I was tagged by ihatekarliestocker and I have to post 15 things that make me happy!
1. Is this post because it’s just so fucking adorable
2. My family.
3. Is my closet friends because they’re just rad as fuck.
4. Music obviously
5. State Champs.
6. Derek Discanios face! Haha
7. American Horror Story
8. Video games!
9. Zelda…everything Zelda..
10. Jessica Lange because she’s a goddess.
11. Dogs..all the dogs in the world!
12. Tattoos!!
13. All Time Low
14. Nature
15. And last but definitely not least writing!!
And I guess I’ll tag
Idk how many people I should tag so there ya go. Lol

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questions: (by kingforasundae )

1. Kill, Fuck, Marry- Vic Fuentes, Oli Skyes, Austin Carlile?~

Oh gosh, uh fuck Austin, marry Oli, and kill Vic? I would regret that so much. Don’t hate me.

2. What is your most played song?~

"C’mon" by Panic! at the Disco and Fun. That’s not really all that recent though.

3. Have you ever seen your favorite band play live?

Yes, at Warped Tour.

4. Do you have posters in your room, if you do then of who?~

I have some magazine clippings of BMTH, if that counts.

5. How much merch do you have and from what bands?~

Mostly clothes, from Pierce the Veil, Bring Me The Horizon, Crown the Empire, Fall Out Boy, and Panic! at the Disco

6. Favorite lyrics?~

Right now they’re either “Everything I touch turns to stone, so wrap your arms around me and leave me on my own.” or “Save me from the ones that haunt me in the night. I can’t live with myself so stay with me tonight.”

7. What’s your favorite picture of your favorite band member?~

A really nice picture of Oli that I have as my background on my iPod.

8. Have you ever been in the pit of a concert?~

Yeah on accident. I’m really small and weak and I feel like I don’t belong there, but its really hard to not get sucked in.

9. Have/had any piercings?~

Uh, just the normal basic ear piercing. My parents thing body modifications are trashy and I’m underage.

10. Favorite place to be?~

I haven’t found one to be honest. Probably some place secluded by some body of water, with trees.

11. Would you pay 80 bucks to meet Kellin Quinn?~

In a heart beat.

My Questions

1. What’s been your favorite live performance that you’ve been to?

2. Do you listen to music to fall asleep/What songs do you listen to?

3. Favorite singer?

4. Favorite drummer?

5. Do you play any instruments?

6. Have you ever been in a band?

7. Do you have any plans for the future?

8. What was the last song you listened to?

9. Who’s your idol?

10. What’s your favorite quote?

11. What song can you relate to the most?



anchorswithsirens asked:


  • 30. Second chances?
  • Depends on the screw-up. Some things are fixable, but most people won´t change. It depends on how much you are willing to tolerate for them.
  • 31. Long distance relationships?
  • It´s possible, at a certain point in a relationship. Not for me though, I need hugs :’c
  • 32. Abortion?
  • I don´t approve of it, I´d definitely never get one, but I still think people should have the freedom to get one in a decent, safe clinic without people harrassing them about their choice. I think sex-ed and free contraceptives are the best way to avoid unwanted pregnancies and unsafe abortions.
  • 33. The death penalty?
  • Tough one… I´d say no. People in power are just too corruptible, and having the power to legally end another´s life, well… Let´s say we have a long way to go as a species/civilization/whatever you call what we are.
  • 34. Marijuana ?
  • It´s OK I think. It has a bunch of medicinal uses and it can be used to make paper. I don´t think I´d use it as a drug, it´s supposed to calm you down and if I get any calmer it´s because I´m in a coma :p
  • 35. Love?
  • Is a bitch. Idk. It can be the most constructive, motivating amazing thing ever or it can just be a huge weight you´re carrying around. The final choice is not some unexplainable cosmical force or some flying kid in a diaper shooting arrows, it´s one´s own. Always mind over matter. applies to all kinds of love, not just romantic

ily :*

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Are you going to the Warped?


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anchorswithsirens replied to your post “Oh and just a reminder that Kellin’s ego is about as big as his nose;…”

I was thinking the same this afternoon, and it annoys the fuck out of me the ignorant people that are still commenting the “80 bucks joke” in almost every picture of him

i know, but tbh, it’s probably just because they have every idea under the sun that he’s actually not as rude as every says, and that he is quite a nice person, but they just really don’t want to admit they were wrong so they’re making it a bigger deal than it actually was, if you feel me?

anchorswithsirens asked:

Ω Favorite Book,☥ Cats or dogs,✌ Favorite character,✏ Writer or reader,✈ Last vacation,☍ Silver or gold

Ω Favorite Book:

Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World (Murakami) & Collected Fictions (Borges)

☥ Cats or dogs,

Why not both :D

✌ Favorite character,

Enjorlas maybe… Or Loki. Or Tyrion. 

✏ Writer or reader

writer but shhh it´s a secret because it sucks

✈ Last vacation,

San Antonio. Heck, it´s been a while, I need to get out more.

☍ Silver or gold


anchorswithsirens asked:

A-L-E jujuju

A. If you could get away with one murder in your lifetime without any legal, social, or emotional repercussions, would you kill someone?
Ehh… probably not. It´s more about being self-centered than not hating people though. Give me 10 or 20 of these murders though, and I´d change the world ;)
L. The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?
The Beatles :3 Ever listened to Happiness is a warm gun? Besides TRS may be an icon and have killer songs but they´re still racist little shits. Brown sugar on top of the list.Do they still play that sort of thing?
E. If you could live and be healthy without sleeping or eating/drinking, which would you cut out of your life? 
Sleeping. My brain works better when I´m kind of sleep deprived. Once I heard it´s because the thng that makes you avoid mistakes to survive gets turned off or muted so that´s why people tend to be more creative when they´re like that. So yeah, if I could be like that, but permanently instead of an hour or two… :D

ily :*