anchors and flowers

page 287 - early Economian astronomers looked into the inky blue void that was their night sky (because no electric lights) and beheld the majesty around them. You can get an idea of their world and imaginations by looking at some of the constellations they saw and named. Some favourites include: whale descending, jaunty anchor, old timey megaphone on a stick, upside down flower in pot (aka the lamp), wobbly horse and skinny ursa. As mentioned previously, the reindeer is a later addition as a result of the Lapp School’s rise to prominence in the 1950s.

One Last Dance


Steve Rogers X Reader

Requested by anon

A/N: Inspired by Adele bc she gives me emotions about exes that I don’t even have. And also I’m sad so I’m bringing all of you down with me. 

Dedicated to @thenightmarebeforebucky

Words: 724

Prompt: He should’ve asked her for one last dance.

Warnings: feelz man


He should’ve asked her. He should’ve held her in his arms, whispering promising words between pressing kisses to her forehead. He should’ve told her how much he loved her. He should’ve…he should’ve.

But he didn’t. And yet, he should’ve.

He regrets it, that much is true. He can’t stop thinking about his mistake either. The truth was he’d never loved her as much as he believed he did. And, he regrets that. Because he really did love her. Just not enough to ask for her forgiveness.

And admit his wrong.

And admit that she was his greatest treasure.

And admit that she was his anchor.


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WITH CHRIST” - a very fine wood casket laying on a bed of evergreens, the lid layden with flowers. An floral arrangement in the shape of an anchor sits in front. I cannot make out the entire epitaph, “With M___ towards ____ with Christ”, says the part I can read.