictocarbo punctatus)

Also known locally as the parekareka, the spotted shag is a species of cormorant (Phalacrocoracidae) which is endemic to New Zealand. Like other cormorants spotted shags feed out at sea, where they will take small fish (like anchovies and pilchard) by pursuit diving for them. 


Animalia-Chordata-Aves-Suliformes-Phalacrocoracidae-Stictocarbo-S. punctatus

Images: BHutt and Avenue



@donghae861015:SJ Coming !! SW , K , DH , EH

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